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Skookum / Janine B 14 days ago
Hi Everyone! Has anyone has ever used a reflection filter screen when recording vocals? I rented an Aston halo to see if it will work for me but I'm having a hard time getting used to the way my voice is sounding. I don't have a space I can soundproof so I wanted to try using a reflection screen. Does anyone have any experience with one of these filters? Any advice greatly appreciated! :) Thanks so much!



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javierpg84   commented 14 days ago

Those are ok as they damp and kill some back reflections. However they are more efficient if you sing with with your back to another diffuser like your closet opened. The mic will capture rebounds coming from your back into the front end of the mic if you are using a cardioid pattern. The weird sound in your voice is lack of early reflections and you may be used to your voice in your room. I hope it helps.


SiStorm   commented 12 days ago

I agree, I've recorded a few vocalists with one - yes they'll absorb some of the energy of the vocal and reduce some back reflections but will do little to stop reflections from behind the performer. As in the other comment, if you can arrange some form of absorption behind you then I'd say they are worth giving a go but even then you'll still be capturing some of the room sound. In my experience they do alter the sound of a microphone slightly but not to the extent of drastically altering the voice, you might want to also experiment with mic position. What microphone are you using?