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Milesey / Dan Miles 19 days ago
Christmas Day Survivor. Not the happiest of lyrics but meaningful all the same. As I stir under a leaf bear Oak?? A rusted park bench for my bed!!!! A card board box I call my mattress?.. My thread bare blanket I lay my head!!!!! Another Christmas I?m flying solo?.. My family tree all but a seed!!!!!! I?m a Christmas day survivor?? Sad a lonely but never in need!!!! Chorus I?M A CHRISTMAS DAY SURVIVOR?.. WATCHING FAMILIES AFAR FROM THE STREET!!!! THE SUNRISE BRINGS ME A BEAUTIFUL GIFT?.. EVERY MORNING I UNWRAP ITS HEAT!!!!! IM A CHRISTMAS DAY SURVIVOR??. IM NOT A DOG SO DON?T THROW ME BONE!!!!! IM A CHRISTMAS DAY SURVIVOR?? ANOTHER CHRISTMAS THE PARK I CALL HOME!!!! 2. When the lights go down on Christmas Eve?? I reach for my fork and stainless steel tin!!!!! Half eaten drunken takeaways?? Zero dignity as I search through a bin!!!!! Only the tough will survive?? Surviving Christmas for sure can be tough!!!!! Watching happy families singing Auld Lang Syne?.. Brings a tear to this man in the rough!!!!! Chorus 3. Silence in my park can be golden?.. The frozen grass melts into beautiful green!!!! Just a few familiar paw prints??. Where hungry foxes have been!!!!! In the still of the Christmas morning?.. I feel the warmth of the sun on my face!!!!!! Remembering happier times in the past?.. With my late family??leading grace!!!! Chorus. 4. Christmas for me wasn?t a turkey?. Mulled wine or a warm mince pie!!!! It?s spending time with special loved ones?. Remembering those who live in the sky!!!!! Please forgive my down beat sullen face?.. My body empty of jolly and cheer!!!! I?m a Christmas day survivor??.. Just another day??.another year! Chorus

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VivienneandtheReaper / Rachel Lawson 20 days ago
Gentle On My Mind Gentle on my mind I lay me down to sleep, thoughts of days gone by come soft and sweet I weep, I lament the days lost days gone by are never to return, days of joy and love smolder so much in my mind they burn, I fear I shall not see days like them again, my mind dwells on those days in pain, those days I place in my heart to keep, as I slowly fall to sleep. Ok know it's poem but It's start thought you may like the words I wrote it thought someone may like for lyrics or it may in inspire some one new here not sure of the ropes yet.

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AncaMihaela16 / Anca Mihaela 21 days ago
A wonderful project done together with Janet Pumo, thank you so very much! Magnified gratitude!

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soundman1955 / Brother Ray 25 days ago
Greetings, for the last 40 years I have made my living as an Audio Engineer mixing Front of House for touring National and International bands and groups. Having listened to and mixed literally thousands of original songs I began to see a pattern in the songs that generated the most crowd response. In the late 90?s I was approached by a great guitar player who ask my advice regarding sound and production. To put a very long story short, the band was built, the CD was recorded, the fan base was growing but the project had stalled. By chance a friend of mine, who was a gopher for a local concert promoter, happened to hear that Fred Vail producer for the Beach Boys was passing through town and was staying at a downtown hotel. Now the guitar player, who was a promotion genius grabbed his CD and went straight to the hotel in search of Fred. Finding he was out, the CD was left at the front desk, along with a note that said ?Call me? An hour later the phone rang it was Fred. A meeting followed and the question was asked: ?So what is it that makes a song ?Radio Friendly?. This was Fred?s response: First you have 10 seconds to hook the audience, if you don?t grab them in the first 10 seconds, they are channel surfing, the song has to have structure, fans like structure, like verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, out. Then the chorus has to be so simple that buy the second time the chorus comes around the fans are already singing it back to you. The song length is important also, The song can?t be longer than (I think he said) 3:20. As the radio stations try to fit ?X? number of songs in before they are required (by the FCC) to give their station call letters. And finally the song ending has to be anticipated for two reasons, the audience has to ?feel? that the very next note played is the last note of the song or one finds oneself not knowing when to applaud, and also the DJ needs to feel that last note to be able to blend between songs and breaks. Once the band incorporated these tips in their song writing, they took off over night, and were eventually signed to a major label. Now I know that the world of music has changed since then, as it seems to do at the drop of a hat but still today as I listen now, I still hear that ?pattern? in the songs, and I can easily hear the tips Fred spoke of. I hope you find this of interest; I live here on Kompoz if you have any questions Ray Brown Soundman1955 ?Music makes the world smile?

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Zaydex / Iden Martinez 31 days ago
Hello, I am fairly new to lyric writing was hoping to get some help creating Ideas or atleast figuring out how to come up with some good riffs and melodic vocals

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JustVera / Just Vera 1mo+3dy ago
The creation of 99% of my tracks starts with an instrumental base. Add lyrics, melodies, vocals: et voilà. Once or twice I inversed this process. 'Runs like fire' ( started off with the lyrics of BKWilliamson and turned out quite well. (IMHO.) With the help of some talented other Kompoz musicians ofcourse. I would like to start a similar process again. With YOUR best piece of poetry EVER. And perhaps some directions for the instrumental bit. (Or some clues on the lyrics;-). Any style or subject can do. Please surprise me and let's work magic...

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Jodeenshead / Jodeen Hoskins 1mo+9dy ago
I came across an old project that I can NOT come up with a chorus to the lame lyrics. Any thoughts, changes or add ons would be appreciated. You can find the music in Dannyraymilligan's dashboard under I Love the You Lie. (Dannyraymilligan) I love the way you lie I want to hear it one more time That I'll be your one and only, and That you'll be mine, all mine You'll be mine till the end of time Ohhhh, how I love to hear you lie I want to be your only one I want to be your rock, your stone The one you run to when your down Even when your acting the fool, a clown Let me hear it just one more time I can see the void rising in your eyes I can feel it within the depth of my soul I can help it, though I love the way you lie It's all feels so bittersweet That you touched my soul this way I can help this feeling of being incomplete Knowing you will be soon gone one day I wouldn't trade it away That I couldn't make you stay You said that nothing is definite in goodbye I can only reply I love the way you lie Lame Lyrics by Jodeen Hoskins

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AncaMihaela16 / Anca Mihaela 1mo+10dy ago
JAMES FRASER: Composition/music production (acoustic guitar/slide guitar/ bass/electric guitar/percussion/ whistle) ANCA MIHAELA BRUMA (poetry and spoken voice) ALL RIGHTS RESERVED (August 2017)

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AncaMihaela16 / Anca Mihaela 1mo+17dy ago
Thank you dear James Fraser for such amazing collaboration!

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AncaMihaela16 / Anca Mihaela 1mo+21dy ago
Great bit, thank you so much, soon to be finalized. Brian you are simply GREAT with this arrangement for my poem!

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