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Jaredgso / Wesley Reid 7mo+2dy ago
Hello All. Sorry if this question has been asked before but i cant seem to find the answer in the help files. If i entered into a collaboration and like the song, can i also release the song via Spotify, Apple music etc. as long as i acknowledge all of the songwriters? I am a little confused about the split and composition stuff works and who is allowed to do what??



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CanyonsEdge   commented 6mo+15dy ago

I'm no expert, but I don't think you release a song unless it's a project you started - even if you do acknowledge the other collaborators.

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hollieolson   commented 6mo+15dy ago

I've always found it to be a mutual decision with all collaboraters on the project. Start with a group message to all involved and ask if anyone minds if you also release the tune on world wide platforms, but make sure you credit all song writers. Sounddrop is a good one that has you list all involved including monetary splits. Hope that helps.

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promusicmedia   commented 6mo+15dy ago

Yes I agree. If you created the song and want to place it out for world wide distributions then you?ll have to get everyone?s permission and have them signup on soundrop or routenote ,which ever you prefer. I like routenote because they have more radio stations to distribute. Also, you can do split sheets. Just goes to the artist service. There you will find artist information. Hope that helps.

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Teek   commented 6mo+15dy ago

I agree with the above answer , it would be up to the OWNER , e.g. the person that started the collaboration , when someone starts a collab. all that stuff is listed for the owner to fill out , Not sure how that works for a "Spin-Off" probably the " new " owner/manager .

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Scottyv   commented 6mo+15dy ago

You should really do all the research on copyrights before you attempt to release a song...

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hollieolson   commented 6mo+15dy ago

Yes I should have added that. I ask everyone what PRO they are with and get their ID#'s from ASCAP or BMI etc... and make sure they are properly copyrighted. But still do your research on copyrights as Scotty mentioned.


AlexanderK   commented 6mo+14dy ago

Check with all collaborators.