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slickvic0 / Victor Altavilla 2 days ago
Hey all, have just joined and lyrics are just pouring out. I have around 90 at the moment but growing daily. All genres. Looking for a colab! Slick

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JarekA / Jarek A 17 days ago
Hello wordsmiths extraordinaire of kompoz This (prog-ish) heavy tune needs lyrics. Any takers?

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JavierPellin / Francisco Javier Pellin Jurado 18 days ago
Any help in create some lyrics and add vocals? ;)

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Horizon1 / Zig Zag 1mo+4dy ago
Hi guys, I am a singer and lyricist. I would like to collaborate with songwriters and producers on the creation of pop songs, meant for release on social media: tik tok, YouTube, Spotify etc. I can share a link to my voice recordings via DM, if you want to know how my voice sounds.

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FLStudioNick / Nicholas Pev 1mo+13dy ago
Hi everyone, I was just in the Vocal group and got some great advice for beginning recording vocals. In order to sing, I will need some lyrics. What are some pointers for writing good lyrics?

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davidstahl / David Stahl 1mo+24dy ago
Looking for lyrics for a dark piano / electronica song. Vocals will be done by the fabulous EllenDXY :-)

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JOEYOTISTYLE / J OTIS 1mo+29dy ago

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GoYeah / L Goyeah 2mo+8dy ago
Looking for great rock lyrics for this song ... Structural guide included in files ... Have an ad in Vocals also ... Let's rock this one hard !

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Leyla / Leyla a 2mo+19dy ago
Hi, I wrote this lyrics - music and vocals would be needed :) I used to be different used to have light and some spirit in life that made everyone smile And I wonder why... Am I so exhausted so drained and wasted feeling empty inside Take me off of this ride And I wonder why... Do I ride here alone, why are you suddenly gone To an unknown place Miss the smile on your face And I wonder when... will I see you again I used to be different used to have light and some spirit in life that made everyone smile And I wonder why oh I wonder why and I wonder when

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JennyBgoode / Jenny G Berry 2mo+27dy ago
The Jenny G. Berry Project / Pet __________________________ Thank you to Ellen Kussy and JC Beziz for their marvelous music and arrangement; To Alan Messy, for his unique vocals contribution; To the good friends at the Stichting INGKA Foundation; To the great team at Eurimages (The European Cinema Support Fund); And last, but not least, to all the amazing people at the Jenny G. Berry Foundation, for your endless love and support. This couldn't have happened without you. I love you guys, you are my heroes! JB

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