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Rbradley59 / Richard Bradley 1mo+29dy ago
We are looking for a singer female/male would would like to sing Roy Orbison's / often associated with Linda Ronstadt's beautiful Blue Bayou. Our instrumental remake approximates the original (pretty much). The vocalist can interpret to her/his style within the genre. The purpose of this cover is for fun and to rediscover a beautiful song sung by a remarkable talent. :-) Thx for considering it...It's in the original key B+. https://www.kompoz.com/music/collaboration/1211490/file/1242884


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Milo   commented 1mo+29dy ago

It?s a Roy Orbison song. Linda Ronstadt did a beautiful cover, though.

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Rbradley59   commented 1mo+29dy ago

Apologies? Thx for that clarification. Best Richard

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DTSUK   commented 1mo+29dy ago

A great song from the man Who Elvis said had " The voice of an Angel." He was 100% correct. The guy had true emotion in everything he sang. Roy Orbison was part of the soundtrack of my teens. There was so much tragedy in his life but he wrote and performed so many great songs. The word "Legend" is used a lot about folks these days but Roy truly earned the title.

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Rbradley59   commented 1mo+29dy ago

Agreed! :-)