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Redfish / Tony Gee 2mo+8dy ago
I hate the existing lyrics (and sctratch) for this .... can you think of something a bit better? (the spaces can be filled in if you wish ..... (think of Gillan/Elvis ---- youre looking for trouble ..... you came to the right place .... etc') - as well as the verse/chorus later in the song ....... the melody I like though (but that can be changed too)



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Milo   commented 1mo+24dy ago

I been lying low Biding my time Now I?m ready to explode And live a life of crime Seven headed beast Wrapped inside my brain I?m mad to say the least But I?m not insane When you hear me coming Feel that shiver down your spine Cause you know I?m out for blood I got evil on my mind The horror that awaits you Is exactly what it seems Cant wake up from this nightmare Cause you know it?s not a dream You don?t know much about me Or if you locked the door But one things for sure One things for sure I?m a bad, mean ass hooligan I?m a bad mean ass hooligan