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SimonW / Simon Wright 5 days ago
I was interested to read this article where Joe Perry explains the songwriting process that he and Steven Tyler had in the early days of Aerosmith. He commented: ?Our basic paradigm for writing is him playing drums and me playing guitar. He?s a really inventive drummer ? that?s why his singing is so percussive. It takes him that extra length of time to write lyrics because he likes to use words that sound almost like a percussive kinda thing. He would play the drums and I?d play guitar, and he?d throw some weird backbeat in there, and I?d find a note to go with it, and we?d play back and forth like that.? I also had a vague recollection that their distinctive-sounding song 'Seasons of Wither' came about when Tyler picked up an oddly tuned guitar to strum on. I looked up the details and it was a guitar that drummer Joey Kramer had rescued from a dumpster and given to Tyler. Tyler commented "It could only take four strings because the neck was bowed. You could shoot arrows with it." I think it's really cool to get insights into how bands create their songs

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JustVera / Just Vera 6 days ago
Yo Wordsmith! Lyrics... Some 15 years ago I composed an instrumental canvas. I dusted it off recently and I decided to turn it into 'The ballad of ...'. An original love story, based on personal experience. The brief: guy meets high school love, split up, got married etc. and meets his high school love again after 35 years. I will leave everything to your imagination, but the story has got to have a happy end. Process... Based on past experiences, I'd like the collab to stay private as long as it needs to. At this stage there are two options: 1>the writer doesn't do vocals, 2>the writer does. The second option would be ideal, but it would require an extremely talented person in both the lyrical and vocal area. (PM me if you are this unicorn and I'll show you the music:-). If you don't sing, but write brilliantly, I'd like to give you ultimate freedom within the structure (see below). The reason is that a singer might want to play around with the lyrics in combination with the music. Assuming we go the first route, I'd like to invite a singer as soon as the initial version of the lyrics is there. And of course we'll discuss any lyrical and/or melodic progress. Step 1... At this moment the track is 98BPM, so there's plenty of room to tell the story. The piece roughly consists of seven parts: 0:00-1:03 intro 1:04-1:57 part #1 1:58-2:07 break 1 2:08-2:27 change 1 2:28-4:29 part #2 4:30-5:33 part #3 5:34-7:58 part #4 Anything you write, ultimately should fit this structure. So... If you're into writing and can relate to the subject/project: I'd love to hear from you!

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PieterPj / Pieter Hurter 6 days ago
Hello lyricists! I really would appreciate lyrics on my first piano composition Melancholy. 2 versions are available. For any assistance feel free to inbox me Thank you so much I will appreciate it Pieter

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EdsonCastro / Edson Castro 12 days ago
Does anyone think I can do something with this?

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n1i9c9o6 / Nicolas Vavalle 20 days ago
hello I'm new. I'd like to compose music with collaboration of every user

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EdsonCastro / Edson Castro 1mo+18dy ago
RIP, master João Gilberto!

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milliesayers12 / Millie Sayers 1mo+27dy ago
I've been writing for quite a time, but can't get anywhere. I have rough ideas in mind for lyrics. But usually get stuck. So I was hoping someone would like to collaborate for lyric writing and we could just upload it here for composition. So if there's anyone, please do message me. :)

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tobiash / Harris Tobias 2mo+2dy ago
Viva--a romantic ballad I wrote the lyrics and have a possible score but the song needs a singer to be complete. Contact me and I'll send the words. Maybe we can get something going.

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BurntWill / burnt will 2mo+5dy ago
it is already a few years behind us, but that were our first three videos:

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JustVera / Just Vera 2mo+23dy ago
100%Reason&me (so I'm pretty biased...) I'd really appreciate your feedback: what would be YOUR suggestion on the next step with this idea? Add, change, swop, or archive? Tnx for any help!

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