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SimonW / Simon Wright 14 days ago
Hi, There's a new lyric writing online magazine that's been set up this year called 'Write Away'. I've had a new articles published in it, including one in the April edition about the Cut Up lyric writing technique. If anyone wants to check out the magazine, then the link is below. The magazine's owner is also always keen to get contributions for new content

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JustVera / Just Vera 1mo+19dy ago
Walked the dog an hour ago and suddenly the line 'Loved you enough' popped into my brain. A poem in itself. Open to many interpretations. If you send me your brilliant lyrics, I'll put the music to it and we'll find a singer who will bring the message across. Sounds like a plan?

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beethonin / Antonio Munoz 1mo+29dy ago
Hello everybody. I have a question to see if someone can give me an answer. I am able to create melodies and instrumental harmonies, as well as arrange and produce a complete musical theme, but I am unable to create lines of voice that do not sound childish and not very elaborate. I have very little voice and very unpleasant. Hahaha. Can someone give me some advice and method of work to progress in this part of the music?

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PaulELong / Paul Long 2mo+4dy ago
I need help testing my mobile app Riff Recorder. Riff Recorder lets you quickly capture musical ideas and synchronize to the cloud that you can easily access from your DAW. I even used it once to quickly record a vocal on top of a track for collaboration :) Would be great to hear your feedback because song writers are my primary audience. Love to hear your feedback.

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JustVera / Just Vera 3 months ago
February 2009: I fell in love with my Steinway grand... The classical side of JustVera: 'Pictures lost'. Created as an instrumental, but I can very well imagine some beautiful vocals (and lyrics) to it. Any ladies around?...

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JustVera / Just Vera 3mo+19dy ago
OK. My initial post scored absolutely zero response. So back to the usual approach... A strong set of lyrics can do magic to a song: exactly what I'm looking for. An epic message, written on the notes of the vocal melody. I'd like to challenge you to come up with your best lines ever. The subject is entirely up to you. It has only got to be top notch poetry, respecting the vocal guide. The structure is quite simple: verse 1-chorus1-verse 2-chorus2-bridge-chorus1-verse 3. All starting at 0:56. Seps and beds are all there. Are you in?

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EdsonCastro / Edson Castro 3mo+21dy ago
I've been writing sad stories for a long time, I do not know why, after all I'm a happy face. But, it does not matter because I decided that this year I will write more positive things. I still have some sad things written and I will work with them slowly, according to the moment. The important thing is that new things to be written should be happy. I'd love to start with this lyrics (maybe it's still more hope than joy, but one step at a time). Would someone have a happy, positive, beautiful and dreamy song for her? I'm ready for love Lyrics Edson Castro and Bonnie Nadine Newman I want to tell you what's in my heart. Wanting us together and not apart. The wind around us -- the moon in its place. In everything i see your face. Everything seems right You make the darkness light. You changed my world the day you said hello. You helped me start with a clean slate. With this love of ours on a new plate. I was never expecting anything like this I never knew the feelings from a kiss Despite life's uncertainty Love has security Wrapped in each other's arms. It took time to bring us together. Now not even the weather Can do less than make the sun up in the sky Take our hearts and make us ready -- you and i -- Are you ready for me? I'm ready to see What more there can be. I'm ready for love.

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joel_sattlersongs / Joel Sattler 4mo+16dy ago

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EdsonCastro / Edson Castro 4mo+26dy ago
Hello guys, I need help with this letter, I did not get a translation of it made by a person (this translation is mechanical). I need it to sound and make sense in English (Probably for a Rock). Can anyone help? Thank you! Show me your faith Nobody thinks of sadness until she knocks on your door Fear keeps us hidden Behind doors, locked inside we copy the system that does not serve us We always try to do different things And we do the same as we already did So we ask ourselves, Where will this go? Where are you taking us? I bring flowers and bright lies to tell I'm a bad man, good of conversation I'll tell you This should not sound like words That we already let loose in the wind Like the pearls we throw at the pigs Like the roses we offer for blind souls We lit lots of candles during the day to guide us to guide us to guide us We offer pearls for pigs, Roses for blind souls We light up by day, candles to guide us to guide us to guide us to guide us And now it's over, The cannonballs, The hot lead, The suffocating smoke, Finally everything is over Show me your faith to guide us to guide us to guide us

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TedAmorim / Ted Amorim 5mo+10dy ago
Lyrics for a specific song? It's not just start writing... emit7eddie explains (and I agree): - "If you specifically want it (your lyrics) to be a song, then the structure has be that of a song... One thing you can do if your interested, listen to a song that you like and print out the lyrics. You can follow their song structure (intro / verse / chorus etc...) and structure your lyrics around the same framework..."

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