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tripmmd / Willin Omon 16 days ago
Hello everyone. Anyone familiar with ZOOM LIVETRAK L-12? Well, I just got mine and having some issues setting it up and getting it to work on my Cubase. 1. I can?t seem to listen through the headphones alone and not the speakers which means there?s no way I can record. 2. I need the breakdown on how to actually set up the recording cos I?m used to M-Audio which was pretty straight forward. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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KevinScottBrown / Kevin Brown 20 days ago
Hello Everyone, Ellen has completed her mix of Dance on the Wire and now we're looking for help with doing the final mastering. There are three 'test' masters in the project files area now and her mix is the currently Featured track. I'd appreciate hearing your comments/opinions on the test master tracks. However, if you think you can do something more magical with your expertise in the Dark Arts, come forth! All kidding aside, we could use some fresh ears on this. Thanks Kevin

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FingerFolkie / David Jenson 20 days ago
Headphone mixes, or discrete monitor mixes? Headphones, or ear buds, seem to be an almost universal method of listening to music now. Headphone mixing has been the poor second cousin to music production, but I'm wondering if that will change with changing listening habits. So, which way are you inclined to mix in the future?

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aliceminguez / Alice Minguez 20 days ago
Just wanted to recommend the website SoundGym as a fun way to do some ear training (of the music production variety, not the theory variety -- although it looks like the latter the may be coming soon, too). It's a friendly atmosphere similar to Kompoz, loads of free learning videos...and the "gamification" of the skills (EQ, panning, etc.) makes it super addictive and fun. Pro tip: females can get a free pro account via SoundGirls. Also there's a group ("Mixdown Training Room") starting up for regular mixing drills, which some of you might like. Here's my invitation link in case anyone is interested in trying it out:

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rafj / Raf J 28 days ago a free plate reverb /emt 140 style

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carlmoneyhoney / Buck Stewart 1mo+7dy ago
How do you add presence to a vocal track? Thanks Buck

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xd238 / Ken Shabby - livin' up in d-Attic 1mo+9dy ago

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NajibNJBZX / Najib Razak 1mo+9dy ago
de-reverb plugin :)

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robbyguitar / robby walker 1mo+16dy ago
Is This the End

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