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DTSUK / Dave Edwards 1mo+10dy ago
In Someone Else's World Life is so much better where The sun shines clear and bright, The air is so much cleaner there And perfume fills the night, It's the land of milk and honey Well that's only what I've heard, They say grass is always greener In someone else's world...... Life is so much harder when Every single day's a fight, It's a struggle to the bitter end But still they crawl towards the light, Living in the shadow of The tyrant's flag unfurled, Perhaps the night is always darker In someone else's world..... So put things in perspective when considering your lot Get down and pray upon your knees ? give thanks for what you've got Cherish every memory and hold on to your dreams Listen for the laughter - try to forget about the screams There is no shelter from the rain So won't you ride the Thunderstorm, There is no way to start again From the day that you are born, One life is all you'll ever know So never leave a stone unturned, You cannot live a single day In someone else's world....... Dave Edwards (DTSUK) May 2021


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