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offthewall / James Fraser 18 days ago
New video just finished. This was a bit of a personal project but thought I may as well share here. BTW, there's a song somewhere down this page that runs on auto-start when the page scrolls past it .... not good!


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Redfish   commented 18 days ago

nice one James!

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ShannonB   commented 18 days ago

Very inspiring! Reminds me how good God is to give us this beautiful world and all these talents and abilities. Thank you, James.

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LithiumChris   commented 18 days ago

Impressive, you're a gent of many talents!

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offthewall   commented 17 days ago

Thanks, all, for the kind comments. :))

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JeanLui   commented 17 days ago

The orchestra man

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joel_sattlersongs   commented 17 days ago