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WSAO / Andre Avino 9 days ago
Hi folks, Anyone sound engineer really expert here to help me mastering one instrumental song? As I don't have good monitors and my headphone is not that great, I always get unsure about finishing a song. Thanks!

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hollieolson / Hollie Olson 24 days ago
Hey all I am doing a joke song for my besties, it has their dog singing on a hip hop song. I was trying to do that total auto-tune sound, I tried a few things but it was only changing the pitch either high or lower. Trying to get the sound that Young Thug has in the rap of Havana. Something like that. Any help please? Thank you!

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MonaLove / Mona Zwias 1mo+16dy ago
I'm still waiting for vocal ideas :)

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sriracha / Billy LeCoq-Mauvais 3 months ago
Interesting article on mixing to ILUFS standard, which I have been doing for a while now. I agree in principal with all the statements in this. I'll have to play around with my levels as suggested, and I have to find some tool that will faithfully reproduce my master using the streaming sites normalization algorithms. I believe that are plugins for that.

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xd238 / _kennethX - movin' on in d'AtticRedux 4mo+5dy ago
with all due respect............ Yamaha is a top-flight gear maker. I own a couple of Yamaha pieces, and saw the value of the classic NS-10s when watching the lead engineer at Fort Apache in Boston use them to deal with midrange issues in my recorded material there, (eons ago...), which influenced my own choice of nearfields later on (fewer eons ago) that I still own But this I do NOT get...can anyone explain this? They are attempting to recreate the "vinyl experience" by a device with an arm that plays a smartphone. Really?

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Lungaibudha / LUNGA IBudha 4mo+20dy ago
Ey guys hope you all good today just wanted to let you know that I'm releasing something fresh tomorrow titled "Shwifty!" Inspire by the Rick and Morty animated series. It's a debut single from my upcoming mixtape titled "Lotus ll (The Growth)" .So I'd like you to go listen tomorrow and give your feedback be it critical or complimentary.I will be highly appreciated for progress. Here's the link " " but this still the pre-save link but will be fully active tomorrow "15 July 2022"

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Owhit / Whitman Rinaldo 4mo+29dy ago
Recently I sent top collaborations to "influencers" and radio guys. They say my sound "needs to come up to date" (although I really like grunge and classic rock) But does it have to have sub-bass, stereo metal guitars and Fall Out Boy power pop? What is the modern sound? What are the important techniques?

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ValShal / Alfonso PeNa 6mo+5dy ago
Hi All!! This last month and a half I have been working on the production and mixing of this song. It would be very helpful if you could give me your opinion on the mix, especially the vocals. Is it at the right level? For me in this mix I have tried to highlight the drums and the vocals as main elements, they will tell me.

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LukeBass / Luke Hill 6mo+23dy ago
Hello, I uploaded this mix to the Remix contest from Eventide. the song Open My Eyes by Todd Rundgren and his band, NAZZ. Please comment on the things that you think can be done better or different. All to finetune the last steps. Any comment is welcome. The contest was finished today. I am looking for some tips to improve. Regards, Luke

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BergR / Ryan Berg 7mo+7dy ago
Is anyone by chance using one of these? I tried one out in a friend's studio OMFG so good, I am now green with gear envy.

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