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sriracha / Billy LeCoq-Mauvais 1yr+11mo ago
Slate has been adding a bunch of great stuff lately. Their inclusion of Lustrous Plates, and gates now in the Virtual MIx Rack has been well worth the bundle subscription, but now today they added the Overloud THU amp plug - something I've been waiting for as I've used the TH2 and TH3 products from overloud as my amp sim for the past few years due to them having my amp modeled in it by the amp maker himself, Marco Brunetti. Very excited about the new I gotta figure out how to import all my settings, lol.

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nemonty / NE MONTY 4yr+2mo ago
I've just starting unpacking the "Everything Bundle" but from what I can tell the microphone plugins aren't included, unless I'm missing something. The preamps are included that are used with the microphone modeling plugins which is what I actually wanted to test out. I've also found out first hand that support is terrible, forget trying to get any help in a timely manner....I've been waiting for over a week for a reply. Slate is using Gobbler as a online representative and they are useless also. I'm hoping the performance of the plugins will live up to Steven Slates sales hype, that remains to be seen.

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NoisyLingus / Fab - 5 years ago
Hi Uygar, Regarding the fact we're a few of Slate users here (my guess at least), have you subscribed to their monthly offer ? For my part, I did since they have started it and regarding the amount of toys they release, it's definitely worths the price. I'm a huge huge fan of the last preamps and reverb plus it's really CPU friendly. What about you ?

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Uygar / Uygar Rollas 5yr+8mo ago
Drum mixing tutorial with Slate plugins.

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