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PabloGabriel / Pablo Montenegro 16 days ago
Hi my brothers and sisters !! I'd just like to share a video to see a workflow in a mix. Best!! * on the Yt screen( up to the left)) you can read the changes that the engineer is making (white letters)

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PabloGabriel / Pablo Montenegro 19 days ago
Hi folks! I was looking for some graphics on mixes and I found this video, which can also be found in book format. If it's good, I don't know but at least it seems interesting, regards!

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mitchell23 / William Mitchell 1mo+4dy ago
Is there anyone in this group that could review my mixes and give me a good evaluation. Are there any mixing courses that anyone would recommend.

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ValShal / Alfonso PeNa 1mo+14dy ago
Hi! I'm working in a drum of my song and I'd like the sound of the snare was like the snare of the "all i need" of within temptation. Could someone tell me what kit for the snare is being used in this song and how could I get that sound? I'm close to getting it! I have compressed the snare to increase its sustain and eq to reach the tone. But I don't know what reverb should I use and how to configure it to get to this sound?

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beethonin / Tony Munoz 1mo+16dy ago
The time has come to change my reference monitors in my home studio. With a maximum budget of ? 500, according to you, what would be the best options?

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bdbutler / Brooke Butler 1mo+24dy ago
Hi All! I just wanted to say hi. I am new to Kompoz and new to this group. Still trying to figure everything out, but happy to help and make new friends.

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jpadgett / James Padgett 1mo+28dy ago
So I final broke down and picked up some Waves Plugs, Compared to my stock StudioOne Plugins and my Slate Plugs waves appears to be big memory hogs. I had to upgrade my memory in my Mac Pro to stop it from having issues. Needless to say I went way overboard 96GB HA! Anyone else notice this.

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RobAsh15 / Rob Ash 2mo+5dy ago
When I mix, I have learned to control levels at four major junctions in the work-flow-path as I record and mix. Recording is easier, for me at least, because there are only two level settings to worry about: input levels and record levels. As long as both are in the green, not too low but not too high, you are golden. The sound or signal you produce, instrumentally or vocally, should be what you record. I record all instruments digitally through a line, and all vocals through a mic. Mixing is a different matter entirely. When I mix, I find it necessary to proactively control levels in four different areas of the mix: - track levels. This includes track EQ settings, which directly affect tracks level. This is the base level of the playback of the track. As long as the track itself does not peak above red line, you are fine. The level for the track depends on the track, but will typically fall between -3 to -6 avg.dB and -12 to -18dB avg. relative. This leaves plenty of headroom for other tracks to play into, and for the track itself to grow into. Being interested mostly in hard rock music, the drums are always the loudest track in the mix. Next depends. Some mixes it's rhythm guitars, some it's bass. Vocals and solos are not necessarily always the loudest tracks, but ALWAYS cut above and across everything. Mix-wall extends from about -65 left pan to 65 right. I mix in stereo. - second is the effects input and output levels. I add all track effects in real time, on the fly. They are not permanent until I either bounce that track with effects on, or mix the track down with effects on. Input and output levels must not red line. In actuality, it is best if they do not peak above green, but a little yellow in the bar is fine. NO RED. - third is levels at the bus. If you run one or more tracks through a bus, the levels on the bus must not peak above green. If you add any effects to this bus, you then have to make sure both the input and output levels for the tracks after effects are deployed are both ALSO in the green. Lastly, is master output. This must not have a loudness level beyond about -16 to -18 ILUFS, with all the values I described above UNDER the red line, in order for your track to suffer no volume penalty when you upload it to the web. This is my DAW. Does this sound about right for everyone else?

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RottGold / Rott Gold 2mo+11dy ago
Question about track panning. When approaching a mix panning seems straight forward to me with mono tracks. When you get track submissions, like piano or guitar sometimes they are recorded in stereo. If you wish to pan those tracks, how do you do it since its already L/R channel? Experimenting I copy/pasted the track the track and panned original L and copy R. Seems that does work, but probably a more standard way to do this?

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DonnieAlan / Donnie Alan 2mo+15dy ago
This is a very useful tip on gain staging from Production Expert: For those of us who like to mix our own projects, or when mixing for others here, this is a critical step in the process, though far too often overlooked. It is even more helpful because here at Kompoz we don't normally get our tracks from one source (or studio), but several, and all recorded in vastly different environments and equipment. Starting a mix process as shown here can really help the workflow right up front. I do this sort of thing a lot with tracks I get here to mix. The short video at the link is well done and applicable to any DAW. Hope it helps.

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