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JustVera / Just Vera 3 days ago
Will you? The sax of Sven-Martin Keil: sheer class. This track could do very well as a filmscore. But I'm convinced that the right singer/rapper could add another dimension. Give it a try?...

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RickyD / Ricky Shaw 5 days ago
Looking for choir voices on this gospel tune.

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Daydreamingdaze / Rob V 6 days ago
Hey, anyone interested in adding spacey vocals? What I have in mind is something similar to Mazzy Star's Umbilical, but I'm open to suggestions

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JustVera / Just Vera 7 days ago
Move me with your lyrics and vocals... Step out of your comfort zone and create an original piece of pop on this blank canvas. Who will?!

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musicalroutes / Kathryn Crowley 10 days ago
My first ever hip-hop song. I've posted a track to give you a clear idea of the timing, along with 2 vocal recordings. I would like to get the song mixed and mastered. Any help appreciated. I make art and am happy to send you something in exchange. See 'Kathrynartspace' on Instagram. Initially, I don't want any reverb or special effects added. Synching vocals to the music is fine for starters.

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Dimshek / Dmytro Naumenko 12 days ago
Hello everyone! As always - relying on your talent to try and make things better :) Below there is a demo of a hook, and I would love to hear some vocal ideas for it. If you have any - send them in, and lets see if we can make it work! Cheers

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jannik / Jannik Gade 13 days ago
Hello! Looking for some vocals/lyrics on this looney tune! :) Not entirely sure about the genre but I listed it under jazz :P

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Dimshek / Dmytro Naumenko 17 days ago
Hello everyone! I have a beat on hands, that I have spent the last few months polishing and tweaking. I feel that it would benefit a lot from vocal ideas, so if you have any - please share them! The overall theme of the beat (At least that's what inspired its creation) is something futuristic/asian/anti-utopian.

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jannik / Jannik Gade 23 days ago
So I got a keyboard... Let's celebrate with a piano song shall we? Looking for someone to help me with the vocals/lyrics so feel free to jump in if you like it. There's a basic arranment which should be adjusted to fit the vocals/lyrics :)

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jannik / Jannik Gade 1mo+9dy ago
So... how's that kompoz break going, Jannik....? In DESPERATE need for vocals/lyrics! Give it a listen and help me out if you like it! :) PS: Don't know who posted this because I'm on a break from kompoz! :O

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