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Groups are communities and conversations around music and music-related topics. You can create your own Groups or contribute to the Groups of others.

Guitar Sounds & Recording

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I have been listening a lot of the guitarists here and a lot of you out there produce some great guitar sounds. Thought it might be useful to collect some information here on how folks create their guitar sounds and how they record them. I seem to stru...

Post Rock/Metal

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Post-rock is a form of experimental rock characterized by a focus on exploring textures and timbre over traditional rock song structures, chords or riffs. Post-rock artists are often instrumental, typically combining rock guitars and drums with electro...

Worship Songs

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I would love to create some worship songs. I don?t write lyrics or come up with melodies. I play keys. If anybody has some lyrics and/or melody they want to collaborate on, I can come up with the keys part. Influences are Hillsong, Kristian Stanfill (P...


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"Alternative music is a music genre for those who have no music genre."   Think the type of music played on alternative radio stations now and in the past and you have it. If you like or perform alternative music, likely you know...............

Into the Garden - the Home Made Concept Album 27-29 March 2019

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Every year since 2008 I meet up with @rolf with the ambitious goal of creating a concept album from scratch in just three days... (2 and a half if you count getting there and taking a quick stop at the Sainsburys in Keynsham for beer and crisps).  ...

Top ten KTown songs

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i think if we have people post what they think are the best-liked songs we can create a poll for the songs that go on the KTown YouTube channel.   any ides, welcomed

Metal Collaborations

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Just to make it easier to find each other!

The PEOPLE Behind the MUSIC

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The beauty of Kompoz has always been not just about the brilliant compositions and performances found across the site, but the wonderful people behind them.    This group is dedicated to the PEOPLE behind the MUSIC, and its purpose is:   To give an...

Dub & Reggae

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Welcome all lovers of Reggae, Dub and Ska.  There seem to be a lot of us on Kompoz, so I started this little community.  Let's hear your tunes!

Musical Debate Team

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Musicians are not, by and large, a reticent bunch. We tend to freely speak our minds, on almost any subject, except perhaps the quality of our own music. This group is to be used for the discussion of topics within the world of music, song production, ...

Indie version of Paul and Linda McCartneys Ram album

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Calling all Indie artist.  We are putting together an Indie version of Paul and Linda's "Ram" album called "Ram On".  Each artist can do two songs but one song has to be from "Ram or McCartney".  They second song can be any ...

AuDio plAYer

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Audio Player is for the discussion of building your website audio players to showcase tunes.  


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Looking to recruit members for a second album. First one was released under the name Graffito and is available for free here:   I'd love another multi-instrumentalist and someone with similar influences. I would be o...

Ghost of Altalena

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Ghost of Altalena is going to be a virtual band and I'm planning to release some of my stuff made here outside kompost under that name.Let's try to manage all related questions here. 

Grunge : Working together to bring back good music!

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Hello everyone.  I was sitting hear listening to some great artist here on Kompoz and got thinking man I really miss good music.  It seems the late 60s was amazing then again in the early 90s.  I would love to see grunge comeback.  Raw tones of express...


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This is the NEXUS SET electronic music group. VISION NEXUS SET aims to create a cooperative effort of open minded electronic musicians and visual artists in order to knock down and fight any form of barrier and division among US! There will be no li...


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I need help with my rig so this group is about  recording guitar through the Eleven Rack and all...

The '19 Kompoz-A-Thon Challenge

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The Kompoz-A-Thon is a non-stop series of weekly challenges that anyone is open to join!    Can you keep up the pace week in and week out? Or do you just want to stop by once in a while?   As long as you follow the parameters of each challenge (pos...

Audio Players - The Making Of

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Please share audio players you have made in html and how you may have changed the characteristics and especially, how you hooked up your tracks to the player and how they are hosted. Individual tutes would be great.

The Department of redundancy department

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This group. this group... is for those people that can not and I repeat can not make up their mind. This group. this group... is for those people that can not and I repeat can not make up their mind.If you are a little off, off of your thoughts, this i...

Composing Music

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For some, writing music is the only way to get the notes out of our heads. A musician, who struggles to play has few options: writing and composing become an integral part of this internal struggle. If you would like to learn, if you would like to teac...

Rhythm Sections- Bass & Drums

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This Group is for the rhythm section. Come together and get that groove. Highlight your rhythms here. Get help with collaborations, ask questions and lets rock the world... One note at a time.

Groovy Horn Sections

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Hey, I created this group because I like horn sections. Especially those where different instruments play together: trumpet, sax, trombone ... Of course flute, clarinet, French horn, tuba and serpent players are also welcome. Sometimes a horn section r...

Lyrics in Spanish

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This group is created to get together people who speak Spanish as a mother tongue (To make songs in Spanish).