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kuperoficialcoo7 / KUPER COOPER 2yr+3mo ago
electronica hoo yeahhh

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davidthomazone / David Thomazone 3yr+5mo ago

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Kiwi-Mike / Mike Eccleson 3yr+6mo ago
I found this video on how to split multi-instrument tracks into multi channels, and then how to store them as preset instrument templates extremely useful. Hope you guys do too. (Studio One 2 and 3)

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EnricoNic / Enrico Nichelatti 4yr+11mo ago
Very interesting free physically modeled "manually bowed" solo strings (violin, viola, ...) for those of you who own N.I. Reaktor. Here: I link a demo video by the author. P.S. One can assign the bowing gesture to the modulation wheel of a MIDI controller.

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EnricoNic / Enrico Nichelatti 4yr+12mo ago
Version 2 of FabFilter Pro-Q available from tomorrow! I am a fan of FabFilter products.

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Created August 26, 2014 by DonnieAlan

Discovered a hot new VI?  Have a fav go-to plugin effect you like to use?  Have questions on using VI's or plugins?  Having issues getting a VI or plugin to work in your DAW?  Well, this is the place to ask or share all that!  Open to all, this forum is THE place to share information, product reviews, tips and tricks, sample tracks, or anything else related to all the virtual instruments and plug-ins out there that we all use to create our music and do our mixes.  Feel free to share tracks featuring an effect you like or a VI you love. 

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