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AndyGupta / Anand Gupta 1mo+22dy ago
Hello fellow Kompozers and lyricists: This remake needs lyrics - whimsical, psychedelic perhaps, something like Jimi Hendrix or Pet Brown perhaps. This music is 60s/70s rock with a touch of Hendrix, Trower and Cream. Please try to write to the meter. The dashboard lays out the structure of the song regards verses, pre-chorus, choruses etc with approx time stamps. Thanks for any interest! Andy


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Mojojonez   commented 1mo+6dy ago

First verse and lift. I'm kinda' high so maybe taking the whimsical psychedelia too literally LOL. If it works I'll crank out the rest. Peace my brothers - Jonzey. ------------------ VERSE 1 Takin' it down, way down inside my hemisphere To amp up my vision to be what I be Makin' a bi-way highway to the stratosphere Where even the birds can't see what I see LIFT Hey baby Jane You know my name So step inside And set yourself free Get mistified A magic carpet ride So baby come in side Baby come inside CHORUS