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Arsena / Oana G 15 days ago
Hi everyone, we need help with mix/master this song Is anyone interested in giving it a shot?

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KimNobleMusic / Kim Noble 1mo+10dy ago
Live gig help from you Sound Engineer gurus! :) I know this is so easy for most of you who are technologically and musically skilled but for some reason I'm having trouble figure out if this is even possible. I wanted to play a few backing tracks this time with some of my songs. Is there a way to add in verbal cues (or any other type of cue) on the track without it being heard through the amplifier? I've Google searched it but haven't found a purely simple solution without there being a ton of sophisticated equipment involved. I thought I had a solution just by panning the cues hard left or right but of course if it's mixed into the track, it's still going to be heard through the amplifier. Thank you in advance for any advice or help!

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JoeCic / Joe Cic 1mo+13dy ago
Last night I was listening to the now "old" album Dire Straits, I guess it was the remastered version and I just love the rhythmic session. Drums and bass sound so cool, punchy and balanced together... Anyone has some suggestion or trick to, at least, attempt to recreate that magic mixture?

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Aces38 / John Henderson 1mo+13dy ago
Done with Waves! I spent an hour tonight trying to figure out why my DAW wouldn't open, wondering if I'd lost all my projects... until it turned out some glitch with Waves licenses was making it freeze. And I OWN THOSE LICENSES. Waves just sucks and I'm done with it. If anyone has suggestions on other companies with good cheap general plugins please save me from Waves...

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xd238 / _kennethX - movin' on in d'AtticRedux 1mo+15dy ago
Sound familiar?

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JoeCic / Joe Cic 1mo+21dy ago
Hi All, I'm new here and I still need to understand how everything works but so far it looks extremely cool and helpful! I would love to have some feedback on the track below, any suggestions would be very appreciated. Thanks so much nad good luck for your music!

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threemancult / ThreeMan Cult 2mo+2dy ago
I recently heard the following and found it to be true for myself, but I have NO IDEA why this is true (for me)... My biggest challenge is getting more "consistency" (sorry I don't have a better phrase) between my final DAW session in studio monitors, and an mp3 mixdown on a boombox via blue-tooth. Regardless of my native DAW settings or attempts to export MP3s directly, this 2-step process has consistently produced better MP3 for me... FIRST I mixdown to (uncompressed) WAV @ 44k/32bit THEN convert the WAV file to mp3 using normal "cd quality" settings Anytime I try to export MP3s directly from either of my DAWs (Adobe Audition or Mixcraft-9 Pro) they just don't sound as good regardless of what export settings I use. Am I imagining things ??? If not, why is there a difference ???

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Afterdark / Andrew Farrell 2mo+3dy ago
I need help mastering this track or getting it to sound ok. First. The pads at the beginning sound dirty yet when played at home they are spotless and really sound great. My knowledge of compression is really limited so any help would be fantastic. Also could do with help with the mix in general. I am using presonus studio one 6 Spire VST and Serum VST Many thanks

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Lungaibudha / LUNGA IBudha 2mo+8dy ago
Please go check out my latest mixtape titled "3Piece(Suited Up) issa banger best believe...just give it a few minutes of your time and tell me what you think. IG: LUNGA_IBUDHA

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xd238 / _kennethX - movin' on in d'AtticRedux 2mo+11dy ago
I'll just leave this here...

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