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Leyla / Leyla a 2mo+24dy ago
here is another texting of mine, after a guy telling me the sentence: "in a perfect world we would be lovers" :D ....would be nice to hear this as a song, if someone is interested. In a perfect world, we would be lovers In a perfect world, we'd have two kids In a perfect world, we'd grow old together It would be perfect now and forever But this is not a perfect world Eventually we might get hurt Cause you will move to another town And I will go and settle down But in this perfect hour, we are two lovers In this perfect hour, we'll have to kiss In this perfect hour, we'll sleep together It would be perfect for now The world is about perfect moments Don't focus too hard on romance We are cross each others paths Kissing and laughing until it ends


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Leyla   commented 2mo+24dy ago

ah sorry, should be: we are crossING each others paths

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joel_sattlersongs   commented 2mo+23dy ago



TheBeubi   commented 2mo+17dy ago

Hi, What kind of vibe would you like for this song?