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Dandelion / Daniel Petro 2mo+17dy ago
Hi! I am new to collaborations, could anyone recommend the most efficient way to find a singer for my project? I have been trying for years and yet havent found anyone. Perphaps I am doing something wrong. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!


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Unimprobable   commented 2mo+17dy ago

I can only see one empty (no files) collaboration on your profile Daniel. I think you need something from you, some content to get things going? I'm new here so maybe some collaborations start empty and someone else gets it going?


Dandelion   commented 2mo+16dy ago

For some reason it did not let me upload anything. Can you check now? Thank you!

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Unimprobable   commented 2mo+16dy ago

Yes can see a file now!


Dandelion   commented 2mo+16dy ago

Thank you I appreciate that!

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frederick   commented 25 days ago

I am replying in the wrong place because it won't let me type into the Comments section. My opinion is that this song does not need a vocalist. it is a great instrumental. It would be difficult to find a tune and to sing with this


anxenesofficial   commented 27 days ago

Hi I don't know how to join but is this for male or female voices Or If you want we can try this song


Elaynious   commented 26 days ago

Hi I'd love to hear your vocal range, maybe we can collaborate on one of my lyrics sometime

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royale4769   commented 26 days ago

Looks like you figured it out - no vox on my end but you want any guitar bass or mixing mastering Im available. Dig the music alot!! sounds like microwave a bit.