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Emae / Emily Michaud 4 days ago
Is anyone interested in helping mix this odd little song? All the seps are loaded.

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Redfish / Redfish Bluefish 4 days ago
Can you help with Engineering of this Reggae song [New Society]? All the tracks are now pretty much in place with dry mixes. However, I am looking for that magic touch of someone with the golden ears and fingers that can add their wizzarary to make it a good standard mix. Please message me if you think you can help -Cheers - Red PS. Thanks for looking and commenting - help has now been found

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beethonin / Antonio Munoz 8 days ago
Good afternoon everyone. I need to buy some new near-field monitors. For a home study, self-powered and of all kinds of music, which one do you recommend? Thank you.

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SirEdgeingtonBlue / Josh Miller 10 days ago
What does everyone think of using artificially pitch shifted sax for horn section simulation/thickening. 3 tracks of sax panned L,R,C one channel dropped an octave. Center channel blended 50% standard and octave. One channel unaltered and placed higher in the mix.

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Wally099 / Pat Waldorf 13 days ago
Can anyone explain why a track I am trying to upload to Cubase is out of sync when I know it was recorded in perfect timing?

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ValShal / Alfonso PeNa 15 days ago
Hello everyone, I have hired a singer for my song and in the recorded takes you can hear the background music. How can I correct it or should I return it to repeat the takes again? Thanks!!!

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Emae / Emily Michaud 16 days ago
Hi everyone! I'm looking for some engineering help on a number of songs on Kompoz here. (: I'm a singer and want to finalize some stuff on here. (This one has 3 tracks that need mixing, 2 of which are vocals) (This one has several vocal tracks, the most recent one is just an edit of the beginning) If someone with a good ear can help get these vocals into just the right spot because sometimes I have some latency issues on the recordings as well. Thank you!!

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oneheadedman / Andras Toth 19 days ago
Dear people, Since I got laid off I got some more time to finish some debts. So I have finished mixing work on my rock collaboration. I can technically master the song, but first of all I love when someone else with fresh ears can go through it and also I don't have neither hardware nor an excellent pair of studio monitors :|. Therefore I would ask for some **sep mastering**! all the tracks are mixed, but provided as seps so if you find there's too much bass in the mastering process but not enough kick you can adjust them). This is the song: The highlights are fresh727 (Mika)'s amazing vocals and liljoe6string (Joe)'s great guitar solo. I am particularly proud of the chill middle-part, amazing intimate vocals. My own band helped me with drums and bass. Thanks for your time people! :) P.s.: The seps you are looking for are the latest uploaded. I am trying to archive the old ones.

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Redfish / Redfish Bluefish 27 days ago
I have been doing some doubling on some trumpet parts and get a natural phasing effect. In some circumstances this can be quite effectful. In others it's a bit annoying. Does anyone have any tips as to how to control this? Here's the evidence .... [listen for example, at the recording around fifty seconds in the attached]. Thoughts or suggestions?

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gpardo / George Pardo 31 days ago
Hi All, I am trying to record a percussion track onto a project with an existing track, but I am getting too much latency to listen to the track and play. I have a windows 10 PC and am using Reaper. I hope someone can give me some guidance. Thank you.

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