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jvhproductions / Juan Valdez 2 days ago
Seeking a male/female vocalist for this Reggae/Dancehall type track Check it out here, serious enquires please

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Alfvipe / Alfredo Vieira 6 days ago
Hello from Barcelona, We are forming an online music band, to start recording songs (pop / rock, alternative) from scratch. That's why I write to you, singers. If anyone is interested, we will talk! Project to make it professional. Thank you!!! Hola desde Barcelona, estamos formando una banda de música online, para empezar a grabar canciones (pop/rock, alternativo) desde cero. Por eso os escribo, cantantes. Si alguien está interesado, lo hablamos!!! Proyecto para hacerlo profesional. Muchas gracias!!!

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delyn / De Lyn 9 days ago
Seeking a male/female singer/rapper for this modern R&B/NeoSoul-type track w/chorus. Check it out here:

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JustVera / Just Vera 13 days ago
To any singer... ...with ears and inspiration. Could do with wicked vocals(/lyrics). (AlexanderK and myself have been working on this one for weeks in creative seclusion. Now its it's time to share and put the icing on the cake. Open to any idea/improvement!-).

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dwfreak / Chris Bouchard 13 days ago
A treat for you guys and girls, isolated track from Daryl Hall. Just love this dude's voice Enjoy ;-) Cheers. Chris.

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elousteve / Stefan Elekanic 14 days ago
I'm looking for a singer with a feeling and a pleasant voice ... text translated and edited by Joel Sattler. my Slovak version and the singing version. thank you for your feedback

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Wally099 / Pat Waldorf 18 days ago
New tune... looking for lyrics and vocals:))

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jannik / Jannik Gade 22 days ago
HALLOWEEN SONG NEEDS VOCALS! ?(°?°)? Hello boyz and girls, anyone up for helping me out with this halloween song in terms of vocals and lyrics? The lyricist can be male or female ... and so can the vocalist! Cheers Jannik

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JustVera / Just Vera 24 days ago
wow NOW This is how I usually start a song. Just a few bars, guitar, drums and bass. All Reason 9.5, because that's all I can 'play'. Any real musicians around who feel the vibe and want to finish it with me? Britpop Rules!!!

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GoYeah / Luc Goyer 25 days ago
Another country-ish song for those feeling it :)

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