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LukeBass / Luke Hill 11 days ago
Hello, I uploaded this mix to the Remix contest from Eventide. the song Open My Eyes by Todd Rundgren and his band, NAZZ. Please comment on the things that you think can be done better or different. All to finetune the last steps. Any comment is welcome. The contest was finished today. I am looking for some tips to improve. Regards, Luke

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BergR / Ryan Berg 26 days ago
Is anyone by chance using one of these? I tried one out in a friend's studio OMFG so good, I am now green with gear envy.

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Horizon1 / Zig Zag 30 days ago
HI guys, I am a singer and lyricist. I would like to collaborate with songwriters and producers on the creation of pop songs, meant for release on social media: tik tok, YouTube, Spotify etc. I can share a link to my voice recordings via DM, if you want to know how my voice sounds.

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BurntWill / Burnt Will 1mo+18dy ago
Hi guys (especially all those mixing engineers out there): my passion is to create songs, that is what I am best at. Examples: What I am looking for is an experienced Mixer/Mastering Engineer that takes my stems and creates studio quality mixes for Releases on Streaming Platforms. Any one interested ? If so, please get in contact with me.

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JOEYOTISTYLE / J OTIS 1mo+25dy ago

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DTSUK / Dave Edwards 1mo+29dy ago
Just testing the water... Any Engineer out there fancy taking a shot at this blues rock collaboration? We now have the final part of the puzzle thanks to Gizmos lead guitar submission!

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ValShal / Alfonso PeNa 2 months ago
Hi all!! Any comments that help me improve the mix would be very helpful. I would also like to know how I could make the chorus explode at its entrance. Now it gives me the feeling that it loses punch when it should be the other way around, What can I do to make the guitars sound bigger? Thx

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LukeBass / Luke Hill 2mo+9dy ago
This comes from mix a re-mix challenge from Lewitt contest, The song is called Seeds of your sorrow from the band Spitting Ibex, so all the copyrights are with Spitting Ibex. I want to make what I have so far a little bit more filled with strings, Synths or special FX. Also comments on the mix are welcome. If you have any ideas, or can add some tracks, would be great let me know. reg. Luke

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Kadje5 / Kevin Dallas 2mo+9dy ago
Hey! Can I bring a couple of my demos for you guys to hear? I'd like a yay or nay response and/or suggestions for my bettering my writing and recording? How would we do this? Where do I send the music?

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offthewall / James Fraser 2mo+21dy ago
For those of you who use USB mics ..... As an owner of a mic from SE Electronics I got this mailshot in a newsletter advertising what looks like a great new USB product. I don't use a USB mic myself as mine goes through a mixer desk but, check it out for yourselves.

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