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sriracha / Billy LeCoq-Mauvais 2mo+8dy ago
Has anyone here ever used the Refractor Audio Transport plugin? It looks really interesting in the way it allows you to work with layered sampled glitching and mixing across them all. I do wish it was an easy thing to add your own samples to be glitched (apparently you can but they don't support it) - I'd love to see something like this that you could apply to say a synth line, a guitar and maybe a vocal line all playing the same melody or something like that. Having a tool that would intelligently slice and glitch between those would be very cool.

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nemonty / NE MONTY 2mo+29dy ago
I think today is the last day for this, $29 for Antares MIC MOD plugin, it models about 100 different mic's.

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DonnieAlan / Donnie Alan 5mo+28dy ago
For any of you Pro Tools users here, Avid has made their complete plugin bundle available for $4.99 per month, or $50 per year on a subscription basis. This bundle includes some of the very best pro-level plugins out there. The Pro compressor, expander and limiter alone are worth way more than that, but you get some 35+ plugins. This is one amazing deal. As most of these plugins only come in AAX versions, this really is best suited for Pro Tools users. Get the info here:

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DonnieAlan / Donnie Alan 6mo+4dy ago
Check out the info I just uploaded on the Brainworx BX-Opto Comprssor plugin. Not just $39 from Plugin Alliance.

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kuperoficialcoo7 / KUPER COOPER 9mo+23dy ago
electronica hoo yeahhh

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DonnieAlan / Donnie Alan 1yr+1mo ago
Be sure to check out the info on Metric Halo Channel Strip 3 in the Gallery. This is a fantastic channel strip plugin. Its on sale right now (1-27-17) at Audio Deluxe.

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Uygar / Uygar Rollas 1yr+1mo ago
Anyone using EastWest? I ordered the harddrive as I can't download that kinda big library. Is the harddisk they provide is a quality one or shall I transfer the files to another hard drive?

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nemonty / NE MONTY 1yr+2mo ago Slate Digital has a promo going for $14.95/mo for "everything" in their plugin library for a year sign up. If you don't have an iLok account they even throw in the new iLok 2 and set up the account for you. I've been wanting to try their virtual mic preamp plugins so this gives me a chance to do that and try every other plugin they have....I think the promo ends tomorrow.

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shivshivshiv / Shiv Singh 1yr+3mo ago
Free tremolator. Hmmmm ...

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insub / InSub Beckley 1yr+4mo ago
Killer Deal: AIR Instrument Expansion Pack 3 COMPLETE UPGRADE has the AIEP3 upgrade on sale for 50% off until October 31, 2016. $75 USD to upgrade ANY SINGLE INSTRUMENT IN THE COLLECTION to the ENTIRE AIEP3 bundle! I asked them directly and this upgrade is even eligible for upgrading from XPAND!2 which I got from them on a promo deal for $1 two months ago! The cheapest single instrument currently is DB-33 for only $24 USD. That means you can purchase DB-33 and the AIEP3 upgrade for $100! That's 11 instruments total + espansions + an FX pack, totaling 70 GB of data. Whoa!

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Discovered a hot new VI?  Have a fav go-to plugin effect you like to use?  Have questions on using VI's or plugins?  Having issues getting a VI or plugin to work in your DAW?  Well, this is the place to ask or share all that!  Open to all, this forum is THE place to share information, product reviews, tips and tricks, sample tracks, or anything else related to all the virtual instruments and plug-ins out there that we all use to create our music and do our mixes.  Feel free to share tracks featuring an effect you like or a VI you love. 

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