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FidlerSongs / S Fidler 2yr+3mo ago
One of my favorite stories and collaborations!:)

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DeeJayNatPaulPassee / Caesar Nat-Paul Passee 3yr+4mo ago
Nat-Paul Passée | Musicians Help Wanted :|| Collaborate | Remix | what's your Impressions? Can you name that song? I know there are a few wrong notes but it's free....I'm hoping other musician would add, remix, reuse, matchup and make use of these audio recording. Last question, can you name the instrument. Comment below. xoxo

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VocalRun / Vocal Run 4yr+11mo ago
Update: SMAS approved the song and I've started a FB fundraiser through SMAS/GCQC or there is the direct link, as seen here: #14 and Most Likely To Sink Donations support: Gilda's Club-Quad Cities, Davenport, Iowa and the Sing-Me-A-Story Foundation Donation Goal: 50K Okay, so we're off. I have posted this song on the Sing-Me-A-Story Foundation site under story #14 for Gilda's Club. Hopefully the song will be approved. I'm not sure of the process but you know I will follow through with the Foundation. Once I know it's up there under the #14 story for Gilda's Club-Quad Cities, I will post the link and expect you all to share everywhere. 'Gilda's Club Quad Cities, an affiliate of the Cancer Support Community is dedicated to providing support, education and hope to all people affected by any type of cancer, including the family members and friends of those diagnosed.'

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Gemini / Nigel Robinson 5yr+2mo ago
Darth Vader and Super Cohen By Parker (age 6) and Cohen (age 3) Lyric adaptation by Tracy Hutchison For the Sing Me A Story Foundation

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MarcusRose / Marcus Rose 5yr+9mo ago
Looking for some string players to finish a piece I composed.

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xvpusw / Tracy Hutchison 6yr+1mo ago
For Bill58 (or anyone else interested) (draft) Hector was a puffer fish who traveled the bright blue sea James was his best friend and together they swam free But one day James was late and Hector was oh so sad He didn't know what to do This could be oh so bad Then Hector found that James was being punished back at school So it was Hector to the rescue and he swam as fast as he could With James back by his side Hector was happy once again The two friends laughed and played and they had money to spend So off they swam to the arctic to buy some of that cold blue snow What they ever did with it we may never know we may never know

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lior / Lior Porat 6yr+2mo ago
Hi, I added the video for the "Thanksgiving Disaster" collaboration. if you like it please leave a note in the youtube comments. i also dare to to ask you to subscribe and share.

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xvpusw / Tracy Hutchison 6yr+2mo ago
Finished and submitted to SMAS! Thanks to Lior and Dan!

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lior / Lior Porat 6yr+3mo ago
Hi again, Sorry to nag, but i cant finish this song alone :( Any Sax player around here that knows to Rock&Roll ?

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Created February 26, 2016 by kompoz

Song Me a Story is a non-profit foundation who's mission is to bring the voices of children in need to the world -- through music.  

Children who are facing illness and battling diseases are getting their stories of survival turned into a song, thanks to Sing Me A Story. SMAS musicians take the words and pictures of a child's imagination and turn them into songs.

 How it works:

  1. Children in need are given the opportunity to write and illustrate stories about ANYTHING they want.
  2. SMAS musicians view the stories, turn them into songs based on the ideas presented in the stories, record them, and send them back to the children by uploading them to the SMAS website.
  3. SMAS Jukebox Campaigns are then created for each song uploaded in an effort to raise money. When fans contribute to the SMAS Jukebox Campaigns, they receive the song as an Mp3 with their donation receipt.

There are currently hundreds of stories written by children hoping for a song. I know our great Kompoz community can help to both write amazing music, and to welcome new SMAS musicians to the world of online collaboration.  This user group will serve as a home for those musicians who want to collaborate.