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JustVera / Just Vera 4yr+2mo ago
YOU can do better, can't you?... At this moment '2016F' is reaching it's final shape. Recently George Schiessl, Ian T. and Steven Collins added their specific skills. George even added a vocal idea. Nothing wrong with his voice and drive, but I think the track deserves more original lyrics. Lyrics that stand out. George is happy to record a new version. Will YOU supply relevant lyrics? The subject is irrelevant. You can use (parts of) his melodyline, or create an entirely new version. Anything goes. As long as it fits the character of the song and JustVera. YOU love this challenge, don't you?


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PlatinumGhostPages   commented 4yr+2mo ago

I'm interested, and I can do fo sho

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JustVera   commented 4yr+2mo ago

Give it a try!

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JustVera   commented 4yr+2mo ago

Could be a surprising mix-idea with Georges part!