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InTheRed63 / Tony Stinnett 1mo+7dy ago
Is there actual technical support on this site? I have two issues (which are essentially the same), and my reply is that my response from Kompoz is usually within 24 hours. I originally contacted them with a question on 09/01, then again on 09/13. Does anyone know if you have to be on a paid plan to have questions answered?



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liljoe6string   commented 1mo+7dy ago

Of coarse not. You have two options, one is to post your questions/issues to the community page. There are many who have been here long enough to answer most anything. Option 2, if the issues are not something you want to post public, you can send RAF a PM directly. As he runs this ship alone, and has many other outside Kompoz programming projects he is often very busy, and most likely did not see the generic help desk message. Often times a direct PM works best.. GL


InTheRed63   commented 1mo+7dy ago

Thanks for the heads up. I would not have known there is only one person running this site.

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sriracha   commented 1mo+7dy ago

It used to be more folks, but now it's pretty much Raf. And he's got a full time gig. Mostly the site runs itself. But if you have a support req and it's not something that can be asked of the community, yeah, you are looking at what Joey suggested.