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JustVera / Just Vera 4 days ago
Clearly... This one will turn out to be a rock song. But I don't want the obvious simple plain rock lyrics. The lyrics should stand out. Poetic, powerful, original, magical, mystical, whatever... At this stage there's an intro and the first of the 15seconds-verses starting at 0:24. (For your convenience I put in four of them in this demo.) The idea is to have 3 or 4 verses like this. For the bridge and chorus I'm still totally blank. Your lyrics will be the starting point, so 100% lyrical freedom there. I know there are quite some talented wordsmiths around here. Does anybody feel the inspiration and the urge to turn this idea into a (pop)rock song beyond compare?

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JustVera / Just Vera 8 days ago
More blank canvas... My bedtrack to inspire drummers, bassplayers, guitarists, brass-people, songwriters, singers and all other creative musicians. We've got a long way to go, but The Goal may be worth it.

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Giuseppeconiglio / Giuseppe Coniglio 9 days ago
Hi everyone, I'm here to bother you because I need your help to complete my latest work with a provisional title. It needs lyrics, so if anyone could and wanted to help me I would be grateful. Obviously I'm willing to make any changes on the track. Regards, thank you Giuseppe.

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pboaz / Niall Helsinki 9 days ago
The "Help Wanted" ad on this track seems to be expiring now. Would still like to find a vocal collaborator, so if you have interest, please let me know!

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JustVera / Just Vera 9 days ago
Since my request for talents is expiring, I'm about to take 'Sketch' down. I still think it could turn out great with the right lyrics, vocals and all other ideas. But I need help. Please let me know if you share my vision. (And of course I welcome any idea.)

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CanyonsEdge / Monte Lorne 10 days ago
Hello Everyone, This is a message to songwriters who don?t play any instruments. Never underestimate the value of a vocal melody combined with lyrics as a starting point for a song. Just take a look around Kompoz and you will quickly notice that there are many musicians/producers who can literally do everything BUT sing and write lyrics! Which means they have great music but no story and no voice to go with it. It is easy to determine the key of a vocal using software. Personally I use Capo. Once you have the key and beat to go along with the vocals and lyrics a musician/producer is off to the races. From that starting point it is easy to come up with chord progressions and then everything else you need to make a great song. So please post your ideas! Another approach you could take is to send your ideas directly to musicians who work in your gendre. The bottom line is that when you have a good voice, an emotional story to tell and are able to sing to a metronome or other beat you are definitely a songwriter, and you should have no problem finding co-writers. Monte

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KingJadean / King Jadean 15 days ago
Hello I'm searching for vocals and lyrics. Thanks!

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KingJadean / King Jadean 17 days ago
Hello, would anyone be able to help with lyrics and vocals? Thanks!

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Ruidodelmonte / Ricardo del sur 1mo+28dy ago
Hi, this song need your help, any open to share, i will be pleasure to work, thanks

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Wally099 / Pat Waldorf 2 months ago
Anyone want to try adding lyrics?

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