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Octorez / Kelly Miller 3mo+12dy ago
Before we completely lose the freedom to offend others. Here Ya Go !

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JimG / Jim Gilkeson 8 months ago
Hi to all, Is this the right forum for getting into best practices for doing split sheets and otherwise cutting collaborators in on the proceeds (if any) from a collaboration? I have a collaboration going with a number of people at various levels of participation. I'd like to hear what has worked for you. Thanks, Jim

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MarsFortune / A D 1 year ago
MT Fever I too have has issues with never being contacted when using the CONTACT US feature. Maybe they just sit back and laugh whenever someone sends them a query? As for getting people to work with you here has been quite a big disappointment for me. I helped a couple of folks with no reciprocation, my friend has had the good fortune to for a group of musicians that work well together. Me not so much, I am very leary posting anything here as I feel I lose concept control and I have no real idea who is tweeking or reproducing my material. Once bitten 10x shy Mars Fortune

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EddieBlower / Eddie Blower 1 year ago
Is it me or is it a general fault? Have attempted countless times to create a new collaboration. Just end up getting this message. Oh Bummer Could not create the collaboration. No explanation as to why. I am then directed to customer support & as yet have had no response. Help!! Please anyone! Thanks

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EddieBlower / Eddie Blower 1yr+1mo ago
Just a few queries. Any help much appreciated. 1. Once an idea is archived, can it simply be brought back into a collaboration ? 2. If for example two drummers submit ideas to the same collaboration can you have 2 separate versions within one collaboration or does one have to be a spin off ? 3. If someone up and leaves your collaboration, can you still use their files ? 4. Once you accept someone into a collaboration what happens if you change your mind ? Thanks Eddie

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MTFever / Embers Flurry 1yr+5mo ago
I just submitted this idea to the Kompoz "Contact Us" form. Im sure it will never be read, so dont get too mad if you think the idea is terrible. Le Note: I know you all never read or respond to things, but I have a business/pricing suggestion. It seems to me that the single biggest deterrent to people paying to use Kompoz is that it is just too hard to get people to collaborate. I don't have data to back this up, but I bet the % of projects with active collaboration is relatively low--and especially for specialized skills like engineering. This is certainly true for me. So, I suggest adding a financial incentive for people to collaborate. You can do this by setting a base price to use the service--call it $200 per year. Each subscriber can get $10 off for each track that is accepted in someone else's project. They can get $5 for every track they accept on their own project. For specialized skills (e.g., engineering), the discounts could be steeper (Maybe $20 per song engineered). Your user data can tell you what the highest unfulfilled skill needs are. On top of the basic model, you can then add/keep all the premium membership features you want to jack up the price for power users. I would gladly pay $200 per year (maybe more) if I had confidence that I would get more collaborative contributions. Based on experience, I don't have that confidence, so I stick with the free plan. I also don't feel incentivized to contribute to other people's work. Once you have addressed the incentive problem and collaboration goes up, you will get more word-of-mouth growth, and your advertising will be more effective. And then you can maybe address the sub-par customer support that is a real barrier to adoption. Hope this message gets read and is helpful. Regards, Matt

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MTFever / Embers Flurry 1yr+6mo ago
I am having a kind of serious (I think) issue related to collaboration with a user. I posted a song for collaboration, and a user asked how to do it. I told him to upload the files to Kompoz and I would get back to him. He then, to my surprise, posted my draft song with his edits on SoundCloud (publicly). Unfortunately, I did not like the track he submitted, so I declined it and asked him to take the revised song off SoundCloud. He refused. He later took it down but reposted on SoundCloud with a new name as if it were his own work. SoundCloud helped me with it, but Kompoz won't answer my notes. This user also left a pretty hostile note on the track discussion. I am pretty frustrated and concerned that this guy is going to steal my other songs and post them as his own. (of course I kept all transcripts to back this up). Any ideas on how to get Kompoz to take action (or take interest)? I dont even know how to just block this guy.

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sriracha / Billy LeCoq-Mauvais 1yr+9mo ago
4 Years ago we got some members added here as owners and managers when Jeff realized this group was a ship afloat with no one at the wheel: ArcaneOrchestra (Jeff Spring) Administrator WaiheDave (Dave Denize) Manager sriracha (Billy LeCoq-Mauvais) Manager EchoProjectStudio (Bobby Watson) Manager Bobby is back on here but with a diff username. Jeff's been away for some time (4 years, lol). Dave was last on 2 months ago. Effectively that makes me the moderator/manager since I have no more of a life than Joey and am on here as much as he is. :D No one who is in their right mind wants me as a mod for several reasons, not the least of which is I don't want to mod other people and am as likely as anyone to be the one stirring up trouble. I think Jeff asked me if I'd do it in the short term while he got things going again. And like any hack, it persisted way longer than it should have. I can add / elevate existing members to manager. So, if anyone wants to take on that mantle, PM me or post here. I figure I can also post up a set of names and have a poll, because we love those so much... I guess I'd rather see people suggest who they would like and then vote for some fresh blood. Mostly I come to this because I was asked to mod a few posts recently and just didn't want to go there. I am comfortable moderating stuff I post - e.g. asking people to pull comments or just removing them from threads or posts I start. But I'm not into being a mod for content in general. So, mull it over folks and let me know. I can also harass Bobby and get him back as manager and ask support such as it is) to elevate him back to Admin.

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RobAsh15 / Rob Ash 2yr+8mo ago
A while back I suffered a medium heart attack. Before it happened, I went through a period where my personality was whacked out. The littlest shit made me crazy angry. Happened here. After the heart attack, I backed off Kompoz because I felt badly about how I had handled myself here. Been back about a month now. Was all prepared to ask certain people I had been pretty crappy to to let me apologize. But it wasn't an issue with the people I thought were the ones most wanted to work with again. They were all just glad to see me back and posting projects again. And the way I acted was all just so much water under the bridge. So, here's my general take on protocol: If a project manager wants to run a tight professional project, he or she will likely spell that out in the description. If not, it's best to view this as a casual environment and to try and have fun. If you feel like something you want to do wouldn't piss you off, chances are pretty good it won't piss anyone else off too much either. If you act like a jag, people will NOT want to work with you. So you'll know, by virtue of the glaring silence, that you need to maybe put yourself into time out for a little minute. But don't let it ruin the site for you. Apologize if you are an ass hat to someone, be genuine, and expect a good result. If you find yourself dealing with someone who just wants to be a jerk, bale on them. No project here is worth that kind of aggravation. And if you run into someone about to have a heart attack who is acting like a nutball with a bad attitude, just back off and give them some space. They'll probably come around, and you'll find out they really aren't such a bad guy after all. Peace and love, all you groovy hippie freaks... rock on.

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Bass41HzAndAbove / Jeff Dalton 3yr+3mo ago
I'm not sure what the protocol is for submitting an idea when another idea has already been submitted (but not accepted). I often see collabs where someone has submitted an idea, sometimes it's from months (or years) ago, and was not accepted. Is it considered rude on Kompoz for me to upload an idea of my own?I've heard some people say it shouldn't be done. Thoughts?

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