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JustVera / Just Vera 2 days ago
WAIT A MINUTE! Or better: 90 seconds. An intro which I will finish into a proper song of course. But not before you added your first inspiring lyrics and VOCALS to this idea. Sounds like a plan?

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Wally099 / Pat Waldorf 4 days ago
Hi all, this tune has been sitting for a bit and could use some fun lyrics. It's a rough mix and there's a bit of polishing to do but you get the idea. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Pinou / Pierre Portas 6 days ago
Hello, I am a new and quite a neophyte in the music world. But, I always have melodies in my head and this January decided to put words to them. I wrote a dozen texts two of which I presented below as examples (42nd street and Let's time go by). My question is simple: should I continue writing or stop right now? Thanks Pinou 42nd Street On a rainy day lights flashing everywhere cars running away I fall like a drunk on the street of nowhere I saw my face on the pavement moribund at 42nd street I walked for days and months begging and freezing weak and trembling like a leaf on the Autumn's tree I saw my face on the pavement moribund at 42nd street I meant to be under the light of the sky but skyscappers shadowed my life my wounds were made of stone and steel I was nothing but a rampant misery I saw my face on the pavement moribund at 42nd street No one bent to help people like years went by under the rain that cries for me I closed my eyes for ever Let's time go by Let's time go by to heal the wounds Let me remember your face in my dreams We were too youg we were innocent we made the world with our words You went away as if life did'nt care about love the thunder hit my soul and I died alived Let's time go by to heal the wounds Let me remember your face in my dreams Nothing I could do nothing to fight for the days became nights and I lost my heart Years after years the memories faded away but the pain remained you can love only once Let's time go by to heal the wounds Let me remember your face in my dreams

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fisherman / Robert Scott Strickland 8 days ago
I wanted to write a toast to someone or even a song for a wedding, And came up with this. Looking for a vocalist to do it justice Looking for a melody to these lyrics first, instead of adding to an existing composition. To the years ahead © By Robert S Strickland 12/28/2017 I lift you up To the life you live So many can witness To the love you give You have always been A Trustful and Honest friend Surely you are God sent To the years ahead I wish the best that can be said All the joy and blessing of life In the years ahead To the good times we had And all that?s yet to come Many years have now passed And look what you have become Great attitude with no regrets Now let?s look to the future To the years ahead I wish the best that can be said All the joy and blessing of life In the years ahead

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Wally099 / Pat Waldorf 15 days ago
And now for something completely different. Thought this would sound cool with a Freddy Mercury style vocals. Still needs polishing etc..

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PerturHyde / Pertur Hyde 24 days ago
Any songwriter/singer?, is free

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DonaMoth / Dona Moth 26 days ago
Bonjour à tous ! :-)

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JustVera / Just Vera 1mo+9dy ago
Best Wordsmith in Ktown... I've got a confession to make: I'm a fanatic. Dedicated to Music. And over the years I gradually came to the believe that I can't make it on my own. In case you'ld be in two minds: nobody can. That's why I love Kompoz so much. The part I feel quite confident about is my music. (Some might argue, but hey, everybody's entitled to have something:-). Vocals are quite a different story. Ultimately the human voice is the most powerful instrument, carrying the message of the song. So I put a lot of time and energy in finding the right vocalist(s) for JustVera. And boy there are quite some talents around here. Some singers love to write their own words. Some rather execute a good idea. And, dear Wordsmith, for the latter category I'ld like to ask for your help. It's all about the track below. 'Pop!' is a typical uptempo happygolucky 3-minute tune. Which I'ld like to spice up with a serious message. The wolf in sheep's clothing so to speak. Lyrics on a serious subject. Subjects that spontaneously pop up are Trump, greed, hunger, war, climate change and stuff like that. Or perhaps even a relationship. As long as it is as clear, mean(ingful) and powerful as Lennon. With a dash of hope if possible... Is this something you'ld like to chew on? Write something relevant? I'm convinced the right words will seduce the right singer to get our message across. Looking forward to your ideas! rgrdshans Btw1 I added the vocal melody both as sep and in the track. Also included some screenshots which might clarify the structure. FYI: I don't know much about the verse/chorus/bridge stuff. (A-B-B-C-B-A would be my best guess, based on the colours.) Hopefully this helps. Btw2 Please don't hesitate to ask if you've got any questions.

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Caketin / Caitlyn Mclean 1mo+14dy ago
Wrote this a few days ago... Once upon a time I was vulturous Swallowed in the ground, being negative Never really knowing how long to live To keep myself from becoming this Drank my own blood and enjoyed it, too Spent other people's love on something to do But when I looked in the mirror and then saw you I forgot my parrot beak and like an eagle I flew More coming later... gotta go out

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JustVera / Just Vera 1mo+14dy ago
YOUR AREA Symphonic? Progressive? Majestically? What I do know is that this is a track I created some 12 years ago and I can hear a whole lot of influences and ideas. And what's more: unlike many of my earlier works, this one stands the test of time. Ofcourse I had to do some refreshing based on my present views and technical possibillities:-). But... although I quite like the feel, atmosphere and production: where's the singer?! I really need to restrict myself not to colour this canvas even further. THIS IS YOUR AREA. Let's make it happen. Btw My two finger midi-soloing -starting 4:15 until the end- definitely should be considered as a limited briefing for the Truly Creative Sologuitarist.

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