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tonker / Thomas Isaksson 14 days ago
Looking for vocals and lyrics for this one.

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JustVera / Just Vera 14 days ago
I can't let Maggie go? Kashmir? Yardan Haber Yok? My best guess would be JustVera... But only with your (lyrics and) VOCALS. Looking forward to your contribution:-).

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carlmoneyhoney / Buck Stewart 25 days ago
FUNKY LADY© Buck Stewart / revised Jan 2020 Her home run lover left her, it was headline news So she bought herself some spike heel diamond covered shoes Now she drinks her dry martinis thru a golden straw While the raven in her birdcage eats sweet potatoes raw Funky lady She?s funky She ain?t no angel, she ain?t Devine Some say she?s crazy but she sure looks fine Funky lady Got a super fantastic tan down in Monaco On a speed boat ride with mister Hirohito Now funky ?s got a quirky kind of fashion ?n style Her affect on everybody is a sympathetic smile Funky lady She?s funky She ain?t no angel, she ain?t Devine Some say she?s crazy but she sure looks fine Funky lady Some say she was once married to a washed up Gypsy clown The law sure took a beating when he was around But crime ain?t no problem when your sweetie owns a cop She soaked up those charges like a dollar store mop Always crazy as a bed bug, always smart as a whip Funky funky lady always looking fit From time to time she likes to visit an old world order Zarr Chaufferured on her Tryumph with a pink side car She?s posed for Picasso, she?s drank with Hemmingway Ain?t nobody else like her in the whole Milkyway Funky lady She?s funky She ain?t no angel, she ain?t Devine Some say she?s crazy but she sure looks fine Funky lady

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JustVera / Just Vera 26 days ago
Your first blow! The creation of 99% of the JustVera tracks start with instruments/music. The one percent where I started from lyrics, include my favorites though. Apparently the first blow is half the battle... So I was thinking: could you PM me your best/dearest set of lyrics ever? Preferably with 'verses/chorus parts'. And possibly with some ideas on the musical part. Then I'll try to come up with the best instrumental backing as possible. Sounds like a plan?

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JustVera / Just Vera 1mo+5dy ago
Lyrics? Vocals?... Looking back on 2019 team JustVera achieved the majority of its musical goals. Thanks to numerous talented Kompozers:-). However, some seeds didn't sprout yet. Some ideas probably just weren't strong enough. Back to the drawing board! Some probably got overlooked/overheard. Shit happens. But in my honest opinion these four still do deserve your attention: GO! ( ) Majestically ( ) No thank you ( ) All the times ( ) If you've got any idea how to reveal the full potential of these four projects, please send me a postcard. Or drop me a line. Or at least PM me?-).

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GoYeah / Luc Goyer 1mo+8dy ago
I have placed 2 new song ideas Song 10 and 11 ... Everything is needed ! Merry Xmas and the best new year ever ! Luc

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Davethesinger / Dave Edwards 1mo+24dy ago
Hi Guys - UK based singer, new to Kompoz, uploaded several lyrics mainly blues and RnR today. If you need words or vox I'm here. Demo video (cover of an Alvin Lee Track) using my Spire Studio attached!

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LimberTwig / Bobby Watson 1mo+26dy ago
Good day folks. While I am not normally a lyricist, I am somewhat of a prolific composer. If you have a lyric you are wanting to get music for, feel free to browse my catalog on SoundCloud for available compositions for collaboration. It is an ever changing list. So, if you are interested please look in from time to time. If you want to reserve something for your project PM me with the song title. And, we'll try to help you. Many of the songs structure, tempo, and key are fluid if need be. Thanks for your time. :) BW@

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EdsonCastro / Edson Castro 1mo+27dy ago
My friends, time goes by fast this is my fourth k-day anniversary and I want to thank each of you for collaborating with my projects and also for accepting my collaborations on your projects. Thank you all and especially to my dear friend Nicola who gave me the first chance at Kompoz. Edson Castro

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Dardani / Davide Dardani 1mo+28dy ago
Hi everyone, what do you think about this track? I composed this using a software, naturally sounds needs to be real and vocals needs too.

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