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Raven90 / Rayelle Bishop 16 days ago
I'm looking for a top pro or semi pro that's good enough to be able to do something like R&B/Pop or something like Beyonce, Sia, Macy Grey, Ariana Grande or something like this:

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Spark240 / Tim Morris 26 days ago
Am I allowed to show my New Music Review channel? I listen to new artists and review their songs.

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Kadje5 / Kevin Dallas 1mo+6dy ago
I run my mic through Behringer UM2. I used Cakewalk by Bandlab as my DAW. for some reason it won't let me record vocals. The preamp is fine and so is the mic.

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Mahzin / Marcos Gomes 1mo+11dy ago
Anyone wants to create a good project? With lyrics and everything, I would mix the song and perhaps collab with instrumentation too.

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Mahzin / Marcos Gomes 1mo+18dy ago
Anyone for mixing engineering needing?! ;]

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sriracha / Billy LeCoq-Mauvais 2mo+21dy ago
Glenn knows...

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MonaLove / Mona Zwias 3mo+3dy ago
Dear singers, I invite you to collaborate with my song:

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Redfish / Tony Gee 3mo+18dy ago
Mixing/Engineering an album Has anyone experience of mixing/engineering a body of work - rather than an individual song? Is it as daunting as I feel it might be?

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Afterdark / Andrew Farrell 4mo+9dy ago
Hello. I am involved in a collaboration and I need some advice. I need to create warmth and fullness in the brass section yet also need clarity and plenty of top with the synth arpeggio at the same time. I also have trouble with the tracks bleeding into eachother so I would like to know how to create distance between the tracks. Every time I try and fix the problem I just end up with a clipped distorted mess. I am using presonus studio one 5 and I am thinking about buying ozone but my lack of mixing and mastering knowledge is holding me back. Tom (the other) created the bassline arpeggio and other herbs and spices and I put together the intro and brass lift plus whining wailing synth that pops up throughout. Many thanks for any advice or critique. Andy Farrell

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xd238 / Ken Shabby - livin' up in d-Attic 4mo+12dy ago
Waves headache............ I've got my older system that I worked in stuff here up until 2018, and that was Waves 9.92. This was before my life came crashing down, and I am currently clawing to get it back. Apparently nothing else runs on this stale OS which I keep alive specifically to finish stuff up I have done here. 9.92 also now needs its own offline installer and to manage licenses. But here is where it gets interesting. If I were to get the legendary Waves update plan for my old 9.92 stuff --- it would no longer work on this system. Jesus. Well I guess my 9.92 stuff stays 9.92 then. Ahem.

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