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sanger / Steven Gardner 7yr+12mo ago
Welcome to Kompoz! Here are two ways to get going: 1. Get active in the Community. Explore the Community Page, listen to some music, 'Like' some songs, 'Endorse' some artists, add your comment to a post. 2. Jump into a song. That's right, start creating music. We suggest jumping on a new song of a Plus/Premium/Pro Member. There are lots of places to get help if you need it. Here are a few: i. The Help Center (link at the bottom of every page) ii. Post a question here or on the Community Page. iii. Ask other artists that are working on the song with you. So go find a song and jump in.

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OsamaQureshiOnline / Osama Qureshi 20 days ago
Hey Folks, This is a metal style drum track I came up with, I'm looking forward to a guitarist who can induce some killer riffs like Slipknot (Band), and also looking for a heavy metal vocalist (Screams) - My goal is to make a havier metal track when the project is complete, the song will be released worldwide with proper credits to each individual involved. Additional Information Genre Metal BPM 170.0

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Horizon1 / Zig Zag 1mo+2dy ago
Hey guys, when I sign a collaboration agreement does it have legal value? And most importantly, how do I know that people I signed the agreement with are who they are? When signing for a project, do collaborators provide documents? I cannot find this information on the website

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Horizon1 / Zig Zag 1mo+4dy ago
Hi everyone, could anyone explain me how the copyright of a Kompoz collaboration works? Basically, I want to create a collab and give away the totality of composition rights to collaborators of my song and retain the totality of recording rights for myself. There seems not be an option for this. I also don't understand if the created song would be of my exclusive property for commercial use or if I am only allowed to sell it on soundblend. Thank u

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Doomism / Mike Anderson 2mo+18dy ago
If you're new, (been here less than two months) and would like a month's free subscription to Kompoz, then drop me a message/comment below. I've got me one of those gift cards to dish out. Much love.

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BasBear / Bas de Beer 2mo+23dy ago
The showcase tracks people have, where do I mark those in my profile? I can't find the place to do that, maybe it's a paid plan feature?

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Redfish / Tony Gee 3mo+7dy ago
If you are 'new' to Kompoz and would like free 2 months PLUS membership please message me and I'll gift it to you. (you have to have been a member for less than 2 months) Cheers Red

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Aces38 / John Henderson 4 months ago
Anyone know if it's possible to spin a spin? When I click the spin button on the spin it sends me back to the original song. No sign of the red spin button on the spin. I'm the creator of both the original song and the first spin that I'm trying to spin again... and I have settings set to allow me to spin the spin... but can't seem to get the option. I hope that makes sense!

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RagingOracle / I Robinson 6mo+5dy ago
New!! Check me out...

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Aces38 / John Henderson 6mo+9dy ago
Ok, I don't know how new I am at this point (2 months) but... I can't figure out why some of my songs have that little green share button under the files and other songs don't. Am I doing something accidentally that turns it off? Or is there some other reason it's not always there? Can't really post to help wanted without it.

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leightwing / Mark Rabuck 6mo+20dy ago
I can't figure out how to invite anyone to a private collaboration. I can use the help wanted, but it makes no sense that that option even exists when it's a private collaboration. Why would I put out a help wanted post when I only want specific people?

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Created May 23, 2014 by Vixster

The New Member Support Group is for anyone who is new to Kompoz and online collaborating. This a group where newcomers can support and encourage one another to gain the confidence to quickly get up and running in the Kompoz community. All skill levels are welcomed.

It can be a little intimidating getting started especially if you are not a very experienced online collaborator or musician, but there are numerous veteran members here who are willing to mentor and provide constructive feedback. This group is the place to jump off the diving board to get your feet wet!

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