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Hadell / Andrean Hadell 11mo+12dy ago
Hi. Greetings. I'm a new user of Kompoz and I really want to ask this since a long time. I started to made songs since a couple of months and I always question this to myself. Are you compose the treble or the bass first or both of them simultaneously to make a song?

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Wazir / Wazir Wazir 11mo+13dy ago
Now , can someone explain me how the chord A major works(fits) on a pentatonic (minor (a) scale-it is like parallel to Cmajor pentatonic) ?

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Wazir / Wazir Wazir 11mo+13dy ago
Hi everyone, I'm kind of new to music theory I was listening to song Robot Boy and found out this harmony, actually it is a bass structure (Read from B to D) C F G B D Is this part of quart/fifths circle?

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Johnga0077 / Johnny Rock Castle 1yr+1mo ago
Hi friends, watch this video, is about the triads to play chord positions, thanks!

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Johnga0077 / Johnny Rock Castle 1yr+1mo ago
How to study with METRONOME

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giuliano22 / chris giuliano 1yr+6mo ago
which track randy

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amdk / Randy Ferrell 1yr+9mo ago
Looking for lead guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, drums, other? for this cool but deep classic rock track... Help me bring it to life!

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davidthomazone / David Thomazone 1yr+10mo ago

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soadav / David Kyarunts 1yr+11mo ago
Hi everyone, I'm doing a music research related to the problems of musicians in different countries. If you are a musician, could you please help me by answering a few questions? I'll be very grateful for your help. Here is the link of the survey, it will take no more than 3 minutes to complete: Thanks in advance :)

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giuliano22 / chris giuliano 1yr+11mo ago
Transitioning chord progressions. For example, intro to verse, verse to chorus, chorus bridge etc. im so close to taking off as a writer but can't seem to grasp this. I understand the chord prog. Trees such as: However, my parts dont flow together. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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