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Lemongrass / Steve Reynolds 1mo+21dy ago
Hi there. I've just joined Kompoz after finally accepting I need help! So I thought I'd introduce myself. I play various instruments in my home studio and write/record songs, but rarely lyrics (which I'm no good at). I'm also not much of a vocalist, but sang in bands in my youth and occasionally do on my recordings (due to lack of alternatives!). Consequently, a lot of my material is unfinished. So, I'm hoping to meet up with some lyricist/vocalists, but also have some fun joining other collaborations. I've got a few questions for now: 1. I found it a bit odd having to choose my influences (of which there are many) when setting up my account. Should I have left that blank? 2. I found it tricky to choose one genre and style when posting my first collaboration, because I'm not sure the collaboration easily fits into one. I suppose that's a common issue. Should I change it after a while or just leave it be? 3. I've posted just the mix for my first collaboration as I'm seeking vocals/lyrics, but should I upload all the seps? For those interested, I'll add a link to my first collaboration below (I've got several lined up but I thought I'd start with one to learn how to use the system). Thanks


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liljoe6string   commented 1mo+21dy ago

As to your questions 1 as to influences, rarely are those looked at in a way other than just curiosity, but listing a few is not going to hurt anything. 2. Picking a genre is often not easy as sometimes a song is just on the fence. But its fairly important getting it close as many surf through new projects looking at genres. This song sounds a little Alt country to me, but it does have an interesting mix of elements and it could shift based on the vocals you get.. Though i will say, i didn't quite get the 'Soul' vibe.. Bottom line is, its very good music.. //As to seps, no real need when you open a project to post them. Now if your looking for a replacement for drums for example, always good to post a mix with drums out..File named>> (title of song) "drumless" Also, a good Idea inside your project, is to 'feature' the mix you want heard..If you dont feature it and someone contributes that is what people are going to hear when the scan your project from outside the project. Just click on the one you want feature and click manage. NOTE> if your going to look for someone to mix your song, then posting seps would save time(but you mix good) ps A very good singer has downloaded your song.. you should be in good shape.. welcome.

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Lemongrass   commented 1mo+21dy ago

Thanks so much for your comments. I really appreciate it. BTW the 'soul' thing relates to the 'horns' and bass riff (which also BTW I played on keys through a Rickenbacker emulation of all things) - but I agree it's a little obtuse!


LindenCircle   commented 1mo+21dy ago

i have downloaded it as well...

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liljoe6string   commented 1mo+20dy ago

When I said above "A very good singer has downloaded your song" I was talking about you LC.. ((: