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xd238 / Ken Shabby - livin' up in d-Attic 3 days ago
Valentines Day.................. A music producer has priorities. ;)

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xterrabill / Bill beamba fictitous 1mo+16dy ago
nice short read on the basics.

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JustVera / Just Vera 2mo+2dy ago
REALLY?! Are we collectively hibernating? Talent strike? Kompoz on standby?... ('Trail of sparks' is waiting for your lyrics/songwriting/vocals.)

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beethonin / Antonio Munoz 2mo+10dy ago
Goodnight everyone. I have a question about the recording of a Ukulele. My means are limited, a condenser microphone and another dynamic one. What would be the best way to use them to record a ukulele?

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beethonin / Antonio Munoz 2mo+22dy ago
Goodnight everyone. I want to ask a question about mastering. Is it better to master a song at the same time the mix is made or as a finished track? Either compression and equalization on the master track or treat the track as a new project. Thank you.

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aliceminguez / Alice Minguez 4mo+3dy ago
Struggling to mix together this work in, please???? (I don't really know what I'm doing lol. I'm just hoping to learn as I go along, I guess....)

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honestabe / Abram Hollon 4mo+27dy ago

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Mykk / Mykk Freeman 5mo+11dy ago
So I have a question... If I have an album that needs mastering... to get all the songs at the same level... what would I need to do?

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RobAsh15 / Rob Ash 5mo+14dy ago
What are the minimum specs needed to insure your project is set up to be as professional and and successful as possible? I'm not the authority, and I'm not trying to stir a hornet's nest. I realize this has to have come up here a lot. So, I will not deliver an opinion of any kind. I will simply describe what I do, and invite others to amend my set up, or define another. So, Listing key and tempo should be a given. That such basic info is not REQUIRED is a bit surprising. Beyond that, I provide the following the day I open a new project: All track MUST start at ZERO. If I need to explain this, to a potential contributor, better that than to get tracks where I have to figure out where they go in the timeline. In fact, I don't ever use tracks that don't start at zero. If a performance is exceptional, I am willing to ask the contributor to make their track start at zero, but I won't do that for them, because I may not get it exactly right. All tracks must include the little piece of click at the beginning as a further guide to insure all tracks line up. Even if your track doesn't start at zero, if you include the click at the beginning, I can obtain proper registration from that and use your track. All submissions must conform to the sample rate of the project. If one doesn't, I ask the creator to make it right. This one can hurt, especially if you get a fabulous track that isn't to specs. But, creating the illusion of spacial conformity in all submissions, meaning making them sound like they were recorded at the same studio by the same engineer, is too hard to achieve to make things harder by using tracks that don't all conform to the same sampling rate. Beyond this, I ALWAYS give SUGGESTIONS as to how instruments should sound. These are brief, general and based a lot more on emotional content rather than specific style tone or technique. Something like; "I hear Geddy Lee on the bass" This could be play style (difficult!), or tone (easier) related, but it serves to give the player something to let them know what I might hear in my own skull. The last thing to do is be encouraging. I always try to make projects fun, and inclusive. You can't use everything submitted by everybody, but I always offer, for example, to provide ANY contributor with a separate, deliberately executed mix of the tune with their track included, even if I am not planning on using their track in the final version. What does everyone else do?

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Mangceulian / Mang Lian 5mo+15dy ago
Hello Engineers, I am starting joining your group. I will be sending my mixed down music soon and I will need your help(critic) on how to mix better. Mang

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