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Moltam / Blue Shelter 10 days ago
Hey all, let me know if you need any editing, mixing, mastering re-recording or sound design (guitars, backing vocals, bass, keyboard) for your project. And let's see how you like the result. I'm building my portfolio. Just send the multitracks via to the email address and write down some ideas or send some reference songs.

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billraydrums / Bill Ray 21 days ago
Hiya producer and engineers, I'm making available "Rhythmic Sketches" of me playing drums to a click and allowing whatever I'm hearing in my imagination fall out onto 11 tracks of drumkit micing overkill. :D ( Kick, Snare Top, Snare Bottom, Tom 1, Tom 2, OH R, OH L, HiHat, Ride, Room, and OTKR (Over The Kit Rear). Dig it, this list will be growing substantially in the future. Let's Rock and enjoy mixing the different flavors. Conversely, if there's something that I ought to be doing as far as anything you can tell by listening to them such as gain structure, lemme know. I'm always learning and can use the knowledge. :D

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ohkari / Kari DeNeal 21 days ago
I'm a vocalist, but have been working on setting up a small in-home studio and need a little help figuring out equipment. Figured this was the place to come for recommendations and feedback since you all are the experts. ;) I have a Behringer condenser mic, 18v phantom power box, one standard XLR cable, and one XLR cable that is female to jack. I thought I'd be able to plug the mic into the phantom power and then the phantom power would hook directly into my computer, but it's not working. With a little research, some people recommend a mixer and some say I need an interface. Any suggestions? I'm totally lost when it comes to pre-amps vs interface vs mixers. Nothing online seems very clear. What would be the most affordable/practical option? Thanks for any feedback! :)

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Maxesss / M P 28 days ago
Merry Christmas Here a brand new track produced with my new friend Leticia, a great lyricist and vocalist

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Quin2 / Quin Corbin 1mo+4dy ago
Hey all, I need help putting instrumentals to my demo song as well as vocals. The instruments can be a guitar, piano, both, or anything that suits.

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FLStudioNick / Nicholas Pev 1mo+18dy ago
Hi everyone, Let me know if you would like me to mix your music. This would be my first mix on Kompoz -Cheers

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Redfish / Tony Gee 2mo+4dy ago
Does anyone have any experience with CLA plugins? Are they any good? When/How are they useful? Are they worthwhile the effort?

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Vladi / Vladimir Pavlenko 2mo+7dy ago
Hi guys. I've tried to turn simple midi into something more "believable" with Bach's "Contrapunctus". Basically it's a Hammond sound, reverb, saturation and few vinyl scratches sounds to add some warmth As for the visual part I took the footage from my camera that looked as abstract as possible. Here's the result I also started an audio project here Your feedback is welcome!

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PJLucidi / Piergiorgio Lucidi 2mo+19dy ago
Hi everyone, does anybody here can spend some time contributing on my latest Jazz / Blues project named Approaching? I tried to collect all the tracks for mastering in the Seps section with a suffix " - For Mastering" so you will find guitar with no effect and so on. Thank you so much for your contributions.

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Skookum / Janine B 3mo+7dy ago
Hi Everyone! Has anyone has ever used a reflection filter screen when recording vocals? I rented an Aston halo to see if it will work for me but I'm having a hard time getting used to the way my voice is sounding. I don't have a space I can soundproof so I wanted to try using a reflection screen. Does anyone have any experience with one of these filters? Any advice greatly appreciated! :) Thanks so much!

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