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DTSUK / Dave Edwards 1mo+10dy ago
A couple of simple verses I wrote last year - A country tune I think... The collaboration is already there with spinoffs enabled so if anyone can use the words please be my guest :-) The Love I Left Behind Looking out the window at a cold and rainy day Bringing back the memory of the places I have stayed Looking to the future and the things I've yet to find Can't help myself as I recall the girl I left behind And as I turn the corner there's another road ahead Standing at the crossroad indecision in my head........ All she wanted was for me to stay - but I left her standing there Silver streaks upon her face and the wind was in her hair And though my eyes were open I never was so blind Someday I'll say I'm sorry to the love I left behind Many miles and many roads have passed beneath my feet Yet still I haven't found that heart to make my life complete But there were times I found myself in need of company And I'll admit I took my chance but something bothered me..... Sometimes they'd ask me if I'd stay - but I left them standing there 'Cos I could taste her silver tears and smell her long brown hair And now my eyes are open there's just one thought on my mind To take the road that leads me back to the love I left behind DTSUK (Dave Edwards) 2020


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joel_sattlersongs   commented 1mo+10dy ago

good stuff

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DTSUK   commented 1mo+10dy ago

Thanks Joel, I know its often inevitable but I hate to see useable lyrics gathering dust :-)


Eleftheriou   commented 1mo+6dy ago

Love those lyrics Dave! I also enjoyed your featured tracks!

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DTSUK   commented 1mo+6dy ago

Thanks Pedro :-)


JPierre   commented 23 days ago

great lyrics!

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arturl   commented 23 days ago

Dear Dave, just recorded a quick idea on my smartphone. Anybody wants to work this idea out?

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DTSUK   commented 23 days ago

Feel free to spin it if you get any interest Arturl :-)