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JimG / Jim Gilkeson 12 days ago
Hi to all, Is this the right forum for getting into best practices for doing split sheets and otherwise cutting collaborators in on the proceeds (if any) from a collaboration? I have a collaboration going with a number of people at various levels of participation. I'd like to hear what has worked for you. Thanks, Jim


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sriracha   commented 12 days ago

Hi Jim, yeah, I would think so. There's no "right" answer, of course, to splits, etc.. I personally split everything evenly. It's important to remember that the splits, etc only apply to the final "recording" in the project. In other words, if you redid it, it would be a whole new ball game. This is due to all of that being about the licenses and grants, not copyrights. There's a little bit about this in the faq, but it's not very comprehensive. But, it's fair to set up a split based on actual participation and I don't know anyone who would object, really - or at least not anyone I collab with.