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SiriusRising / Sirius Rising 3mo+26dy ago
Looking for a cool singer to help me finish this tribute to my heroes Alpha Blondy and Led Zeppelin. Alpha recorded an awesome reggae style version of the Led Zep classic Whole Lotta Love. Here's my version Whole Lotta Reggae! I really enjoyed adding the skank reggae beat with an awesome plugin called Le Skank and playing the guitar solo. Hope you enjoy listening and hopefully you could add the vocals as a collaborator. Love and peace Sirius



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WillyDeals   commented 3mo+26dy ago

This is cool! Unfortunately I no longer do covers. Sorry, but best of luck with this great project!!


SiriusRising   commented 3mo+26dy ago

Thanks Willy, I'm planning a lot of cool reggae style original material soon. Keep in touch, mate. Sirius