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beethonin / Tony Munoz 6 days ago
Hello everyone, I need help to finish this song. Mix and master, there are great engineers here, I hope some of them have a little time to help us. Thank you very much

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beethonin / Tony Munoz 10 days ago
Hello masters of the mix, we already have all the seps recorded and now we need an engineer to join all the pieces and turn them into a song. Anyone around here give us a hand mixing and mastering Faces?

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PabloGabriel / Pablo Montenegro 27 days ago
Dear folks ! maybe it would be nice to follow or watch Rick Beato's videos.

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KimNobleMusic / Kim Noble 30 days ago
Hi Gurus! Would LOVE to actually have a MIX here that shines as bright as these instruments!! Please and thank you!! :)

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PabloGabriel / Pablo Montenegro 1mo+18dy ago
Hi my brothers and sisters !! I'd just like to share a video to see a workflow in a mix. Best!! * on the Yt screen( up to the left)) you can read the changes that the engineer is making (white letters)

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PabloGabriel / Pablo Montenegro 1mo+21dy ago
Hi folks! I was looking for some graphics on mixes and I found this video, which can also be found in book format. If it's good, I don't know but at least it seems interesting, regards!

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mitchell23 / William Mitchell 2mo+7dy ago
Is there anyone in this group that could review my mixes and give me a good evaluation. Are there any mixing courses that anyone would recommend.

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BrokenBString / Chris Matthews 2mo+7dy ago
Make It Stop, Mum! This is nothing new but I'm now sick of it. I sit at my desk, Mac in front of me and guitar plugged into Logic. Sounds like a bottle of jittery bees in the cans. Buuzzzzzz, hmmmmmm etc So I swing the guitar through 90 degrees and all is peaceful, but I can't see the screen now so I can't follow my prompts and markers. Any deep insight into the 90 degree phenomenon? Does it give me a clue as to where the interference might be coming from?

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elizabethauzan / elizabeth auzan 2mo+10dy ago
Hi! I'm a lyricist wanting to be able to upload potential melody or arrangement ideas and just starting out in the complex (for me!) world of home recording.I have just got a PreSonus audio box USB 96 with Studio One (Artist version 4) I use a MacBook Pro. Among all the challenges, one is really defeating me. When I import an audio track (guitar for example)which sounds perfectly smooth on iTunes it starts to stick on the odd beat or so like a scratched vinyl might jump a groove.I have tried playing around with audio settings such as number of samples or dropout setting but still have the same problem.It's irritating and frustrating :-(( Can anyone help??? Thanks in advance:-) Cheers,Elizabeth

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flaviobrandao / Flavio Brandao 2mo+15dy ago
Hello! I'm looking for someone who can mix and mastering power metal songs, I have 2 projects waiting for mixing (I already mix and mastered ti but I'm not so good at it) here are the first 2 projects and and you can see my mix/master looks like a brick wall (lol) I also use a plugin as a drummer (superior drums metal machinery) Thanks in advance

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