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sanger / Steven Gardner 6yr+1mo ago
Welcome to Kompoz! Here are two ways to get going: 1. Get active in the Community. Explore the Community Page, listen to some music, 'Like' some songs, 'Endorse' some artists, add your comment to a post. 2. Jump into a song. That's right, start creating music. We suggest jumping on a new song of a Plus/Premium/Pro Member. There are lots of places to get help if you need it. Here are a few: i. The Help Center (link at the bottom of every page) ii. Post a question here or on the Community Page. iii. Ask other artists that are working on the song with you. So go find a song and jump in.

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beauknowsdiddly / Linwood Beau Beaudry 17 days ago
Hello Everyone!, This is my 2nd day here at Kompoz. I uploaded my very first tune last night. As I'm going through the groups, I found this one which would be the obvious start! So I just wanted to introduce myself? I'm Beau :) I just started to learn piano and strum a little acoustic. By no means am I any kind of pro. Just a little hobby. Which I love! Anyway if you wouldn't mind taking a listen and ANY advice would be much appreciated! Thanks so much! PS. I'm still not sure how to link it to my posts but I'm working on it! Thanks again! Beau

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Jaredgso / Wesley Reid 21 days ago
Hello All. Sorry if this question has been asked before but i cant seem to find the answer in the help files. If i entered into a collaboration and like the song, can i also release the song via Spotify, Apple music etc. as long as i acknowledge all of the songwriters? I am a little confused about the split and composition stuff works and who is allowed to do what??

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JimG / Jim Gilkeson 1mo+5dy ago
Sync Tone question: I have downloaded two files with the extension .kmpz. I would have expected an mp3 file. These don't load in my DAW and when I play them on the kompoz site, they are abrasive, to put it mildly. I remember some time ago there was a sync tone that was actually quite nice, better than the usual click track on my DAW, but I don't find that anymore. Are there alternative ways to download a sync tone? Thanks! ~Jim

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elizabethauzan / elizabeth auzan 1mo+6dy ago
Hi there! Dumb ex-blonde here...Hoping to become ex-dumb blonde! I have not found how to showcase songs I have collaborated on. I tried different ways - looking at collaborations(from home page, from my studio page etc) found the pin supposedly to the left of the settings box but no settings box... Clicked on pin. options box opened but only which list do you want to add to but no showcasing option:-( Thanks :-))

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JimG / Jim Gilkeson 1mo+6dy ago
Hi, What, if anything, happens differently with posted collaborations when you shift to PLUS status? I posted eleven songs when I had the starter plan (with a supposed limit of 3 songs) and got responses on at least 4 of them. Then I read the fine print and started the PLUS plan (25 songs). What changes? Are these postings suddenly more visible? Are they re-posted? Thanks! ~Jim

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MarsFortune / Phobos Deimos 1mo+28dy ago
Our digital album is out MARS FORTUNE two moons at sunset or your favorite digital radio Enjoy comments welcome Peace out A

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jjt / JJ Thiele 2mo+17dy ago
Is there anywhere to see how many collaborations one has started this (subscription) year?

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Kuya / kuya blues 2mo+18dy ago
Hello, I'm new as of last week. Well, I was a member a couple years ago, but had a bad experience and left. I had a near identical experience yesterday as I did 2 years ago. Someone stealing my lyric, rewriting it, renaming it and chopping it to fit on an existing song in progress. wtf? So I pulled most of my lyrics off the site until I know they're safe here. I left one up. Well, anyway, if you need a lyric I'll write one to fit your music. I prefer grittier bluesier stuff but truthfully i write a variety of styles. I joined ($99.) hoping I could actually get some things of mine recorded. I know there's plenty of honest talented people here but the chop shop mentality doesn't interest me. Hoping to collab with a bluesy guitarist who can work the boards too.

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WhiteEndors / Dylan De La Roche 3mo+2dy ago
Please support my New Album "Twenty" Available now on Bandcamp: Order Physical Vinyl Now:

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athorne / Mr Thorne 3mo+9dy ago
Any vocalists or piano players interested in collaborating? If so, I have posted several project drafts which need vocals and instrumentals. Interested in creating professional/studio quality recordings.

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Created May 23, 2014 by Vixster

The New Member Support Group is for anyone who is new to Kompoz and online collaborating. This a group where newcomers can support and encourage one another to gain the confidence to quickly get up and running in the Kompoz community. All skill levels are welcomed.

It can be a little intimidating getting started especially if you are not a very experienced online collaborator or musician, but there are numerous veteran members here who are willing to mentor and provide constructive feedback. This group is the place to jump off the diving board to get your feet wet!

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