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Redfish / Tony Gee 9 days ago
Mixing/Engineering an album Has anyone experience of mixing/engineering a body of work - rather than an individual song? Is it as daunting as I feel it might be?

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Afterdark / Andrew Farrell 30 days ago
Hello. I am involved in a collaboration and I need some advice. I need to create warmth and fullness in the brass section yet also need clarity and plenty of top with the synth arpeggio at the same time. I also have trouble with the tracks bleeding into eachother so I would like to know how to create distance between the tracks. Every time I try and fix the problem I just end up with a clipped distorted mess. I am using presonus studio one 5 and I am thinking about buying ozone but my lack of mixing and mastering knowledge is holding me back. Tom (the other) created the bassline arpeggio and other herbs and spices and I put together the intro and brass lift plus whining wailing synth that pops up throughout. Many thanks for any advice or critique. Andy Farrell

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xd238 / Ken Shabby - livin' up in d-Attic 1mo+3dy ago
Waves headache............ I've got my older system that I worked in stuff here up until 2018, and that was Waves 9.92. This was before my life came crashing down, and I am currently clawing to get it back. Apparently nothing else runs on this stale OS which I keep alive specifically to finish stuff up I have done here. 9.92 also now needs its own offline installer and to manage licenses. But here is where it gets interesting. If I were to get the legendary Waves update plan for my old 9.92 stuff --- it would no longer work on this system. Jesus. Well I guess my 9.92 stuff stays 9.92 then. Ahem.

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WillaWay / WillaWay Studio 1mo+3dy ago

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FLStudioNick / Nicholas Pev 1mo+15dy ago
Hi, I recently have made a few mixes in the collaboration "The Mask" And was wondering who might be interested in contributing to this project, so that I can learn from your mixing techniques and creative approach. Would be happy with your feedback. Thank you, Nick

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xd238 / Ken Shabby - livin' up in d-Attic 1mo+16dy ago
Anyone use these?................. Looks like I got a midrange problem in the new room (you can read all about it in my profile) Anyone use Whisperwave in a studio? Or is this too lightweight of an application (pun intended) yeah I know about the ceiling panels, the 4" rule and diffusers, the corner wedges, etc. Haven't seen this in a studio though. Perhaps there is a reason? Any and all info appreciated :)

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Redfish / Tony Gee 1mo+28dy ago
Does anyone have some tips for 'thickening up' lead vocals. The ones I am experimenting with are NOT multi-tracked. I also use logic pro - so ideally would prefer to experiment with their stock plugins. Really - I just want to learn. Any tips or advice welcome. Thankyou - Red

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FLStudioNick / Nicholas Pev 2mo+7dy ago
Hi everyone, Basic question here. What steps do you take to make a music production after downloading an acapella? I understand that knowing the key of the vocalist is helpful in creating a harmonized melody, and that pitching the vocals may be of use. What are your thoughts?

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Andy_M / Andy Mulligan 2mo+14dy ago
Hi all, after some advice/guidance/criticism if anyone is willing to spare some time and share your experience? I?m just starting to get a bit more in to the mixing and production side of things after playing guitar for a while, and wondered if anyone would mind having listen to this project that I spent some time trying to mix and give any feedback on the mixing? Eg. Do the levels sound right? Is the eq in the ballpark? All comments welcome, be brutal, I really want to learn and progress! Thanks in advance for any time you are willing to share. Cheers Andy

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DocSmooke / A P 2mo+29dy ago
Hi guys, what about EQ and compression in the final mix? Please, let me know what kind of VIs you actually use in your mix, and how. Do you think it's better to use a Parametric EQ or a Graphic multi-band equalizer? In which case, how many bands are good to you? Do you use Multi-Band compressors VI in the final bus mix of your DAW? If so, do you prefer putting the EQ before the MultiBand Comp, or vice-versa? What do you think is the best solution? And, finally, do you have any suggestion for free VIs? Thanks a lot!

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