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sanger / Steven Gardner 6yr+4mo ago
Welcome to Kompoz! Here are two ways to get going: 1. Get active in the Community. Explore the Community Page, listen to some music, 'Like' some songs, 'Endorse' some artists, add your comment to a post. 2. Jump into a song. That's right, start creating music. We suggest jumping on a new song of a Plus/Premium/Pro Member. There are lots of places to get help if you need it. Here are a few: i. The Help Center (link at the bottom of every page) ii. Post a question here or on the Community Page. iii. Ask other artists that are working on the song with you. So go find a song and jump in.

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NathanDetroit / Nathan Goodman 15 days ago
I don't know what to do. How do I find songwriters that need specific parts to an incomplete song?

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skimodeproducer / Skimode Producer 20 days ago
Hey all, I've just joined and I've added a Synthwave track I'd like to collaborate on. Im looking for a vocalist to work with on this. What's the best way to use Kompoz to attract collaborators?

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bminnix / Brandon Minnix 29 days ago
I'm here to introduce myself. I joined a couple of days ago and am now starting to get my feet wet. This seems like a place I've been wanting to find. I am brand new to collaboration work and production though this is an area I've been wanting to explore. Here to really just have some fun with people that enjoy making music.

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Anling / Anling Z 30 days ago
EmHi? New to this, songwriting beginner, hopefully can find someone I can learn with

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Grae / Grae Music 30 days ago
Hey people just introducing myself i am grae and happy to be among fellow artists and possible future collaborators.

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EllenDXY / Ellen Kussy 1mo+7dy ago
Hi all, I'm not really a newcomer (I think), but I do have a general question. I have been archiving and deleting things lately (uploads and old conversations). There is an upload (not accepted) that I want to delete, but I can't do it because the collaboration is set to private now. Is there any way I can delete it myself? Or is this something only the collab owner can do?

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RepeatingZERO / Charles Farnham 1mo+8dy ago
I've just been looking at the membership plans, and have seen that the paid plans mention for example say 30 public collabs annually. Does that mean that the starter plan's 3 public collabs are the only ones I'll be able to start myself, unless I upgrade? Or is it 3 collab at time?

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davkoeh77 / David Koehler 1mo+9dy ago
Hi Everyone, I'm a relatively new member and I'm wondering about a few things. So far, I primarily write lyrics for other people's projects, although I have a few projects that I have started. I am a BMI member and I see other people that are as well. My questions involve whether there are any set guidelines for registering Kompoz songs with a Performing Rights Organization. I want to know if you write the lyrics and the chords/melody and start a Collaboration with that, do people register that song with their PRO? I would think that would be OK, but where it gets hazy is when there are collaborators that make musical or lyrical contributions or when you contribute lyrics to someone else's Collaboration. I know there are other BMI and ASCAP members out there - I guess I'm just wondering how others, that have been doing Kompoz for much longer than me, handle these situations. I would much rather focus on the fun stuff of writing and making music, but this stuff all seems a little hazy so I figured I would ask.

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lindsayparks27 / Lindsay Parks 1mo+10dy ago
This is rough demo of a song I wrote. I’m open to any feedback and/or ideas!

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HSilinski / Howie Silinski 1mo+14dy ago
Hi all, am new to Kompoz, and am trying to understand collaboration etiquette. Is accepting multiple ideas for lets say bass, signaling that I am currently considering multiple ideas for the final cut? Or do I only accept the one that I am seriously considering for the final cut? If I archive an idea is that sending the contributor a message that I am not interested in their contribution at all? Thx in advance for the help.

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Created May 23, 2014 by Vixster

The New Member Support Group is for anyone who is new to Kompoz and online collaborating. This a group where newcomers can support and encourage one another to gain the confidence to quickly get up and running in the Kompoz community. All skill levels are welcomed.

It can be a little intimidating getting started especially if you are not a very experienced online collaborator or musician, but there are numerous veteran members here who are willing to mentor and provide constructive feedback. This group is the place to jump off the diving board to get your feet wet!

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