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NunoW / Nuno Wolfgang 2 days ago
I think this song will be RadioHeadlike song ... maybe with a Prince's solo at the end ... haha I need vocalists lyricist ... Interested? ;) Sorry for my bad english ... i will write in portuguese if you don't understand ... lol Penso que esta canção será bem ao estilo dos Radiohead ... talvez com um solo do Prince no final ... rsrsrs Necessito de vocalistas e letristas. Interessado? ;)

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Aaronmyke / Aaron Myke 4 days ago
Old song I wrote that i am remaking, and looking for some help doing so!

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kevinbellotti / Kevin Bellotti 4 days ago
Hi All, Can someone help me with this guitar backing track (Marillion - Heart Of Lothian) by singing the vocals please? Thanks. Original Track is @ ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pkyZhlK8Q0 ) Lyrics: On the outskirts of nowhere On the ringroad to somewhere On the verge of indecision I'll always take the roundabout way Waiting on the rain For I was born with a habit From a sign The habit of a windswept thumb And the sign of the rain Rain on me! {it started to rain} A) wide boy Wide boys, wide boys, wide boys Born with hearts of lothian Wide boys, wide boys Born with hearts of lothian Wide boys, we were wide boys Born with hearts of lothian These hearts of lothian It's six o'clock in the tower blocks The stalagmites of culture shock And the trippers of the light fantastic, bowdown, hoe-down Spray their pheremones on this perfume uniform And anarchy smiles in the royal mile And they're?

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Aaronmyke / Aaron Myke 6 days ago
Add anything you would like to this! Or re-mix it!

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jannik / Jannik Gade 13 days ago
Hello lyricists! I'm looking for lyrics for this film music / classical inspired composition. Perhaps some fantasy/adventure story? Maybe someone has a forgotten gem in the archives? :) Thanks for your input! Cheers Jannik

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BennySawdust / Benny Sawdust 21 days ago
Atmospheric rock song looking for vocalist Dear masters of the vocal chords, I am looking for a vocalist for the song "Now way out". The current vocals are just a scratch track to showcase my melody ideas. Feel free change the melody to fit your style.

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agraciotti / Andre Graciotti 24 days ago
Hello friends This is my new epic-progressive-pop song, full of many different parts, and I'm looking for backing vocals to fill the final segment of the song (at 4:15 - "we will find a way, together we can take this world apart"). Initially I was looking for female vocals only, but since I already got one collaborator working on it, now I need any other voice, male of female, who wants to be part of a big choral :D (I'm also open to suggestions of any other kind of backing vocals along the track. Be my guest). Thanks!

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Aaronmyke / Aaron Myke 26 days ago
Looking for anything that anyone wants to add or change to this track! Feel free to use the individual stems to do what ever you want with!

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Aaronmyke / Aaron Myke 27 days ago
Looking for a female vocalist for this track if anyone is interested :)

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jannik / Jannik Gade 1mo+6dy ago
Hi ya'll! Anyone feeling the summer blues already? Looking for vocals and lyrics for this little blues tune here. The structure is in the description. Thanks for listening! :)

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