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JustVera / Just Vera 7 days ago
Move me with your lyrics and vocals... Step out of your comfort zone and create an original piece of pop on this blank canvas. Who will?!

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aliceminguez / Alice Minguez 21 days ago
Any lyricists want to help me out on either of these tracks?? (Pretty please??)

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aliceminguez / Alice Minguez 21 days ago
Would recommend for those who like creating stuff with loops.

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GBcompany / gabriela barreto 23 days ago
Hey! help me finish this lyric i started! Here´s the ink: HANDS DOWN she played so innocent she was daddys little princess just like that was how she got me it was hard to play on defense and i know i should´ve played it cool last night sitting at the bar watching the hours go by maybe not this time so baby come on put your hands down hands down on e put your your hands down hands down on me-e-e

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LinkedHD / Brian Foutz 27 days ago
Drifting by LinkedHD (Brian Foutz contributing artist).

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Snare-Bastler / Marco Meister 1mo+11dy ago
I need lyrics. can someone help me

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ElanVital / brian pilcher 1mo+18dy ago
Looking for vocalist/vocalists to feature, we can work together on the lyrics or we can find a 3rd party to collaborate with to write them. Have a listen and contact me if you want to work together. Thanks

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Giuseppeconiglio / Giuseppe Coniglio 1mo+20dy ago
Hello all, I need of some lyrics for my new track to release on spotify and soundcloud. anyone who can help me send me something Thanks for help.

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TonySawyer / Tony Sawyer 1mo+23dy ago
Hello Group! I am looking for original lyrics for a potential use in a personal writing/recording project I am working on currently. This project is being recorded in my studio (I teach music production at a college) so I will not have these songs open to submissions for recordings on Kompoz. But I would really like to consider some lyricists. Obviously, the style of music will dictate a little about the type of lyrics I am pretty open to talk. Rather than try to describe the music I am writing, I can share a few works in progress if you are interested to see if you would be a fit. Thank for your consideration. Please feel free to email me at, or you can message me here on Kompoz. Tony

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rafj / Raf jammaers 1mo+25dy ago
my first contribution here , on a really great song by MdlBrthr , added a bass and drums ..... cheers, Raf

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