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AceT99 / Tom Ace 3 days ago
I am looking for some soul-ish background vocals female/male that would fit over the existing vocal parts. If someone has any additional ideas or suggestions feel free to contribute.

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JayeshRaikar / Jayesh Raikar 4 days ago
Eat! Sleep! Chaos! Repeat! - Female Vocalist needed The Lyrics with the Timestamps are as follows: https://www.kompoz.com/music/collaboration/970451/file/1161028 The entire track has been constructed using royalty free Music Loops and Samples downloaded off the Internet Buzz me in case of queries, doubts, etc. Thank You

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JarekA / Jarek A 15 days ago
Looking for lyrics and vocals for this prog-ish heavy tune.

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snuffles / Aaron Meinel 20 days ago
If you need vocals in the style of rather classic heavy metal (Black Sabbath, Judas Priest), etc., let me know. If you also need the lyrics for that, I might be of assistance too, but that usually takes a bit more time than just recording vocals :)

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Vokillz / Matt Walters 21 days ago
Available vocalist.Hit me up if you want to collab. I?m mainly influenced by Modern Deathmetal, Deathcore, Metalcore. Let me know if you want to hear examples of my work or style.

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CurlyFryTheKamakaziKid / Marquise Berry 21 days ago
looking for a rapper to hop on this track for a feature, the verse is about 1:30 in length and the track is called "Pure Evil" with a comical aggressive feel, the streaming profits will be split down the middle. https://www.dropbox.com/s/69f4c3kfqoe57z5/Feature.mp3?dl=0

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miclesmusicproductions / MMP MMP 24 days ago
Hi all, Looking for a female vocals to this tune.

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fritte01 / Fredrik Calonne 26 days ago
Some vocals would be cool.

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KimNobleMusic / Kim Noble 31 days ago
Hi fellow vocalists! If anyone has the time or interest, would very much appreciate help on this beautiful tune by John//Aces38 at the chorus part, markers 1:19 and 2:30 following the main chorus line: dreaming of peace. Just two small bits. Am willing to trade for backups on someone else's chorus, if you desire a pitchy, unfocused vocalist----->moi! :) Thank you!

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Horizon1 / Zig Zag 1mo+2dy ago
Hi guys, I am a singer and lyricist. I would like to collaborate with songwriters and producers on the creation of pop songs, meant for release on social media: tik tok, YouTube, Spotify etc. I can share a link to my voice recordings via DM, if you want to know how my voice sounds.

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