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Wally099 / Pat Waldorf 1 day ago
Long time Kompozers.. Kinda took the summer off:) Throwin this out there for lyrics/vocals if anyone dare:) Cheers!!! Stay safe

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superhotnessjom / Jom Cordova 25 days ago
Hi! Is it ok if I put everything that I write in here? I don't know where I can put them. If it interests you on using them, feel free to do so! I'd be glad! I can't make rhythms in my head so I don't know how it will sound. PS. Please don't judge. Based from my previous post, I really am not a musician.

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CanyonsEdge / Monte Lorne 1mo+4dy ago
Hello All, Just thought I would share this short tutorial on pop song structure: Monte

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CanyonsEdge / Monte Lorne 1mo+25dy ago
Hello Everyone, This is a message to songwriters who don?t play any instruments. Never underestimate the value of a vocal melody combined with lyrics as a starting point for a song. Just take a look around Kompoz and you will quickly notice that there are many musicians/producers who can literally do everything BUT sing and write lyrics! Which means they have great music but no story and no voice to go with it. It is easy to determine the key of a vocal using software. Personally I use Capo. Once you have the key and beat to go along with the vocals and lyrics a musician/producer is off to the races. From that starting point it is easy to come up with chord progressions and then everything else you need to make a great song. So please post your ideas! Another approach you could take is to send your ideas directly to musicians who work in your gendre. The bottom line is that when you have a good voice, an emotional story to tell and are able to sing to a metronome or other beat you are definitely a songwriter, and you should have no problem finding co-writers. Monte

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superhotnessjom / Jom Cordova 3mo+15dy ago
Hey everyone! I'm not sure if I am in the right place but I just want a medium to put the lyrics I write and have others pick up on it and use it. I really am not a musician and I just find writing somewhat therapeutic. I'm just gonna put the links in here and if you want to, we can talk about it! PS. Not a pro, too. Please don't judge. Hahahahahahahaha!

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EdsonCastro / Edson Castro 3mo+26dy ago
Mazzy Star (fade into you) and 4 Non Blondes (What's Up) are the references I have for this project, for those interested in composing the Songwriting-Arrangement. For the vocalist I say that she has complete freedom to adjust the lyrics to her melody. Can someone help me with it? Thank you guys! Edson

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Luise / Luise Rose 4mo+3dy ago
Hi there! I write lyrics - German and English. I am looking for composers to collab and offer quality demo songs to artists on briefings. Is this the right group to ask if anyone is interested to give it a try? Wishing sun for everyone - Birute

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LyricistILIONNY / Diana Smith 5mo+5dy ago
Hey, ya'all lyricists! I'm going to research more first, thanks everyone!

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katiria / Katiria Mar 6mo+9dy ago
Any Spanish writers that would want to revise each others work and maybe collaborate?

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LyricistILIONNY / Diana Smith 6mo+12dy ago
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