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Luise / Luise Rose 8mo+5dy ago
Hi there! I write lyrics - German and English. I am looking for composers to collab and offer quality demo songs to artists on briefings. Is this the right group to ask if anyone is interested to give it a try? Wishing sun for everyone - Birute


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mtchlmllr   commented 8mo+3dy ago

I believe you have tapped into the right group. I am a lyric writer also. I have been fortunate enough to work with some tremendously talented and creative people in this group. Good luck!


Luise   commented 8mo+3dy ago

Thank you very much.


Luise   commented 8mo+2dy ago

Is anyone here, who is interested in writing German/"Schlager"?


LooknGlass   commented 8mo+2dy ago

Welcome to Kompoz where there is immense talent! I've been writing lyrics here for 7 years, and hope to be doing it 7 more and beyond. Great bunch of top notch people here!


myemanisbob   commented 6mo+12dy ago

Hey! I've learned some german pronunciation through german opera work, but I don't speak it. I do, however, write music and am down to create some quality work, should you be willing to work. If you send me some lyrics, I can give you a sample.