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Aces38 / John Henderson 3mo+27dy ago
Anyone know if it's possible to spin a spin? When I click the spin button on the spin it sends me back to the original song. No sign of the red spin button on the spin. I'm the creator of both the original song and the first spin that I'm trying to spin again... and I have settings set to allow me to spin the spin... but can't seem to get the option. I hope that makes sense!


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Redfish   commented 3mo+27dy ago

have you exceeded the number of spins allowed on your membership plan?

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Aces38   commented 3mo+27dy ago

I think I've only spun one or maybe two at most, so I don't think so...

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davkoeh77   commented 3mo+27dy ago

I think you can only spin from the original song John, which means that you might have to copy files from the first spin over to the second spin because they won't be in the original.

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Midipunk   commented 3mo+27dy ago

That would make sense, so it doesn't stray too far from the original song and credit remains in place.

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Aces38   commented 3mo+27dy ago

That's what I was afraid of... the spin is totally different from the original song and has a ton of new tracks from other people... I'd hate to have to copy them all over by hand... Plus if I post copy tracks myself to the new spin then they lose the connection to the people who actually posted them. Hmmm... gotta be a way around this...?