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timelesspassion / Markus Brunner 3mo+26dy ago
Silver Lucidity - Knights Of Old An awesome song featuring the great: Songwriting-Lyrics: Elizabeth Auzan elizabethauzan Songwriting: Markus Brunner timelesspassion Guitar: Markus Brunner Guitar-Lead: Jorge Paulo JorgePaulo Bass: Jean Lui JeanLui Drums: Alex Zulaika alyo Vocals: Cree Patterson JCree8 Release-Day: 28th January 2022 =>


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JeanLui   commented 3mo+26dy ago

Great Markus!!!

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offthewall   commented 3mo+26dy ago

Cool video. Particularly like the guitar solo with the knights playing on screen in the background. Clever trick. I love vids where we can see the players at work.

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timelesspassion   commented 3mo+26dy ago

Thanks a lot James!!! I love that, too! Would make more videos of the kompoz-songs if that wouldn't be such an act for all ;-)