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LynxAntares / Mark Schmidt 2mo+8dy ago
So my dog died 2 weeks ago, and it f?d me up bad. I decided to write a song for her. I?m busy recording the guitar, bass, and piano tracks for it now. Figured I?d post the lyrics here and get some constructive feedback - thanks. Pepper?s Song By Mark Schmidt (aka Lynx Antares) Copyright 2021 Key of A major [Verse 1] When I first met you You were lying there So lost and lonely Sunk in deep despair [Verse 2] Wearily You came over to me With your heart wide open Love for all to see And now you?re gone... [Pre-Chorus] On the wind you call to me I see you everywhere Feel you by my side Though I know that your not there [Chorus] Let?s take a walk by the river Through the fields full of butterflies Sun shining down upon my face Underneath the clear blue skies Let?s take a walk by the river Cross the stones to the other side Up the winding path through the trees These memories will never die [Bridge] My baby girl I don?t know what to do You were my best friend Oh how I miss you And now you?re gone... [Repeat Pre-Chorus] [Repeat Chorus] [Chorus alt ending] Let?s take a walk by the river Through the fields full of butterflies Feel the tears flow down my face Never got a chance to say goodbye Let?s take a walk by the river... And say goodbye... Take a walk by the river.... Say goodbye...


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BKWilliamson   commented 1mo+16dy ago

WOW, This is wonderful !!! Really touched my heart. ATB, Bryan