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xd238 / Ken Shabby - livin' up in d-Attic 29 days ago
Lexicon MPX reverb plugin sale ...................... LEXICON MPX NATIVE REVERB PLUGIN $22.99 ( from $78.99) Needs an iLok (hardware one...) Limited time

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kman / Andreas Thiele 1mo+27dy ago
Today is Dynamic Range Day. I forgot to mention before :))

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Rixmey / Rix Chhuy 2mo+2dy ago
Hi, I'm looking to collaborate with music producers and am unsure of how I can best find producers. Any how, I hope this helps someone out there notice my potential. If you enjoy my music and enjoy or are skilled at music production, I would love to collaborate. Thank you in advance.

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HaiTu / Al Pena 2mo+3dy ago
Hi! Here a new version with some changes suggested by some members of kompoz. I've been creative with the reverbs in the voices but I know if I exceeded the automation and if I have achieved what was indicated by tbase2000. I have also tried to mix the voices better and correct the bass according to ecino. I've improved the mix or maybe I've worsened it? What do you think. Another thing, do you think that mastering it would improve? For now I have mastered the song but I've done it without much knowledge. Any comment will be welcome. Thanks!

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soundman1955 / Brother Ray 2mo+4dy ago
Here is my mix of this great song "You Let Me Down" started by gibberdyjess. Now looking for Pop and country projects.

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Rixmey / Rix Chhuy 2mo+5dy ago
Is anybody here this amazing at mixing and mastering songs? This is a suspenseful somewhat psychedelic song I wrote called "Know What You Desire" and had mixed and mastered by a very good producer, but he's busy right now so my other songs came to a halt. I have many more song, with other vibes I'd like to emit, I could share with any committed producer. Any music producer who can deliver this modern sound I will be very happy to work with and compensate through any means. I will be happy to discuss and work with any great music producer. You will also certainly be credited with sound recording as well! Thank you in advance. I look forward to working with you!

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tbase2000 / Tony Hill 2mo+6dy ago
Here's one I'm curious what the audience thinks. I tried to mix/master as a combo package. Anything you hear that you don't like or I can improve on? The drums were live recorded and they had some boomy room issues but I tried to bring them back into a studio setting. Tear it up. Here is the Low Mastered Version. I went back and tried to correct some things based on your feedback. The more aggressive sound really comes from a harder master though which I will post as a medium master. To me this is a more traditional Metal Release Vibe but it doesn't fit any of the Streaming Standards.

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HaiTu / Al Pena 2mo+11dy ago
Hi!! I need to know if I'm on the right track in the mix of this collaboration. And if I could do something else to improve it

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TGPopPrincess33 / Alyssa Walker 2mo+25dy ago
I need help with detecting the exact key and Bpm's for this track. Could anyone be of assistance?

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DocDaFunk / JC Beziz 3mo+6dy ago
Looking for an engineer to mix that track

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