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Skookum / Janine B 12 days ago
Hi Everyone! Has anyone has ever used a reflection filter screen when recording vocals? I rented an Aston halo to see if it will work for me but I'm having a hard time getting used to the way my voice is sounding. I don't have a space I can soundproof so I wanted to try using a reflection screen. Does anyone have any experience with one of these filters? Any advice greatly appreciated! :) Thanks so much!

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Pailwood / Richard Trip 16 days ago
I need someone who has experience in mixing and mastering for a Toto Tribute Project. Who is willing to help out? The drums are the biggest challange

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ValShal / Alfonso PeNa 24 days ago
Hi all!! I need you help. I have this two version but I don't know why to decide. I think both have good things but now I'm very lost and I need someone to direct me in the right direction. The version are in the section mastering of the collaboration: Nightfall mastering 4c and Nightfall mastering (4b) Any help will be very welcome

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DebraAnn / Debra Ann 30 days ago
Hi All.. Trying to find my way back to Kompoz. I'm looking at Tascam DP-03SD 8-Track Digital Portastudio Multi-Track Audio Recorder. Any thoughts or suggestions...

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jannik / Jannik Gade 1mo+9dy ago
Hi all, I've made a new group "Producers" for anyone interested in music production. To get the ball rolling I've started a "Production of the month" poll in the hope to engage users in constructive discussion and to share ideas. From my time on here kompoz I've come to think that the role of producers has been very much neglected or overlooked. This often results in that songs: - Never get off the ground because users don't know how to make their idea to a full song. - End up having some low quality MIDI instrument parts without any dynamics. - Become a mess of incoherent user submitted tracks which lack a vision of what is good for the song. - Are poorly mixed/mastered and therefore do not give those involved the gratification of a good product (THIS IS WHERE SOUND ENGINEERING & RECORDING COMES IN!) A good producer should be able to address these issues to get a song from initial idea to finished product. Feel free to join the group: Poll: If anyone is interested in becoming a group Manager then let me know :)

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ValShal / Alfonso PeNa 1mo+22dy ago
Hi all!! I need help with the mix of this collaboration. Possibly also with the production of the drum. If anyone is interested please send me a message

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engels / Sergey Engel 1mo+27dy ago
QUIET RECORDING SETUP So I wanted to discuss how to record stuff quietly. With all this pandemic and summer vacation I've got kids and wife at home all the time. Which means I can barely do something above the level of unplugged electric guitar. Singing and screaming are out of question. So I came up with several weird setups to still be able to do something. 1. I do all recording on portable 8-track, ZOOM R16. It's falling apart and most of the inputs are half dead so I would not recommend this piece of white plastic to anyone looking for a reliable solution, but it works. 2. Guitars go line in. I have distortion pedals for distortion, I've got speaker simulation on that ZOOM and for fake feedback I've got this great Digitech pedal called FreQout. 3. Bass go line in too. It's less of a problem that a guitar so it's a no brainer. A compressor, a preamp pedal and a speaker sim. 4. Drums? I don't know how real drummers live with their sets and dozens of mics. It must be a nightmare. For this song I just programmed something in Cubase with free VST drums, pretty quiet on the outside. Real drums are what I would love to hear. But this is a quiet recording thread, right? 5. Vocals. Now this is THE probelm. I would wait for everyone to go outside and rush to record stuff, but what if they come back in half an hour and I still haven't finished? In short, I've made an adapter for my ZOOM that fits in my car's 12V outlet. I take the ZOOM portastudio, a condenser mic, get in my car and drive somewhere where no people are around. That is the way to record vocals, actually inside of the car it's pretty quiet with all windows shut. Only the oxygen ends pretty fast so I open the door when I listen to a take and shut it when I record. The only minus is police and passers by that stop to check what the heck is wrong with that dude screaming in his car :) So it's all wrong, I know. And this is how I record, for example this track. Played and sung by myself and mixed by HCStudio Hiram Cintron, a very good mix that makes it sound almost like the real thing. Do you have better tips for quiet recording?

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katiria / Katiria Mar 2mo+7dy ago
Hii! I need someone to mix and master this song for me, pleaseee <3 Let me know if interested and I can give you some details. Thank you :)

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beethonin / Tony Munoz 2mo+18dy ago
Good morning to all. I wanted to ask what is the best way to match volumes and EQs on different songs mixed by different engineers to compile them together on a CD, so that there is not much difference between them. Thank you very much. P.S: My DAW is Cubase Elements 8.5, the Focurite Scarlett 2i2 sound card for if it helps.

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Owhit / Whitman Rinaldo 2mo+19dy ago
Great article on bass compression

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