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IzzI / IZZI RODRIGUEZ 10 days ago
Hello everyone, I am looking for a fresh, slick POP beat for these vocals i have recorded, this song has the melody of the song called Attention by charlie puth but i changed the words. these lyrics are liked by tons of people and i would love to revive it, can anyone help me out, thx.

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TGPopPrincess33 / Alyssa Walker 10 days ago
Needing a mix and Master for this Dance/Pop track I'm thinking an electro sexy feel for the fx (Example - Auto Tune, Vocoder etc) I want to make sure that the pitch is on point. Anyone interested?

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paranoia / Tsvetomir Ivanov 18 days ago
Hey, I can get this Hardware for 100$. Shoud I go for it?

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xterrabill / Bill beamba fictitous 19 days ago
nice short read on the basics.

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JustVera / Just Vera 1mo+5dy ago
REALLY?! Are we collectively hibernating? Talent strike? Kompoz on standby?... ('Trail of sparks' is waiting for your lyrics/songwriting/vocals.)

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beethonin / Antonio Munoz 1mo+13dy ago
Goodnight everyone. I have a question about the recording of a Ukulele. My means are limited, a condenser microphone and another dynamic one. What would be the best way to use them to record a ukulele?

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jannik / Jannik Gade 1mo+13dy ago
Hello engineers! I was playing around with some binaural panning for a mix today. I think it's quite a cool tool to have in one's palette. Does anyone here have experience with it? Any tips to share? PS: This is a mix without the vocals so you can better hear the panning. Mix is not final as I'm waiting for real bass and drums.

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beethonin / Antonio Munoz 1mo+25dy ago
Goodnight everyone. I want to ask a question about mastering. Is it better to master a song at the same time the mix is made or as a finished track? Either compression and equalization on the master track or treat the track as a new project. Thank you.

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JustVera / Just Vera 1mo+27dy ago
Mastering JustVera... I've been reading a lot about the magic in mastering. And I just love magic. Just about all theory audio-engineers write makes sense to me. But somehow I haven't heard solid proof of additional magic on my tracks produced in this last phase. And being a passionate perfectionist composer/producer I'm wondering why. Being aware of my weaknesses/limits in the audio engineering area, I tried to master the final mixed versions of my tracks with the help of other Kompozers several times now. Muted all fx, exported all individual instruments as dry as a bone and kept my fingers crossed. But... I didn't meet the engineer yet who produced a clearer, brighter and/or more exciting version of my original. And yet I'm convinced it could be done. My usual workflow creating a track is that I start with the first (midi)instrument. (All done in Reason9.5). Four or eight bars. Looping for hours trying all different kinds of settings, notes, timings, velocities AND any kind of fx. I polish it until it sounds the way I like it best. Then I add a second instrument, following exactly the same procedure, but in conjunction with the first track. This flow goes on until the first bars are filled with all instruments. From there on the rest of the song develops. Once the last note has died out, I present my track to the Kompoz community for help to finish it. Sometimes to redo some of my instruments, but mostly to add solos, lyrics and vocals. If I get lucky I add the respective wavs, close the project and publish the final version on Over the years I produced two online albums: (2014) (2018). Currently I'm working on the 2020 album, which I really want to stand out from a mastering point of view as well. So... I'ld love to team up with an engineer to produce/master the next JustVera album. If you like JustVera and you feel challenged, please do send me a PM!

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Nadir / Luis Galvez 2mo+3dy ago
Pretty good deals here, studio one 4 pro is $200.

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