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nemonty / NE MONTY 6yr+10mo ago
Greetings Kompozers, in the menu above use "Links" for direct access for lodging, transportation, location etc. Here's a quick run down ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

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nemonty / NE MONTY 2yr+9mo ago
I just updated information in the right hand column. The 2018 jam starts the 15th of September, some will be there for a week and some may just show up for a couple days. So if you are want to be included in the 2018 Tahoe Jam, let us know. You can contact Gumguru or myself with any questions, a lot of information is provided on the Tahoe website, URL in the right hand column. cheers, Nemonty

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nemonty / NE MONTY 3yr+1mo ago
I have had a couple inquiries about a 2018 Lake Tahoe summer jam this year. I think it's possible an event could be organized but at the moment nothing is on the calendar. If you would like to be part of a week long music gathering, you can leave your comments here. In the past we have tried 4th of July week, earlier in the spring, and later in the fall as timelines. I think the summer months are better simply because the weather is more stable. Winter is a great time in Tahoe but not always a good time for traveling.

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ReggieB / Reggie Bouffard 4yr+11mo ago
old tune of ours way back when we were jamming

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Created June 3, 2014 by nemonty


                                September 15th until the 21st 2018 is the scheduled time this year for our annual music get together.  The Tahoe Jam website link will give you more info:                                                                                             


Greetings Kompozers, this year marks our 3rd annual music get together in beautiful South Lake Tahoe, California.  During a visit with Gumguru in the summer of 2011 in his Lake Tahoe cabin we talked about a musicians get together for the following years.  2012 & 2013 hosted members such as Lonnie, Cory Frey, Mudflappus and more.  This year we picked the first full week in August as the dates, leaving the weekend before and weekend after for travel time for those who plan to spend the whole week.  This blog is designed to disperse general information and answer any questions.  I will also link our website which I try to keep up to date, so if you find something not working or confusing you can bring it up here or contact me through the website.

Last year we were honored to have CoryFrey & Lonnie join the core members Gumguru, Mudflappus & myself.  Also a friend of Kompoz and my long time associate & friend James Anthony Cotton will be there again this year. 

Those that would like to attend are urged to get your plans finalized by the end of June so we can confirm attendance, make plans for lodging, etc.   We also have the American Legion Hall booked for Friday evening for a farewell party.

This year we hope to have ReggieB, JCHALP, as well as the usual suspects!  So if you want to attend, we need confirmations by the end of June!