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carlmoneyhoney / Buck Stewart 1 day ago
I CANT SAY GOODBYE female vocals Buck Stewart / July 2016 In the middle of a storm You picked me like a flower Your heart miles away Pleased with your power You broke me And yet I still cant say goodbye I want to so badly But all I do is cry I just can;t say it I cant say goodbye You never loved me Just wanted me around Leaving me wherever My heart tightly bound We never argued because you didnt care I longed for the hopes I knew we d never share You broke me And yet I still cant say goodbye I want to so badly But all I do is cry I just cant say it I cant say goodbye Trapped in my yearning You still own my life Painfully aware Ill never be your wife You broke me And yet I still cant say goodbye I want to so badly But all I do is cry I just cant say it I cant say goodbye

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DTSUK / Dave Edwards 1 day ago
Collaboration created, spin offs enabled. Please feel free to use these. What Might Have Been? (DTSUK Lyric) What might have been? Songs unsung and sights unseen Memories are all we have and we will never know The faint applause - the open doors have closed our final show. The fire that burned within us, the love that shone so bright Has dimmed and died and all we have is faded black and white I?m standing on the outside looking in, Everybody has a story - tell me when will mine begin? I never saw her coming I just didn't recognize, The signs were plain, I couldn?t see them right before my eyes The path of least resistance leads to a road full of regrets And time has washed away my tears and left me here with emptiness What might have been? All around and in between Life?s a fleeting story, a book of many lines Searching for a meaning and sometimes nothing seems to rhyme So I will pray for answers and wear my heart upon my sleeve And maybe time will heal the pain and allow my soul reprieve I?m standing on the outside looking in, Everybody has a story - tell me when will mine begin? I never saw her coming I just didn't recognize, The signs were plain, I couldn?t see them right before my eyes The path of least resistance leads to a road full of regrets And time has washed away my tears and left me here with emptiness © Dave Edwards 21/0121

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DocSmooke / A P 3 days ago
Nice app, could help when you're running out of ideas...

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GoYeah / Luc Goyer 6 days ago
For all them Blues singers and writers out there ... Got a song for your talents ! There's also a chords-only version to help you out. Structure is in the dashboard ! If you feel it, do it ! Thanks !

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yuliakyrylenko / Yuliia Kyrylenko 9 days ago
Some of my songs are here, most of them here in Russian, but I have also examples of songs in English :) Lyrics and melodies are mine, arrangements made by another musician)

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yuliakyrylenko / Yuliia Kyrylenko 9 days ago
Hello and nice to meet you! 😊 Mostly I write lyrics for sale, but also I create melodies for them, though I do not provide full arrangements. I record vocals and have good equipment for that :) Hit me up and let's make this world more beautiful with our songs!

