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MikeJM / Mike Mantecon 5mo+24dy ago
Hey guys, So as of lately I haven't kept up this and other groups I have created because of my schedule. I'm looking to change that. I am going into my final year of college, which I expect to be less time-consuming because I'm purely focused on what I really want to do for a living. Also I am planning to prioritize Kompoz higher in the scheme of things... So if anyone was still interested in this group . . . I could definitely keep it going. I thought it was a cool way to talk about things, and get to know each other. So let me know! I will start posting some new stuff, and feel free to join in. :)

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MikeJM / Mike Mantecon 11mo+2dy ago
Hope everybody's weekend is going FANTASTIC! :) I thought it might be interesting to venture into the sometimes intimidating world of non-musical discussion lol since of course there's the fear that we might be different in that regard. ;) :) No I don't mean politics or religion (thank God!) lol I mean different things we do for fun, especially on a weekend like this. :) So, if you don't mind me asking (not being nosy, just trying to create good discussions) what are some of the non-musical hobbies we have here? Maybe we'll find something we share. :) So for me, one of my biggest hobbies is that I'm an avid sports fan. Which might not be the best discussion point since sports vary inside and outside the U.S.A. lol but I'll go ahead anyways. I'm a huge fan of American Football (I live and die with the Los Angeles Chargers!) but also have interests in basketball, baseball, hockey, and really starting to get into soccer. Truth is, my brother recently got the FIFA videogame for Xbox, and thus has become a huge fan of watching soccer too, so he's gotten me into it as well. Don't have a favorite team (any suggestions?), just love to watch. :) My other hobby that I haven't been doing for a while now but hope to get into again is keeping pet reptiles. Those who have seen that youtube video with me filmed in it with the other Kompozers know of my former pet Iguana named Lex. I would definitely not recommend a Green Iguana to most people though. We kept him for eight years but even for us he became too territorial and aggressive in the end because we didn't have the proper means to take care of him, and we put in much more time and effort than most people have! Eventually had to give him to a reptile professional breeder, who we could trust to take care of him for the rest of his life. I miss him, but I know he's in a good place now. :) Otherwise I have a rare pet tortoise that is now an endangered species and illegal to get (good thing the law isn't retroactive! We get to keep our friend!) and I'm planning on getting a snake very soon. Since I'm getting back into the hobby I don't think I will get a snake anywhere longer than 5-6 feet long . . . the one I want to get now is a Rosy Boa, which is one of the only two Boa species native to the U.S. So what about you guys? :D

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offthewall / James Fraser 11mo+6dy ago
New topic for discussion .... How did you find your way to Kompoz? I been here since September 2012. Before that I started out with online collaboration (about 2006) over at KVR and then at Kara-moon where I was very active. I learned so much about collab-ing and about music production from the guys in those places. Both of those sites had regular 'contests' where we had to compose to a theme and a time-scale. This was so stimulating for developing various skills. As with most things they both started to get a bit stale and I got bored. Then one of the members at KVR happened to post a song that attracted my attention from the get-go. It was a superb song and had a wonderful female singer. I was determined that I needed to work with this girl so I got in touch with that member and asked who she was and where I could find her. He told me it was a collab from Kompoz and I could find her there. That was it. I joined here, lurked around for a bit until I learned the rules and found my singer, then got in touch and ended off doing a few things with her back then. Unfortunately, as with many other members, she moved on in the great migration of V1 to V2. We lost a lot of good members then. Luckily they have been replaced many-fold. OK. How did YOU arrive here?

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MikeJM / Mike Mantecon 11mo+6dy ago
So another musical topic... Sometimes it is nice to hear the bands that we like do something a bit different. And I truly believe that is the mark of a good band - to be able to successfully pull off a soft song if they're usually heavy, pull off a hard song if they're usually soft, etc... So my question is: What is an example of one of your FAVORITE bands doing something a bit different? Here is mine, by a band called RED. They are usually super heavy, super screamy, and talk about dark times in the human experience. This song is beautifully done, and while it's not super soft, it is pretty different, with clean vocals and positive lyrics. Sometimes my favorite songs by my favorite metal bands are songs like these, if you can believe it! What's an example from you guys?

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MikeJM / Mike Mantecon 11mo+6dy ago
Big welcome to fisherman ! And thank you all for joining. We have a good sizable number of people now - we'll see if this will work out and how much it will grow. Feel free to invite anyone you guys may think would be interested . . . and again I don't want to force this idea on anyone - if it works good, if not it was worth a try. :) How is everyone doing?

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MikeJM / Mike Mantecon 11mo+7dy ago
Welcome to the party SimonW . . . one of the many great wordsmiths on the site. :)

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MikeJM / Mike Mantecon 11mo+7dy ago
Oh, and before I forget, a big welcome to both Scottyv and carlmoneyhoney . . . thanks for being a part of this! :)

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offthewall / James Fraser 11mo+7dy ago
OK, Mike. Count me in but I don't know why, really! Must be because I spend half of every day here. It must be that because I really ain't very sociable. I keep as far away from 'social media' as is possible. Too old to change now!

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MikeJM / Mike Mantecon 11mo+7dy ago
FIRST THREAD Okay, so this one is pretty music-related, to start off. Basically, what Kompozers/Collaborations/Groups are you really a fan of here? We always talk about collaborations we are a part of . . . sometimes I personally like to sit back and not be a collaborator, but be a fan. :) So by each term, I mean: Kompozers: individual members who you think have been rockin' recently! Collaborations: Songs that you think have been really good recently! Groups: "Partners in crime"; two or more people who have been creating a lot of great collaborations together lately! So, who are you a fan of? Let's show some love!

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Lawman / Jim Lawlor 11mo+7dy ago
I'm willing to give it a go! Hope to see others join in!

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Created February 25, 2019 by MikeJM

The beauty of Kompoz has always been not just about the brilliant compositions and performances found across the site, but the wonderful people behind them. 


This group is dedicated to the PEOPLE behind the MUSIC, and its purpose is:


  1. To give an outlet for people to talk about their lives, the stories behind their inspiration, and everything not specifically related to music composition.
  2. For us to chat about everything both musical and non-musical, AND
  3. For us to come together as a community, share our stories, and perhaps even be inspired to pursue special collaborations dedicated to what we have talked about. 


This groups serves much like a chat board on any site, but it is much more. You will be able to connect to everyone you have collaborated with, have fun, and talk about anything that's on your mind. 


I hope you enjoy this group! I look forward to seeing how many people are interested in a concept like this. :)


P.S.: certain restrictions may apply to controversial subjects such as politics; I for one would never ban two or more people from talking about what they want to talk about, but if it starts to get spammy/disrespectful/clogging up the main page, I will ask that you create a specific discussion board in a specific part of this group. Thank you. :)


P.P.S.: Any, and all, suggestions on how to make this group even better are very much appreciated! Let's make this one of the hubs of the Kompoz community. ;)

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