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Brannon / Brannon Hedgcoth 3yr+11mo ago
A great moment in kompoz history with MDK, Bjorn, Dez and Lonnie

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aliceminguez / Alice Minguez 1mo+19dy ago
The FIRST "real" music video I've ever made. It's not, like, astoundingly spectacular or anything. But I'm proud of it anyway lol ;) I was going to add lyrics, too...but it turns out you have to buy the full version of the program in order to do that. Oh, well.

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JB2012 / Jorge Paulo 1mo+22dy ago
Everyone knows that making a video can be a lot of work and time-consuming. How to make a video for your songs in 15 minutes...? Just an example of an idea I would like to share with you ... I hope you enjoy it ;)

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MrJinx68 / Louis Marchena 2mo+13dy ago
camerong wrote/kompoz'd this awesome piece... I simply had to collab with some lyrics & vocals....then make a vid. I hope you enjoy it... Best Regards, Louis

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DocDaFunk / JC Beziz 2mo+26dy ago
Hey guys Is there (a) kind soul(s) to make the video for Kompoz 10th anniversary jam? That would be awesome and u'll own a lifetime of funk geetars and\or my eternal gratitude!

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MusicSLY / Sylvain Beaulieu 3mo+5dy ago
Hi everyone, I recently finished this video for my band Strangerine. Please comment, good or bad, so we can improve for the next one. Thanks

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joeyalomar / Joey T 4mo+22dy ago
I'm using Sony Movie Studio on windows10, i7,and a GeForce GTX 970. My main issue with Sony Movie Studio is the render quality. Any suggestions? I'm looking at Vegas Pro 15 Edit and Hitfilm, does anyone have experience using either? Thanks

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Krudah / Javier Morales Zietek 6mo+16dy ago
This type of progress I make with the bands to promote upcoming videos.

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Krudah / Javier Morales Zietek 6mo+16dy ago
Hello everyone, I'm Javier Morales Zietek, I'm a musician and I'm also dedicated to audiovisual production and production. If you need help for this purpose, let me know. Although my production company is in Argentina, nowadays they can be done remotely, that is no longer an impediment. My website is and I am director and director. there you will see several of my works and here too: Greetings to all and total success!

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Teek / Tez Katajala 8mo+10dy ago
Music Video by Kompoz members .

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JB2012 / Jorge Paulo 8mo+24dy ago
I just finished my video ... it's very simple. But I like it this way. ;)

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