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valeabrildrums / Valery Abril 2mo+8dy ago
Hi friends, I´m just starting in this app, I want to share one video that I did recently, I love to play drums, I have a lot to learn and It´s really cool to be here, thanks.


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Aces38   commented 2mo+8dy ago

Hi Valery! Welcome. Wow, great video! I just joined last week and I've already found people to be very welcoming and helpful. Would love to have you lay down a drum track on on of my songs in the future. Cheers.

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MammaRainbow   commented 4 days ago

Super rad! Welcome to Kompoz!

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Midipunk   commented 4 days ago

Is this a repost or were 400 comments removed?

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liljoe6string   commented 4 days ago


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Aces38   commented 4 days ago

Weird... my comment still here from 2 months ago?!