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ecino / Emanuel Cino 8 days ago
Hi everyone! I have a question regarding room treatment, something I never did. I measured my room with Sonarworks and I attached the result. I think the biggest problem I have and that you can really hear in my room is the bump between 100-200hz. The software correction really helps but I guess I could achieve even better results if I applied some treatement in my room, right? So if I would go in that route, how do you know what's best to do? I don't know where I should start, a bass trap? Is the general process trying and measuring or is there a clever/methodologic way of doing this?

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rafj / Raf J 29 days ago
as a uad user ,i had a mail for a mixing contest , don't know if its only for uad/puremix account holders but mentioning it anyway , some fancy uad gear to win !

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kman / Andreas Thiele 4mo+22dy ago
Today is Dynamic Range Day. I forgot to mention before :))

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Rixmey / Rix Mey 4mo+26dy ago
Hi, I'm looking to collaborate with music producers and am unsure of how I can best find producers. Any how, I hope this helps someone out there notice my potential. If you enjoy my music and enjoy or are skilled at music production, I would love to collaborate. Thank you in advance.

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TGPopPrincess33 / Alyssa Walker 5mo+20dy ago
I need help with detecting the exact key and Bpm's for this track. Could anyone be of assistance?

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xd238 / Ken Shabby - livin' up in d-Attic 6mo+5dy ago
Valentines Day.................. A music producer has priorities. ;)

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xterrabill / Bill beamba fictitous 7mo+17dy ago
nice short read on the basics.

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JustVera / Just Vera 8mo+4dy ago
REALLY?! Are we collectively hibernating? Talent strike? Kompoz on standby?... ('Trail of sparks' is waiting for your lyrics/songwriting/vocals.)

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beethonin / Antonio Munoz 8mo+12dy ago
Goodnight everyone. I have a question about the recording of a Ukulele. My means are limited, a condenser microphone and another dynamic one. What would be the best way to use them to record a ukulele?

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beethonin / Antonio Munoz 8mo+24dy ago
Goodnight everyone. I want to ask a question about mastering. Is it better to master a song at the same time the mix is made or as a finished track? Either compression and equalization on the master track or treat the track as a new project. Thank you.

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