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Brannon / Brannon Hedgcoth 6yr+5mo ago
A great moment in kompoz history with MDK, Bjorn, Dez and Lonnie

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arturl / Artur Labermaier 2 days ago
Hello video-cutter / producer / friends of good music, we are a group of musicians, with a good brazilian song - we think - is there anybody out there, who could create a music video for our song Caminho para o Rio (Way to Rio) Watch our project here: Join our team! Cheers! Artur

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Bill58 / Bill Block 15 days ago
I know this is a dumb question but I'll ask anyway. Does anyone ever make videos for collaborators? I have a tune that I would like to have a video for (or even a slideshow). Solar Flare

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telescope01 / Stephanie Fischer 1mo+3dy ago
Hi! I feel that I currently in need of one more musician on this piece, but I am also looking for a partner to create a video for the song. Please get in touch. Thank you!

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spydah / Roger Barlow 1mo+3dy ago
Yo K crew! I just released a new video for a track I throw up here a while back and sriracha joined in to drop a sick lead on it. He even collaborated on the video. Check it out!

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offthewall / James Fraser 1mo+12dy ago
New video just finished. This was a bit of a personal project but thought I may as well share here. BTW, there's a song somewhere down this page that runs on auto-start when the page scrolls past it .... not good!

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EddieBlower / Eddie Blower 3mo+18dy ago
Delving into my past video files yet again... This is something I put together for Dave Morrison, a fine musician & good friend of mine some 10 years ago now. We still gig together from time to time & despite covid-19 restrictions played an outdoor gig just last week.

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offthewall / James Fraser 5 months ago
New video just finished.

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beethonin / Tony Munoz 5mo+3dy ago
Hello everyone around here. I don't want to abuse your creative talent but could someone help us making a video clip for a song already finished in Kompoz? I do not usually get into the creative part of the video so you would practically be free to do it as you feel. Thank you very much.

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spydah / Roger Barlow 5mo+5dy ago
Hey guys. Here's the music video I did for a non-Kompoz collab with Andrew Santagata. It's a remake of the Kim Carnes 1981 classic "Betty Davis Eyes". The Artificial Intelligence known as Deepfake was used to recreate Bette Davis for this video. Footage used for the AI model and the recreated Bette can be seen through out.

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EddieBlower / Eddie Blower 5mo+8dy ago
Put this tune & video together a few years back. Being on Kompoz has got me thinking about making video again. Hope to add something more current soon.

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