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JasAsIAm / James Sikes 11 days ago
Hello I'm looking for a female vocalist that has hope, and positive vibes in her singing and would like to make music with meaning

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Rixmey / Rix Mey 19 days ago
Hey guys, could you guys let me know how my voice sounds in this song? i'm wondering if I'm delivering the notes and tone correctly. Thank you! https://vocaroo.com/i/s0ivD94KdPn2

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JustVera / Just Vera 25 days ago
Always struggling to find the delicate balance between the expected structures/sounds/etc. and the surprise. (I know I tend too much to the latter.) But... a good friend of mine pointed out to me this track may be somewhere in the middle. I can imagine all kind of improvements -real instruments- and additions -VOCALS-, but how about you? Love to hear your thoughts.

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BurntWill / burnt will 2mo+5dy ago
Is any vocalist here interested in EDM music ?

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JustVera / Just Vera 2mo+7dy ago
Just because... ...I love creating challenging structures for a Creative Singer. Hit me up!

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larrymagee / Larry Magee 2mo+12dy ago
I have clients that need vocals of original songs recorded. Male or female. $75 per song. If you are interested, please private message me or email me larrymagee@yahoo.com Please include links to a few things that you have done.

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ShannonB / Shannon Bannister 2mo+13dy ago
Hey vocalists. I'm hoping this tip will help you if you struggle finding projects because you feel that most songs are too busy for your style: Listen to the simplified files before making your decision. I have a hard time singing to synthy stuff, but sometimes the simple piano or guitar is irresistible! Also, because I write and sing, sometimes I will put my lyrics in discussions first. I feel there is less pressure for the creator of the project that way. Like I said, hope this helps! There always seems to be a shortage of vocalists, and that might be because we're too timid and don't realize how valuable we are! But God has given us a gift, and sometimes we have to think outside the box to use it! And sometimes we just have to be able to handle rejection. It's so worth it to find those projects that do work!

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JustVera / Just Vera 2mo+13dy ago
GO! Some collabs take off in days and get finished in weeks. Some gems impend to get covered in dust though. Too bad. My role as creator/manager leaves me no choice: I have to bring 'GO!' to your attention... Eric Spiering's playful bass, Ejay's sheer brilliant lead guitar intro, Alex Zulaika's solid grooves... We're almost there. Apart from some tuning on the brass and guitars there's one essential part missing. Guess what? Right... Which of you Kompoz vocalists will join us? Looking forward to your magical creative ideas!

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coolheat95 / Tommy Nelson 2mo+22dy ago
Hey everyone, looking for a lyricist/vocalist for a psychedelic track I've been working on. Message me a vocal sample if you're interested and we can talk! Thanks. https://soundcloud.com/tommynelsonnelson/slidetrack-52319-728-pm

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Midipunk / Pete Midipunk 3mo+5dy ago
If this is The Lake Of Fire feeling like a horrifyingly quiet gig.

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