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swiftiesings / anon swift 5mo+15dy ago
Hello! I need help in creating the melody for one of my songs. I have created a public collaboration for it (link below), and have uploaded the song lyrics on it. I wanted an indie pop type melody, heavily influenced by Drivers License, Champagne Problems, and You broke me first. The more melodies that come in, the better. Please, please help!

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beethonin / Tony Munoz 1yr+3mo ago
Hello everyone. I would like to know what tonal function the Vmin chord has in this progression. It cannot be dominant since it is not major it does not have minor seventh, if I am not mistaken. I min-V-IVmin-VI The I min is tonic V? IV min-Subominant VI-Tonic. Is the analysis correct?

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BurntWill / Burnt Will 2yr+1mo ago
there is an excellent website (, which also has two books in AppStore and a musical toolkit for creating harmonies and melodies ( you can use the website for free to play around with chords and melodies the books are worth the bugs, since it explains music theory very intuitively

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PaulM44 / Paul Muns 2yr+7mo ago
Check out the new toy for learning/ using the Circle of 5ths (for IOS: Ultimate Circle of 5ths). I wrote this song using it in a couple of days:

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Zaydex / Iden Chio 2yr+9mo ago
Need help with this track, I got such a great momentum building up to it with such energy, which I would love to keep but for the drop I can't seem to figure out what kind of chords I want to use to keep the happy feel good momentum i'm going for in the build up, I just need a concept to go off of, even if it's basic chords I can use them and then add a melody over top with the drums and bass, but it's I guess the chords which I am struggling with. Need help please and thank you.

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TGPopPrincess33 / Alyssa Walker 2yr+12mo ago
I am having the hardest time with backing vocals and harmonies. Some keys seem to be more difficult and some just seem to flow. I would like to step up my game and try new things. But I am thinking I could use some help.

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aliceminguez / Alice Minguez 3yr+3mo ago
Here is a quick, easy to read article (with examples!) on how to select chords to harmonize a melody. (Guitar knowledge not necessary, despite the fact that it comes from

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secretgeade / - - 4yr+8mo ago
Hi. Greetings. I'm a new user of Kompoz and I really want to ask this since a long time. I started to made songs since a couple of months and I always question this to myself. Are you compose the treble or the bass first or both of them simultaneously to make a song?

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Danilolavov / Danilo Djonovic 4yr+8mo ago
Now , can someone explain me how the chord A major works(fits) on a pentatonic (minor (a) scale-it is like parallel to Cmajor pentatonic) ?

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Danilolavov / Danilo Djonovic 4yr+8mo ago
Hi everyone, I'm kind of new to music theory I was listening to song Robot Boy and found out this harmony, actually it is a bass structure (Read from B to D) C F G B D Is this part of quart/fifths circle?

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