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TTrokuTT / Tibor Viskovic 4yr+6mo ago
Hello, I am new to this community. Been writing some rap for my own amusement so I thought I could share with all y'all :P Would love to hear some opinions, constructive criticism, etc. ! This one is unfinished but I might just leave it like that Getting it right this time This world seems a haze when you're getting amazed By the things the Caesars say They ain't going your way But you do theirs So fuck long prayers and long stays Overdue job pays and long bong fades Its all unjust trades for short term trends None of it really mends: The sword cuts The hands bent From white belt To sixth sense Falling in trance, not being able to ever repent Lost looking for sixpence, empty wallet and a hole in the pants Howling at the crescent while dancing on its end There's no more peace friends, unite yourself on both ends Identify yourself with warriors way And one day you may stay Tough as a rock, lock, stock, quick as the mountain breeze, light on feet Touching teeth, it may seem you're ready to go off But don't show off put on your scope Yeah, you swift with your sword An easy eye for crossbow Steady ride on your horse Untie your words Unite with subtle thoughts And be ever-present, enable the form Into which you were born Thus victory comes, like a comet, lighting bolt Shattering the mountain Through scrying eyes, through dying arms To fly times, blast'em zap zap zap Faster, bring'em about, tap tap tap Into what the problem's really about Yeah, its about that What would make your soul fly if it had wings Running wild, chillin' at them springs Spread again what you seen many times, sad crimes Do you mind?


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myownmusiccompanyinc   commented 4yr+6mo ago

use the title four times to make a hook, fill in verses using the same metric of the title and like old English in short bursts and matching the rhythm of that in mind TELL US WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN AN WHY!!! case closed, instant short and sweet boil it down, good start though...


TTrokuTT   commented 1mo+19dy ago

tnx for your feedback!