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Scouser / Joe Murphy 5yr+6mo ago
Any production ideas or advice for my latest track


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FingerFolkie   commented 5yr+6mo ago

If it sounds good to you, Joe, ... it's good. There are all sorts of mixing ideas and industry ideals. I hear mixes that are top-heavy in high frequencies, limited nearly to the brick-wall stage, with individual instruments ridiculously compressed by a "mastering" plugin, or a heavy-handed application of manual mad-scientist-mastering. In the end, it all sounds artificial and fatiguing to me. If the parts are arranged naturally in the sound field, and everything has good definition and balance, you're good.

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GoYeah   commented 5yr+6mo ago



Scouser   commented 5yr+6mo ago

Thanks Dave, very true what you say. I guess it's just a result of me feeling it's a little static, needs some subtle elements to maintain interest through the arrangement, also I think it's good to hear new elements from others that you would never have done yourself.


benhlms   commented 5yr+6mo ago

Hi I completely agree with FingerFolkie but also understand what you are saying about things feeling a little static. I get that feeling in my mixes too. When I do get that feeling what works for me (and I do say it works for me, not that I am right or anything) is automation. I sit and listen to the track a few times with a pad of paper and note down, I want the guitar a little louder just there (not over all, just there), if I boost the 10k on the EQ by 1 to 2 db at the chorus it will give it a lift, the bass needs to pop out a bit more maybe on the run into the chorus etc etc. All that kind of thing. I then use automation to make that happen just at the bits I have identified. You mix sounded nice so maybe a bit of automation will help it to come to life. Hope this helps Ben