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Brannon / Brannon Hedgcoth 7yr+1mo ago
A great moment in kompoz history with MDK, Bjorn, Dez and Lonnie

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Octorez / Kelly Miller 16 days ago
It's always a pleasure to work with Peter Rand, a music making machine. A beautiful, yet haunting composition. If there is one thing that we can learn from observing other species, is that they stay together.

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Octorez / Kelly Miller 2mo+16dy ago
My music added to a Mad Maxx movie trailer, just for fun.

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JustVera / Just Vera 4mo+26dy ago
I'm a strong believer one should focus on one's strongest talent. Still figuring out which is mine, but it certainly isn't video editing/production. Would there be somebody in this group who'd like to team up with me to create some creative videos based on JustVera songs?

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EllenDXY / Ellen Kussy 4mo+29dy ago
Making a music video with free stock video clips is kind of becoming a new hobby for me. Did I succeed or did I ruin the song with this music video? ;) Tell me what you think?

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jdvenom / Jonathan Ward 5mo+5dy ago
Here a music video i filmed what do you all think ?

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micromaui / greg fee 5mo+15dy ago
Made this video for ryan-London using public domain film and some in house video.

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EllenDXY / Ellen Kussy 5mo+18dy ago
So what is your opinion about putting yourself (with your face) in a music video? I recently done this, and it was a HUGE out of my comfort zone step for me. It was scary! Also lipsyncing is hard! I think the being scared part is what's holding a lot of people back (me included)... Agree?

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EllenDXY / Ellen Kussy 5mo+23dy ago
So this group; after a while some music starts...??? It scared the hell out of me! Any solutions to turn it off? Or perhaps start a new group "Music & Lyric video production", created by an active member? Update: never mind this group should stay!

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beethonin / Tony Munoz 5mo+24dy ago
Hello everyone here. I would like to ask for your help to make a video clip for this song. I don't have the talent or the equipment or the time to do it. Any volunteer?

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jannik / ' Jannik ' 5mo+29dy ago
Okay so here's another one that I made. I wanted to make a lyric video that looked a bit more interesting than the common lyric videos. I used a photo that I took last year and added some subtile effects: - Fireflies - Bokeh - Fog Then for the lyric itself I thought that it would look good with some blur in effect and a slight movement. Anyone have experience with making these types of videos? Any easy effects one can add to create some interest?

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