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DonnieAlan / Donnie Alan 3yr+2mo ago
Check out the new video showing the free VI "Alter Ego" from Plogue. Its a fun VI for creating vocal tracks. http://

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ipft / Ian T 3yr+5mo ago
Hi all I discovered guitar impulses the other day and I am blown away by the tones that you can get from wav recordings of live cabinets. I have been using guitar rig as my main plugin but now I'm going all in with the free plugins from Le Pou At the moment I'm going guitar>interface>Hybrit and LeCab plugins and the tones are great. These guitar impulses really open up a lot of possibilities for creating great tones. If you are after some great sounding guitars from dry seps, then give these plugins a try. Thanks Ian

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NajibNJBZX / Najib Razak 3yr+5mo ago
Another free complete orchestra sample library with sfz format.

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davidthomazone / David Thomazone 3yr+5mo ago

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Kiwi-Mike / Mike Eccleson 3yr+6mo ago
I found this video on how to split multi-instrument tracks into multi channels, and then how to store them as preset instrument templates extremely useful. Hope you guys do too. (Studio One 2 and 3)

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Levander / Mikael Levander 3yr+6mo ago
Does anyone of you have the expérience of using the Nx - Virtual Mix Room over Headphones from Waves? Is it any good?

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DonnieAlan / Donnie Alan 3yr+6mo ago
Check out the latest EQ plugin from FabFilter- the Pro-Q 2. Lots of great features. http://

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MustaphaSnooze / Fred Jones 3yr+6mo ago
If anyone is interested, for $299.99 at Wavelore, there's a wave system for kontakt called Pedal Steel and it's great. I tried the free trial version and loved it, so I went and bought it and now use it for great sounds,,,, I can even play Santo & Johny 'Sleepwalk' using just a MIDI keyboard. Just load up kontakt (I use version 5), into my DAW (Cakewalk Sonar X3), then load up the preset file into kontakt, assign various controllers to foot pedals to mimic the pedals and knee bars of an actual pedal steel, and off we go, sounds really great and even though it uses the default flat sound of the strings, combine the sound with post FX reverb, really gives the plugin real sound of an actual pedal steel. It takes a bit of getting used to, in figuring out what controllers to use when shifting from an E to an F#m, or B to a G#m smoothly, I'm still making mistakes lol.

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TheOtherMichael / TheO Michael 3yr+6mo ago
Hi all - does anyone have experience or advice re Spectrasonics OMNISPHERE - which I'm thinking of getting. I'm particularly wondering how portable it is.. can you use it anywhere with just a laptop (like, say, Sylenth) or do you need outboard drives or other hardware? It seems to consist of more than an installation file and presets like yer average soft-synth, but the sales blurb isn't clear.

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DonnieAlan / Donnie Alan 3yr+6mo ago
For you Pro Tools users out there, Nugen Audio has made available their nifty A/B comparison plugin ABSOLUTELY FREE. If you have an account at Avid, you can can download it there. 32 or 64bit Win or Apple. Here's a preview of it: http:// There's a how to download and install video on the Avid website.

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Discovered a hot new VI?  Have a fav go-to plugin effect you like to use?  Have questions on using VI's or plugins?  Having issues getting a VI or plugin to work in your DAW?  Well, this is the place to ask or share all that!  Open to all, this forum is THE place to share information, product reviews, tips and tricks, sample tracks, or anything else related to all the virtual instruments and plug-ins out there that we all use to create our music and do our mixes.  Feel free to share tracks featuring an effect you like or a VI you love. 

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