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Groups are communities and conversations around music and music-related topics. You can create your own Groups or contribute to the Groups of others.


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PRODUCTION OF THE MONTH: Listen here.   ABOUT THE GROUP: This is a group for people interested in production. Today's producers have many different tasks including: arranging, recording, performing, mixing etc. From my time on here kompoz ...

Alternative, Emotional trap (Dark,Sad -all factions)

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Hi guys, I invite you to cooperation - I desire versatility from you, to all branches of this species. best regards

Classical Music

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A group is for anyone interested in discussing Western Art Music/Western Classical Music & Contemporary Classical Music.

Rolf Allstars

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This is a group to celebrate the music of @rolf who has now left us. He died in Early June 2020, leaving a void that'll be hard to fill.  He was truly prolific and created amazing music, time and time again.  Neil loved Kompoz, and all the pe...

The Cruisin' Sparrows

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The Cruisin' Sparrows is a side-project formed by Pokermask (Rick Oswell), with it's primary focus being rock n roll, rockabilly and blues rock. Anyone is welcome to join and participate in making some good ol' fun rock n roll tunes.

Music Videos - special project

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This a group for a special music video project...

Praise of Songs (Haha... see what I did here?)

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A Group to praise other Kompoz Collaborators' work.   I created this group because there is so much hidden talent among the Kompoz Community which does not get the credit it deserves. So the idea is, if you stumble upon a project which you think ...

Exquisite Corpse - Kompoz Melody Hackathon

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The aim of this game is to collect together musical phrases or melodies where each collaborator adds to a composition in sequence by being allowed to see only the end of what the previous person contributed. At the end there will be a 'reveal'...

Band In A Box (Arm Chair Producers)

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Last fall I had a major back surgery side lining my ability to play my drums, guitars, and basses live for a while.  While I have more or less recovered, I found that investing in the latest version of BIAB and all it's add-ons opened up a new av...

Awakening Church

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A group of musicians who call Awakening Church home. Open for all to join! Check us out at

Kompoz 3.0

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This group will be used to discuss features for Kompoz 3.0.  All Kompoz members are welcomed to join and participate.  Feedback and ideas are appreciated.

Straw Hat Revival

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A place to practice and collaborate.   

Rona Homework

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Now that we ALL have kids that are studying remotely, we can talk about it in here.  You don't need to be a mom.  Just the one in charge of keeping up with the assignments. I just spent an hour reading and watching everYthing in Google Classroom a...


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Giving this a try. This is meant to be a positive activity for members to participate in. Snarky or otherwise unpleasant posts will be hidden or deleted. In eight to ten paragraphs (a lot!), tell us a bit about yourself. Do not give any information t...

Zleepy People

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Hey! My name is Hannah and I really want to become a well known musician where I sing in a band called Sleepy People spelled with a backwards 'z'. I would call myself Sleepy Girl and I imagine being on a stage and walking out to greet the audie...

Rolf Allstars

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A selection of tracks for Neil ( @rolf ) to inspire, amuse and entertain. Some music for you, from your friends! Get better soon Neil!    


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All things related to electronic drums, including midi recording, sound libraries, and the use of the dreaded quantization which to many musicians is a deadly sin.

Kompoz HOW TO Video Production Group

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The purpose of this group is to collaborate on the creation of HOW TO videos for Kompoz members.  The idea for these videos was inspired by a discussion related to new member retention and engagement.  Goals for the videos include: Help new members un...

Zippy Kid

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Group about Zippy Kid discogs iTunes

Mantecon Music

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This is the official Kompoz Group for MikeJM's YouTube Channel made for Kompoz, "Mantecon Music."   Mike is a newbie at creating YouTube videos but would love any suggestions and collaboration he can find!   The two purposes of this gro...

The Funk Hut

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A funk group where we could share our love for this style And collectively try to expel those centuries of german military marches by pleading allegiance to the groove


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Are there any YouTubers aout there? I have a YouTube channel and want to post up videos on a regular basis. My channel is mainly guitar based, but also post up finished tunes and backing tracks, along with all kinds of things and will see what happens ...

UAD users

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This is a group for UAD users (Apollo/Satellite/Arrow/UAD2 etc) for sharing their experience and favorite settings for tracking, mixing and mastering.

The Mykk Freeman Collaboration Challenge

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In honor and in memory of our dear friend @Mykk . . . this challenge will be part of the preservation of his memory and his collaborative spirit here on Kompoz (RIP).    The Current Challenge: Challenge I   This current challenge will be the fi...