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HaiTu / Al Pena 5 days ago
Hi!! I need to know if I'm on the right track in the mix of this collaboration. And if I could do something else to improve it

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TGPopPrincess33 / Alyssa Walker 18 days ago
I need help with detecting the exact key and Bpm's for this track. Could anyone be of assistance?

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DocDaFunk / JC Beziz 29 days ago
Looking for an engineer to mix that track

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RyanLucas / Ryan Lucas 30 days ago
This is a blind test. I will reveal the setup of each track after I've received some feedback. Try not to focus on the vocal performance. ;) Each track is a unique vocal performance. Some examples of things to listen for: Are reflections more audible in any of the tracks? Do any of the tracks sound muddier than the others? Do any of the tracks sound more sibilant? Do any of the tracks suffer more from proximity effect? Everyone is welcome to share any other observations and opinions. All of the tracks were recorded with a blanket hung behind me. One of the tracks was recorded with my new condenser mic and a reflection filter. One of the tracks was recorded with my old dynamic mic. One of the tracks was recorded with my new condenser mic but without the reflection filter. Don't feel obligated to share any feedback if this exercise does not interest you.

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xd238 / Ken Shabby - livin' up in d-Attic 1mo+3dy ago
Valentines Day.................. A music producer has priorities. ;)

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ecino / Emanuel Cino 1mo+8dy ago
Hello mixers, here is a mix I spent hours on it to try to get the vocals sound good. It's always helpful to have some external opinions because we lose a bit objectivity in the long run. Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated.

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DonnieAlan / Donnie Alan 1mo+12dy ago
Just posted a video about the new Waves CLA Mixhub plugin. Well worth checking this one out. For limited time, only $69 US.

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tbase2000 / Tony Hill 1mo+25dy ago
Well, I guess this is a showcase but it's also a chance to get feedback on the mix/master in general. I was a musician on this track so after so many listens I really don't have an objective ear anymore. The project was created to show the original songwriter what talent he had, and to replace original tracks with real instruments or better VST versions. Here is the original idea: With some collaboration help I think we took it to the next level.

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IzzI / IZZI RODRIGUEZ 2mo+7dy ago
Hello everyone, I am looking for a fresh, slick POP beat for these vocals i have recorded, this song has the melody of the song called Attention by charlie puth but i changed the words. these lyrics are liked by tons of people and i would love to revive it, can anyone help me out, thx.

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TGPopPrincess33 / Alyssa Walker 2mo+7dy ago
Needing a mix and Master for this Dance/Pop track I'm thinking an electro sexy feel for the fx (Example - Auto Tune, Vocoder etc) I want to make sure that the pitch is on point. Anyone interested?

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