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MinusBeatniks / Sebastian Minos 4 days ago
"Luck" (rock ballad à la Hard Rock) The arrangement is almost complete. Needin' Vocals. I don't have lyrics yet. I'm asking some lyricists... Or you can sing your own lyrics. Thanks.

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KikoJeot / Federico Gregorini 5 days ago
Hi all, I'm looking for a voice for this piece. I already have beautiful lyrics for this. Ciao. Federico

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BigMarky / Mark Breingan 5 days ago
Hi all. Really looking for some male country style vocals on this track. its almost finished, final keyboard parts are being worked on and will replace what's there. Once vocals are done then I can record the final lead guitar and I can happily say that I have seen my first collaboration completed within my first month. A far faster result than my luck has brought me on ProCollabs. So any Alan Jackson/Brad Paisley style vocalists out there please help!!

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DTSUK / Dave Edwards 9 days ago
Ok guys so I appreciate that this site is all about the recording side of music, but I have a question for any of you out there who are live singers. Let me explain my situation. I was in an acoustic combo with guys who couldn't sing and so I bought a TC helicon harmony singer 2 and the matching mp-75 microphone which control the pedal remotely and allows you to turn on harmonies and reverb when required and turn it off when not require. The pedal is great and I still use it even without the guitarist when I go out solo and just need a reverb unit. I say I use it without a guitarist because to get the harmonies when using a TC helicon harmony singer 2 you have to pass the signal from a guitar or an instrument play a chord through the pedal and it generates the Harmony based on that not on your vocal. So I've come to the conclusion I want to switch to a radio microphone system I'll probably go with Shure although I'm open to persuasion if somebody can tell me a decent quality system within a reasonable price range! But I'm more concerned about the pedal it seems to me that it's a bit of overkill to have a harmony singer pedal when all I'm using is the reverb side of things. So my question is what other decent quality stomp box style vocal effects pedal are out there ? I tend to use the pedal floor mounted as I find it easier but I wouldn't rule out putting it it on a stand underneath my tablet which generates backing tracks for me to sing over. Any advice welcome on both the microphone and the pedal!

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EllenDXY / Ellen Kussy 20 days ago
So, spin-offs. Are you a fan or not? I personally am not a fan of this. It's nice that this option exists for kompozers who have put a lot of time and effort into their contribution for a song, where then their idea is not accepted. This gives them the opportunity to move forward with their vision for the song if the collab owner and - if applicable - the other contributors are fine with it. The reason I don't turn on the option for spin-offs for my collabs (exceptions aside) is because I don't really see this as a collaboration anymore. This is also mainly due to the observation that it is often about the vocal contribution. Which again may be the result of the lack of vocalists on this website, but that's another discussion. Vocals are usually added last to the collaboration. Of course, there are exceptions. In most cases my vocal contribution is inspired by something from the original collaboration. For example, that guitar, the piano, the bass, groove, the whole thing or whatever. If this becomes different in a spin-off then I can rarely get used to it. And sometimes as a singer you can suddenly sound out of tune because of changes in chords etc. And sometimes your timing is wrong too. In addition, it still remains strange for me to hear my own voice. My shortcoming, but also another reason for no spins with my voice! Lol! Sooooo this is a long post! Sorry. I'm not usually this long-winded (and serious). But I'm curious what others think about this, particularly vocalists and singer-songwriters.

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Rexhelm / W M 21 days ago
Experimental blues and dubstep mix. Looking for vocals.

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Rexhelm / W M 22 days ago
Looking for some rap vocals for this song too.

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Rexhelm / W M 22 days ago
Hello ladies and gentlemen. Looking for some vocals for this song. I'm not opposed to mixing genres, at this stage it's downtempo and we can keep it as a ballad or rap. Even if no vocal, I'd like help with lyrics as well or get a general idea.

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Raven90 / Rayelle Bishop 24 days ago
I'm self conscious about this mix. I feel like I need to hide more with autotune. It sounds to me off key like flat in the beginning? I've been self conscious singing sometimes because of some people in real life. And some on Youtube or Facebook. I don't know if I'm singing on key. I don't want to be off key any! But tried something different to see if you can hear me without it being muddy.

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MadameBlack / Meagan Mullins 25 days ago
I've been writing and singing since I was a little kid, but actually putting myself out there where I actually get some exposure, is pretty new. I've got an active project I'm working/collaborating on. I uploaded some bare bones vocals that were practically whispered because my son was asleep, and then a couple weeks later I updated the file with a pretty decent take on how the vocals should actually sound. Still rough, mind you, but definitely an attempt at something good. I get that many of the people who have sent files my way grabbed the original vocals when they were pretty new, but I have yet to get any submissions with my updated track! I guess what I'm wondering, if anyone graciously cares to give their two cents, is if the quieter softer vocals are preferred to the more powerful, louder one? I'm still kind of self conscious about how I sound, as I think I'm rather nasally. I think I have a good voice, but I've never really had genuine, neutral feedback

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