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Redfish / Tony Gee 7mo+15dy ago
Thoughts on different ways to collaborate on Kompoz. This might be helpful for people who are new to Kompoz Just thinking out loud on this from my perspective. How you can get involved in projects: 1) sometimes you listen to a song and immediately have an idea / melody / chord / something popping in your head which you think you could add .... for me that's the easiet type. (However, sometimes your brilliant idea that you love so much, doesnt match with the project creators vision. However, I suppose this can always be spun ... or save that idea for a future creation. I usually always do the 48 hr ' wait and listen more times' test on things like that). 2) sometimes you are invited to a project that you wouldn't normally have thought of joining .... maybe you haven't heard the song before, or maybe you didnt make a link with it yet. I enjoy the challenge of trying to get into the head of the song creator to see if I can help the song. Sometimes this works really well and is deeply satisfying. Sometimes you are asked to play a specific part. The latter is helping bring out the exact idea of the project owner and in itself is satisfying if you achieve this .... maybe if you need help on your song, they too might be more inclined to help you on one of your collabs - even though they might not have thought to contribute to it initially. 3) Experimentation / Organic Evolution Experimentation is COOL. It is where you can do things you never even would have imagined previously. This is also how you learn. Also this is one way to get to know / interact with other musicians on a shared project. Experimental 'open-ended' collabs certainly have their place ( minime is a guru for this). Another example is the 'exquisite corpse' collaborations ( ), and numerous other open ended projects. Join one. Have a go. Its fun. Everyone has different motivations and goals being on Kompoz ... the above are just three of the areas I have identified that speak to me. It would be interesting to see what other motivations, thoughts and views are. All I can say is, I'm sure we don't all have exactly the same view .... but that's what makes music (and life) interesting. In the end, music is about sharing a common language. We need to communicate and work together. If you help someone else, they should be more inclined to help you when you need it. And it's just satifying and meets a creative need in all of us. I'm deeply thankful to those who have contributed to my projects. And also ..... I hope that I have given a feel good vibe to those for whom I have submitted ideas. Personally, I am more than happy for people I havent worked with previously to join my projects, or invite me to theirs.


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Jaredgso   commented 7mo+8dy ago

Thank you this is very helpful.

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