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DonnieAlan / Donnie Alan 3 months ago
Cherry Audio has done it again. I just added a new video introducing their new Mercury 6, which is a great emulation of the famous Roland Jupiter 6.

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Joshuabloem / Josh Flower 6mo+25dy ago
Hi there everyone, I have a focus rite 2i2 scarlet But I don't understand how it works to for e.g install a guitar or keyboard and how to use this focus rite? Any tips?

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DonnieAlan / Donnie Alan 7mo+11dy ago
Cherry Audio has some really great emulations of rare, vintage analog synths. They've only been around since 2018, but they have created an amazing collection of great VI's based on some of the best (and rarest) of the vintage analog synths. I've highlighted 3 of them here, all of which I've recently added to my VI arsenal. And I love them! If you enjoy sound design and want some rich, vintage analog really need to look at CA's VI's. And you can't beat the prices. Like $39-$69 mostly. For what you get, its a steal. I've uploaded some video intros for 3 of their VI's: Their ARP2600 emulation, the CA2600: Their emulation of the rare ELKA analog synth: And their emulation of ARP Quadra: Check them out!

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BrokenBString / Chris Matthews 12 months ago
Ample Sound guitars - anyone else using these? There's a "feature" that's driving me nuts!

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JustVera / Just Vera 2yr+2mo ago
Just for the idea: all two-finger midi... YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS, CAN'T YOU?! (Also plenty of room for other instruments & vocals:-).

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DonnieAlan / Donnie Alan 2yr+4mo ago
Take a look at Hexeract from Auddict. A really nice, versatile VI.

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FLStudioNick / Nick Nick 2yr+11mo ago

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DonnieAlan / Donnie Alan 3yr+1mo ago
The McDSP 6050 channel strip plugin is one of the most versatile and widely used plugins out there. Normally $199, its on sale right now (as of 5-15-2020) at Audio Deluxe for just $49 US, plus a possible additional 15% off with a special coupon. See here for more into: See video in the Gallery as well featuring Colin, the developer. Comes in all formats, very versatile, and very light on the CPU, and above all it SOUNDS GREAT!!!

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xd238 / _kennethX - movin' on in d'AtticRedux 3yr+1mo ago
Take a look at this....... havent tried it but I will be

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Created August 26, 2014 by DonnieAlan

Discovered a hot new VI?  Have a fav go-to plugin effect you like to use?  Have questions on using VI's or plugins?  Having issues getting a VI or plugin to work in your DAW?  Well, this is the place to ask or share all that!  Open to all, this forum is THE place to share information, product reviews, tips and tricks, sample tracks, or anything else related to all the virtual instruments and plug-ins out there that we all use to create our music and do our mixes.  Feel free to share tracks featuring an effect you like or a VI you love. 

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