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LyricistILIONNY / Undecided Smith 12 days ago
Hello all! I'm not sure why my last posting didn't go up but anyways. I'm a lyricist looking for some ideas. I've sort of run out of my own ideas so I'm willing to offer a 1% royalty for new ideas and fresh perspectives. These are going to be for songs that are written for Taylor Swift, Nickelback, Katy Perry, AC/DC, etc. I'm looking for you to write a 1 topic paragraph or set of paragraphs about your topic. The more detailed and interesting the more likely your story will be chosen for one a song for one of my 'big name' bands, and it may earn up to a million dollars on just 1%. The lyrics will be going into a book I hope to have published by 2025 under a different name, and then it'll take my bands about a year to set the lyrics to music and produce a beautiful song so I'm thinking the royalties should be available by 2027. -------------------------- Edit: I've talked to other established lyricists and they believe this could be an awesome and amazing chance for ALL lyricists to get their foot in the door and gain some recognition. --------------------------- Edit: Keeping post in order so as to keep some semblence of organization. Haters gonna hate, doubters gonna doubt. I'm just going to recommend ignore such folks and keep working on my many projects. Not looking for incomplete lyrics, just looking for paragraphs of ideas at this point in time as I've read up on how things are copyrighted in the USA and I can't share copyrights with anyone. Yes I am a crafter, I've always been a crafter. I've worked with textiles, pottery, jewelry, and recently soaps. However, I more recently realized and remembered I was a lyricist. Just four years ago I left my abusive ex-boyfriend who would scream at me and smash my face into the wall anytime he caught me writing in a diary, or just writing anything, even if it was just for grocery shopping. He terrified me for years, and then he would tell me he loved me and kiss and cuddle me and... suffering from severe forgetfulness I would forget, and then he would beat me up and abuse me again, and then he'd cuddle and kiss and everything would be alright and perfectly fine and I'd forget again. This behavior went on for over a decade, just explaining things so YOU can understand. Before that, I would occasionally write lyrics for different bands, I was trained by Bob Dylan and a few others online as a child and teenager. But whenever I brought up to my parents the fact that I wanted to write a book and get it copyrighted for publication and put one together they would pick up my works, and toss them all into the garbage and tell me how worthless my writings were without ever glancing at them. So feeling emotionally trampled by my parents who told me my writings would never amount to anything and that they were absolutely worthless. I went ahead and published all of my works online without ever getting copyright. Because, you see in their eyes I was worthless and so as I understood it all of my writings were absolutely worthless so I just gave them away for free. ::sigh:: Then, resuming my story, about 4 years ago I suddenly remembered that I had invented the bands Godsmack and Nickelback by writing several sets of lyrics and posting them under those Forum Titles on AOL online forums in 1995. So I started writing for them again, originally with the intention of posting more lyrics online because all of my writings are totally worthless. But... I hesitated and self-doubts crept in. Was I really the lyricist for Godsmack and Nickelback? Was I just some delusional and really confused person? So I held onto my files and just kept writing. After a few months of writing new lyrics for Godsmack and Nickelback I had another revelation. I had also written the lyrics to 3 Days Grace and Disturbed in my AOL days. So as I was happily looking over the published music videos for 3 Days Grace, I happened to see another video from Nickelback where they were talking to some other folks about making their music, and so I stopped and watched it. They made over 10 million dollars with their songs, they said so in that video, and the the realization suddenly struck me that my works were not absolutely worthless. That they were actually worth quite a bit of money, and that I should start working on my first copyrighted book. So I quit soapmaking because seriously the difference between selling one or maybe 2 bars of soap for $6 each per day vs. the potential of writing lyrics worth $10k/day? Anyone would go for the lyrics! So now it's been 4 years of reviewing music videos online and asking myself did I write this? And sometimes the memories come flooding back right away but sometimes it takes a week or even a few months. I'm currently at about 120 bands, which is an insane number to try and write for. Just insane. But I'm going to do my absolute best I am aiming for a 2025 copyright date incomplete or totally done. Without including posts from this website in about 3 weeks time of making requests I've accumulated nearly 40 new ideas and perspectives written by nice people online, and I plan to continue buying books on advancing lyrical writing, and basic singing and guitar just so I can continue to improve my writings from where Bob Dylan left off when he told me I had graduated from him. I am going to note right now, that I am NOT a songwriter. I am only a lyricist because I trained online in the late 1980s and early 1990s and they didn't have video or music capacity back then, only text, and my parents told me I was absolutely NOT going to be ever taken for choir practice, and no they never explained why, and with COVID church (choir practice) is closed so I'm just learning as I can online. Here's an example of what I'm looking for: Example 1: title: Friendship or HUGS band: I want Bebe Rexha! topic: the bond of friendship between a mother and daughter, both odd and silly but both quiet and classy. We both love animals, reading, and playing games. We share each others secrets to the grave. We both like to sketch. We both like walking in the rain on warm days. We both like to paint artist landscapes. Both nerds - Manga, Vikings, Games like DR. We are both girlie but we can both be tomboys. Example 2: Autumn Clayburg 'Sweet Daisy Mae' band: whichever writer feels is best. topic: an english bulldog that passed name was Daisy Mae loved to lay in the sun, not particularly active but she was the one. She was my sweet baby, so sad that she passed. She was brindle in color. She loved a particular blue tennis ball, loved to cuddle. 2 litters before we got her. That's all really. Nothing complicated. Lyrics although nice cannot be accepted because of copyright content! ------------------------- title: To the Doubters and Haters written by Miss Smith 01/11/2021 started: 9:10 am finished: 9:31 am I can see you don't believe Doubts drop from your sieve So let me show you how it's real From my skills in truth to reveal For I'm a Fairweather Friend My truths may be past comprension For I've a life filled with doubt and pain Regret my friend as others strive in vain I've studied under a great many Songwriters grande and small in time I made some great promises plenty That I need to keep with every rhyme From Freddie Mercury to Bob Dylan I write with memories in mind I offer my old teacher a diamond Most songwriters good for time For alas, I was never-ever Hawaiian In the State of New York just about Few hundred miles away from horizon I live where I can go fishing for trout The days I spend digging for new ideas Are just about as endless as the blow out Writing rhyme after rhyme for fun pieces Do you still hold onto your doubts? But still I wander over the great many hills Playing my simple video games for fun In my parents basement barely paying bills Even as I sit here writing the next one And should you still shed some doubts That I am among the greatest names Perhaps you should set a trap for mouse With hard work I've earned my fame

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Redfish / Tony Gee 14 days ago
Is there any lyricist interested in this hard rock opera lyrics? Currently entitled 'I can't get away from you' However - that idea can be totally scrapped or modified for a better lyrics idea that some gifted Kompoz member has waiting to hatch from their lyrical brains. Info on timings and draft lyric ideas uploaded here

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The7thson / steven hanna 18 days ago
HI I see a lot of request for singers so thought I would share a track I did in one of the various vocal tones i use, BTW all music and lyrics by myself

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Sandertype76 / Sander Type 18 days ago
Friends, help is needed to correct the lyrics for the song. I sang it but I do not speak English well. And if there is a desire, then you can sing. The song is in the process of finalizing the instrument parts. On my part, a professional works, but I do not have high-quality English vocals and a microphone.

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