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tonker / Thomas Isaksson 4 months ago
Ok, this track has the foundation set with music and lyrics. Now it only needs a vocalist who want to give the lyrics a nice melody and feel. If you just listen to the track out of curiosity, I would be happy if you could leave some comments as feedback or with any suggestions and ideas. Thx music lovers!


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RobAsh15   commented 4 months ago

First off, even for what amounts to a scratch bed, this is a remarkably clean mix. It's better now than many more "finished" projects here, including mine. I say this without ego or rancor. It's just a good mix. You could probably keep yourself nice and busy around here doing nothing but mixing and mastering. Not that I'd ever do (just) that if I had your chops and song crafting abilities. Secondly, the song is obviously well developed. This is not a seedling idea. It's not a rough concept. It's an almost complete song. None of these are critiques... merely observations. But, these qualities make giving "ideas and suggestions" difficult. It's kind of like offering editing tips on a 97% finished painting. The music has elements that remind me of The Beatles, Queen, 3 Doors Down... Your changes feel like scene edits in a movie. Nice stuff, Thomas. Really well conceived and executed. Maybe when you have vocals or release a more comprehensive mix, crits and suggestions will come easier. Cheers.


tonker   commented 4 months ago

Much thx for the feedback! I really appreciate your thoughts and that you like it. I take inspiration from diverse genres. And I am really a noobie when it comes to mixing and mastering, so I am happy to hear that I am on the right track! I really hope to find a vocalist for this track soon so I can finish the track and get it mixed and mastered.

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ShannonB   commented 4 months ago

Where are the lyrics? I just looked under "docs" and it said 0. Maybe I missed it.


tonker   commented 4 months ago

Oh sorry about that. Had forgotten to accept the file. Now it should be under documents.