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Snare-Bastler / Marco Meister 1 day ago
this is my first own song idea. I need your help to finish him. There is someone who gives me his voice. I'm looking for cool hard rock vocals. and so I'm also looking for a text. I hope you can help me.

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JustVera / Just Vera 1mo+3dy ago
The smell of Magic... Most of my collabs run aground at some point. Too bad, but that's life. The few good ideas mostly get picked up and safely get to the harbour. There are many different reasons why projects don't reach their final stage. Obviously the most important one is the lack of quality/attractivity. Fair enough. But some just need a little help. That's where 'GO!' comes in. Because I smell Magic... 'GO!' certainly wasn't overlooked. Alex Zulaika put down a more than decent drumtrack. Eric Spiering grooves along with his finger popping bass. And the guitar intro EJAY supplied simply is heavenly. But the quest for the right writer/singer somehow didn't bring the right match. Yet. So: calling all writers & singers. Everything's open, as long as it fits the concept of the track. We're all looking forward to your ideas!

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Pailwood / Richard Trip 1mo+7dy ago
I need a male lead singer for the lead vocals on a Toto cover of Home of the Brave. On the instrumentals only bass player is not recorded yet. Verses are recorded. Let me know when your interested!

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Amanda / Amanda Moubarak 1mo+11dy ago
helloo, i hope everyone is doing well and that no one of you or your loved ones has suffered from the virus. My prayers are with you all and i'm here if you need to talk <3 that said, i need your help remaking a song. the lyrics were inspired by the music of Elias Haddad, i want someone to sing them and if we can remake the music or change it a little bit. Whatever you think you can add i appreciate it :) https://www.kompoz.com/music/collaboration/1062342

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JustVera / Just Vera 1mo+14dy ago
Lennon&McCartney, Jagger&Richards, Bono&Edge... Vocals definitely are the key to great songs. In the last years JustVera was privileged to work with the most talented singers here at Kompoz. Together we produced some pretty decent tracks. (Check out https://open.spotify.com/album/35Uc2Txve0bZy080qtwb2c if you find it hard to believe.) Yesterday, when walking my dog, I thought it would be nice to start a dedicated co-operation. A 'Me&You' which will create and produce original pop/rock. Building together songs with our unique signature. Preferably with lots of mutual feedback and contributions from the best musicians around. Would you be interested to give it a try? Share your views on how you'd see this work? Don't hesitate to send me a PM and we'll take it from there!

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jannik / Jannik Gade 1mo+15dy ago
I've listened to several of PMJ's songs but I haven't heard this one until today! It's amazing how Haley Reinhart is able to change the character of her voice so seamlessly: from soft and warm to overdriven to falsetto ... all in one fluid motion! I'm in AWE!

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Skrewy / Preston King 1mo+22dy ago
Any hard rock singers here? Would love some help on this one!

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jannik / Jannik Gade 2mo+3dy ago
Hi vocalists, I've made a new group "Producers" for anyone interested in music production. To get the ball rolling I've started a "Production of the month" poll in the hope to engage users in constructive discussion and to share ideas. From my time on here kompoz I've come to think that the role of producers has been very much neglected or overlooked. This often results in that songs: - Never get off the ground because users don't know how to make their idea to a full song. - End up having some low quality MIDI instrument parts without any dynamics. - Become a mess of incoherent user submitted tracks which lack a vision of what is good for the song. - Are poorly mixed/mastered and therefore do not give those involved the gratification of a good product. A good producer should be able to address these issues to get a song from initial idea to finished product. Feel free to join the group: https://www.kompoz.com/music/group/1056194 Poll: https://www.kompoz.com/music/group/1056194/poll/1056298 If anyone is interested in becoming a group Manager then let me know :)

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Wally099 / Pat Waldorf 2mo+3dy ago
Long time Kompozers.. Kinda took the summer off:) Throwin this out there for lyrics/vocals if anyone dare:) Cheers!!! Stay safe

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OriSharon / Ori Sharon 2mo+4dy ago
Hey, got a great melody and draft lyrics. Any male vocalist interested in trying it out?

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